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    What? This article needs moar Chavmos.
    You can help by adding moar Chavmos.
    Sorry, the lens flare still doesn't hide your fugliness.
    Typical chavmo and his fugly emo fringe. KILL IT WITH FIRE
    Female chavmos are often found to be dykes as well
    Here we see a chav in the middle of the chav to emo transition.
    Here we see a group of chavmos that have made the full transition to emo. Note: You can tell they were chavs once because of their fugly faces.
    Another female Chavmo

    A Chavmo is a blend of the two most disgusting creatures on the face of Earth; Chavs and Emos! This special breed of happy people is a combination of the cheerful qualities of the emo with the kind and gentle heart of the chav. The resulting freak of nature displays the posing and 'I'm so mysterious' of the emos and the light fingered, loud-mouthed attributes commonly assosciated with chavs or other single celled organisms. The term is also commonly used to refer to the inhabitants (slum dwellers) of the ghettos for white people and other disgusting areas of the world. Chavmos often claim to be emos and listen to scene bands such as Eyes Set To Kill. However they don't realize that everybody in the world hates them because they are smelly cunts and they should slit their wrists with a shard of glass from the WKD bottle they just smashed after stealing from the local cash n' carry.

    Common features of a chavmo are:

    • Still uses the chav dialect of 'nar' and 'dik ed'
    • Wears chav brands such as Adidas and Nike yet can also be seen wearing converse and checkered shirts.
    • Has appaling breath which most likely reeks of smoke.
    • Has a straightened fringe (this is because they haven't learnt how to straighten all of their hair)
    • Greasy hair
    • Horrific acne
    • Fat Camwhore girlfriend
    • Being from Leeds, Sheffield or Hull

    In short a chavmo is:

    • A chav that wants to be emo
    • An emo that wants to be a chav
    • A nightmarish creature that doesn't realise that applying ridiculous amounts of deodorant doesn't mean you don't have to shower.

    How to spot a Chavmo

    Chavmo's are relatively easy to spot, and are growing in numbers daily. They can often be seen at:

    • A hardcore show of their new 'favorite' band wearing brand new converse, skin tight jeans and band tee stolen from their local supermarket.
    • On the street drinking 0.5% alchopops while playing BrokeNCYDE on their phones they probably stole off a girly emo kid at their school or JobCentre.

    Suggestions for Chavmo's

    Suggestions for Chavmo's around the world:

    • Drink bleach
    • Slit wrists with the shard from his/her/it's WKD glass, while getting pissed or stoned in a park. Preferably the children's play area.
    • Become an hero
    • Buy A Dog

    How to troll a Chavmo

    • Call it a chav
    • Call it a emo
    • Call it a chavmo
    • Tell it that no-one will care about Eyes Set To Kill in 2 months
    • Take away its Jobseekers Allowance
    • 'Dis' its totally original favourite new band
    • Point out the edits it made to its profile picture on Photoshop cannot hide its ugliness, nor its desperate fishing for comments
    • Tell them both Twilight and Green Street are shit films meant for people with the I.Q of a goat


    Typical bitchy keyboard warrior response to any kind of criticism. The faggot displays his awesome bravery by throwing himself into battle with trolls; albeit through the safety of a computer screen.

    Mark, just thought i'd let you know how pathetic you are. I mean come on, i thought straightening your hair and changing your whole persoinality to suit the needs of others was enough, but hey i guess you outsmarted me. Instead you have to lower youself to the standard of immature, childish arseholes who's only kicks in life are pathetically trying to insult people. cause we all know your trying to crawl inside whoevers arse is going out with heather, but lets be realistic for a moment, you'll never get a girlfriend because your some pathetic little posh boy who changes his whole personality to make people like him. If you have a problem with me then thats fine. Good for you. Go make your pathetic jokes and shit. But insulting Olivia? How saddistic could you possibly be? If you must confer with insulting me because it gives your 1inch dick another few centimetres, then fair does. Do what you fucking want, call me, make websites about me, i dont personally give a shit. But do NOT bring Olivia into this. Not only does it show your complete lack of maturity, but it also shows that you must lower yoursailf to pigshit standards of insulting peoples relationships to make yourself feel good and to influence the views other people take upon yourself.Say what you want about me. But leave Olivia out of this you worthless piece of shit. HAHAHAHA DISREGARD THAT I SUCK COCKS

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