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A sign of things to come...?

Benjamin Joseph Garbett or CheekyBen, is a 25 year-old manchildish Tartlet from the UK. Think of him as the British Chris-chan - just as retarded, but not as entertaining. He enjoys flirting with anything that moves, role playing with anyone that so much as comments on his page, and trying to start deep and meaningful relationships with minors. He also believes that he is a demonic Pokemon. CheekyBen does not appreciate being insulted and if you do insult him, he will come back with an extremely mature and intellectual argument.

Ben Himself


Ben's 'proof' of age. Note how he covers up the photographed face. Probably his best shop yet.
CheekyBen loves Mr Men in the same way Anonymous loves fapping.

Although he is 16 years old (Ben is actually 25!) CheekyBen has an unusual obsession with The Mr Men Show. Ben has had so many sexual fantasies about The Mr Men show that he can name off all of the characters from memory.

He is also a pedophile and often invites his twelve-year-old girlfriends to come meet him in real life and have sex with him. Most of the girls that CheekyBen hits on OL reject him due to the fact that they are not COMPLETELY retarded. The ones that do are retarded and only like him because he types in a way that makes them think he's retarded too, thus a match made in heaven. As stated above CheekyBen is only into 12 year olds and if they are older they must flash their cash to get inside his ass, but they still have to be under aged or Ben won't go for it. He even admits it too.

His final fetish lies within the fact that he is a Furry, and not the Gardevoir kind! This is an obvious fetish as he role plays as A FUCKING POKEMON.

UPDATE: He's never had sex. You know what that makes him? A fucking lying pussy, that's what.

His Art

Ben can be compared to Cheese1997 minus her cropping disorder, nuff said. Interestingly the troll artwork below is actually better than the shit he draws.

Ben haets losing yet he does it all of the time.

The Drama

Yep, your new girlfriend is a keeper Ben.

People first turned their attention to CheekyBen when he started making a shit load of drama concerning his "girlfriends." Apparently, he had two girls fighting over him. He eventually chooses one of them. The "lucky" deviant decides to flaunt this in her journal. Less than a day later, CheekyFag decides to drop an atomic bomb on her by choosing the other person instead. Sadly, this isn't the first time he's broken someone's heart and contrary to popular belief, CheekyBen has pulled shit like this over 9000 times. Proof here. As with previous situations in which he has dumped his girlfriend, people started blocking him. CheekyBen believes that the reason people block him is because of his hormones. We're not shitting you. After many struggle sessions, LinkMasterJ no longer lets Ben call him "daddy" and refuses to even associate with Ben. As a matter of fact, he has reported CheekyBen a numerous amount of times for acts of pedophilia, and claims that he will report Ben to the local authorities if his faggotry continues.

CheekyBen's e-"lationships"

When Ben hit on the following people they were all under-aged.

File:Pounce25 makes friends with CheekyBEn.PNG
With Pounce25 (Pounce25 is a woman, and this screenshot was taken after Pounce25 and CheekyBen were banned. The relationship started when they had an agreement.)

CheekyBen's Reactions

To Trolls

How Ben deals with trolls:

1. Say "leave me alone."

2. Repeat ad nauseum.

3. Tells them that they irritate him and bosses them around.

  • Someways that you can troll CheekyBen:

1. Post a face palm on his DA page and make sure to screen cap any seriously lulzy responses you get.

2. Interrupt one of his role plays with a comment or by joining in.

3. Keep commenting, once you've gotten his attention he must always get the last word in.

4. If you want to troll CheekyBen then do so before 9:00 pm (Ameritime) because thats when he goes to bed.

5. When you first encounter Ben make it seem as though you are there to help him and then at the lulziest opportunity, stab him in the back like the nigger you are.

CheekyBen bawws the most about, "blitzflare and a 'that wario guy'" and has tried to report them many times, all of which were ignored because the admins of deviantART could smell his retardation from a mile away.

The Trolls of CheekyBen About missing Pics
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Reactions to His ED Page

Even though it is only just being formed, and tons more shall be added. We already have our very first reactions! They are Pain and Angst. After finally learning what ED is and where his page is at CheekyBen started seeking out potential hugboxes, bawwing to them about this "articale", and then rushing at them for hugs. This perfectly planned out plan of his has yet to work due to the fact that he has so far only mistaken trolls for hugboxes only to be mercilessly owned. After evolving to the epic win that it is today Ben will no longer link to this page and instead BAWWWWs to his furry little friends to make ED accounts and attempt to Delete fucking everything.

Ben's Alternate Accounts


How his first account fell

That's right, Ediots. Cheekyben has migrated. Not that he had a lot of choice in the matter. It does become sort of hard to use your DevianTART account when its been hijacked.

DarktalesofDeath said the following:

Hello, my friend. I have conned that stupid fuck known as Ben out of his password.

He even listed it in public.


What a narcissistic little fuck CheekyBen is. Just look at his password.

darktalesofdeath, despite the rather emo sounding name, finally did what someone should have done a while ago - he conned the login details out of Cheekyben. He then sent them to various trolls who he deemed worthy. When Darktalesofdeath found that these trolls had all passed out due to having drunken too much of Ben's potent lulz, he sent it to a user named Logicftw. Logicftw has taken over this account as well. The reason logicftw is able to pull off these great feats is that he is in possession of CheekyBen's e-mail.

Proof of Cheekyben's lack of a life is evident from the fact that within about 20 minutes of having his account hijacked, he'd made another one.

