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    Chex Quest

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    The Ultimate Prize

    Chex Quest was a prize you could win in boxes of Chex cereal during 1996. It ran on the Doom engine and was a shameless clone in every sense of the term the only video game that mattered; all the evil zombie looking creatures were turned into slime monsters, all the floating balls of death turned in to robot-cased slime monsters, Doom's scary background music was changed to a Chex theme, weapons were changed into handheld teleporters, the fist into a spoon, the beloved chainsaw into a magical rotating spork, and best of all, the main character was changed to a man in a Chex costume. This is easily the best game evar, it creates tons of smiles and laughs. It has since gained a cult following consisting of anyone who ever played it, resulting in two sequels and one cross-engine port. The game is actually surprisingly good, sporting less shitty level design than most 2.5D shooters, and culminating in a scarybollocks boss battle with a giant wall of snot.

    In all reality this sad piece of programming was an attempt by General Mills to sell moar Chex by placing a cheap-ass vidya game in each box instead of a neon colored plastic toy. Srs, playing this game is still the preferred method of execution in some South Asian countries.

    Chex Quest 2 & 3

    Chex Quest 2 Banner
    Chex Quest 3 (count the dicks)

    At the end of Chex Quest, it says "The adventure continues, visit http://www.chexquest.com". Chex Quest 2 was released the year after Chex Quest, in 1997, but was never made a cereal prize and disappeared from the internets shortly after. It is supposedly Battletoads hard.

    In 2008, the loev for Chex Quest (unknown to everyone who isn't a sick fuck) grew largely. So, the game developer decided to come back and make Chex Quest 3. It was as much fail as the other two.

    Please note, these are all being made with the Doom 95 engine.

    Chex Trex

    Best Game Evar!

    The same people who begged for Chex Quest 3 decided that wasn't good enough. So they adapted all of Chex Quest into a game they called Chex Trex which is the same story and levels (for the most part), but with the Doom 3 engine. Hurray! This game gave at least 100 fanboys erections. Too bad there are only ~400 users registered to their forums. There are like 14 total topics and 80ish posts.

    Their site is taking a survey to see if people liked their game (found here). Please fill it out with nasty things, loads of Mudkips, barrel rolls, and of course desu. The people on the forums are also easily insulted, and because the moderators are highly inactive, trolling is very easy.


    Game Summed Up In 3 Minutes

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