CheekyBen also found the need to make a THIRD account after his first one had been stolen, brutally raped, and then thrown in the gutter. LittleGlaceon is constantly saying that he is an orphan, who is on the streets operating a broken down old laptop, and not CheekyBen. This can easily be seen as the lie that it is if you comment him because just like CheekyBen he will always comment back and in one word sentences no less. Also when making this account he made a journal stating that he wanted to help stop CheekyBen to try and fool people, but sadly for him not everyone in the world is retarded. CheekyBen often forgets which account he is on when he leaves comments and will often comment things like "dadddy i got a nu accont caus the men peple wont leve me aloner", while he is on his LittleGlaceon account. Logic yet again found his password and took over. After a while logic got bored and handed the account back over to Ben. Internet scientists have recently learned that Ben's clone accounts follow the rules of the movie Multiplicity except instead of Ben getting dumber he just produces less lulz. So from now on if anyone is going to take over one of Ben's accounts please make sure it gets banned instead of just giving it back, but make sure he is banned for a reason other than "Unauthorized access" like CheekyBen's original account was. Hopefully by getting him banned for a reason other than "Unauthorized access", deviantART will ban his I.P. making it so that he cannot make another account, as I am certain he does not know how to change I.P. If he does make another account, then he is indeed smarter than he seems and may in fact be trolling us.

After Ben's LittleGlaceon account's password had been taken (because he posted it in an RP), Ben made an account that no one would be able to link to BigGlaceon. With the creation of this account Ben's intelligence actually rose from -567 to -565, this shows that Ben has learned not to link to things with Rickroll in them.

BigGlaceon's account was hacked, but for some reason the hacker just gave him back his password. Soon after Ben got this account back logicftw came in and found the password and eventually posted it on ED. Some retarded newfag then made it his own personal duty to get him banned and he did so in a way that generated much more fail than it did lulz.

And he strikes again! This poor little thing FOUND a laptop fucking about some back alley, no doubt looking for underage prostitutes and now whines and moans about being near-death! He wants some food. Somebody let him eat a fucking cake! Someone apparently released the hugbox way too early and unleashed this teen pedo upon all the other retards that inhabit deviantART. ZOMG, flee! He has recently admitted to being CheekyBen.

Didn't get to do anything before they got banned, but Pounce25 still trusted them until she got her new account-Pounce20


sorry Ben's sorry back sorry again sorry and sorry this sorry time sorry he sorry wants sorry your sorry forgiveness sorry to sorry bad sorry he sorry didn't sorry get sorry any sorry as sorry he sorry was sorry banned sorry within sorry two sorry hours sorry of sorry creating sorry his sorry account

File:Benny boy.jpg
Plz gaiz, I jus want sum buttsecks

TeddysBear and FluffyTeddy
Caused much drama over weather he was Ben or not. Needless to say he was Ben even if you can't get it through your thick ass skull.

Much more lulz came when two people created an account called FlufflyTeddy. One of these people claimed he had imitated CheekyBen under the name of TeddysBear for a school project and the other said that she had been espeon4566 and was just in it for the lulz. However, they have no proof to back them up other than having TeddysBear's password, which has been stolen or hacked from every CheekyBen account. They did it for the lulz gais and for that they deserve an F for faggotry. One more thing, these kids do not understand grammar and often misuse/abuse capitalization and commas so for you grammar Nazis out there try not to explode just because you can not comment on their grammar directly on their journal.

Ben, being the genius that he is, decided to try out a new trick- instead of continuing to be a glaceon, he decided to do the opposite. Too bad for him, most people were smart enough to look around his petty trick. Even Pounce20 noticed that it was him.

Banhammered in under an hour, but he took many valiant souls down with him.

Therefore, we jump to a conclusion:

More like CheekyBAN Amirite?!

Is it over?

Currently Ben says that he has left for Sheezyart, a place where he truly belongs.

CheekyBen's SheezyArtBanhammered

Alas it was a trap! He's still on DeviantART as Britglaceon and still trying to get some under age pussy.

People Lost in the Epic Battle

All of the people listed above are leaders in the fight against pedophilia and had finally teamed up to rid DA of pedophiles. Hmmmm, now why on earth would DA want to insure the survival of pedophiles? The obvious answer to this question is on imchrishansen's user page.

Pounce25 told her real age (11) in the middle of the battle and was disqualified from the battle, pounce25 also fought back for a bit by using her 'pounce20' account, but on her pounce25 account, she knew what was right and decided to interrupt, saying she was a bitch, which resulted in what Apollo-3 said:

What the fuck does that mean?

"As if I were a bitch"

Your sentence structure is terrible and confusing.

Thanks to the effort of Blue-Java-Finch, imnotcheekyben has been banhammered!

It's not over!!

CheekyBen recently resurfaced as TinyEevee. Clearly, he's still unable to resist associating himself with Eevee & its evolutions.

He decided to announce that he was picking flowers for everyone, in the hopes that people would forgive him. When confronted on what exactly the flowers were for, he absentmindedly reveals himself & says that he reformed himself after a month.

While people were calling him on his shit at DA, Ben was chatting with a couple of people.

The first chatlog. A permanent version can be found here.

CheekyBen as Tinyeevee About missing Pics
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The second chatlog is described in the following series of screenshots.

CyberSex Attempts

Ben looooves to cyber. Post all screens of him rubbing his penis up and down very hard and sperm covering all of you.

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