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This is what Chatroulette looks like nowadays

Chatroulette (AKA: "Troll's Delight" or "Troll's Training Wheels") is like Omegle, except Chatroulette had webcams first. You are put into a conversation with a random Chatroulette user and are free to allow (or force) them to both see and hear whatever you want them to. The majority of users are mainly teenagers with their friends, and 90% of the time you will be put into a conversation with a guy jacking off, but don't worry, seeing a bunch of guys jacking off will not make you become gay. Be sure to take snapshots of the humorous activity you see and post it to the chatroulette forums at

Alas, if you are having difficulty getting the ever-prized "TITS", a few users have emigrated to, where the Chatroulette experience is naughty — guaranteed. Users report very little trolling, only the occasional upset third-world shemale with a bad attitude. Another site with positive reviews from the fapping masses of Chatroulette is

Trolling is surprisingly easy. You are literally face to face with your victim, and the pain series alone is enough in most cases to ruin anyone's chatting experience.

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  • If you are using ManyCam, be sure to TURN OFF THE LOGO. From their own FAQ:
To remove the ManyCam logo open ManyCam, then look for the “Text over video” category on the left side of the application window. Now click “Text over video” and in the middle of the window you’ll see “Show Logo”. Uncheck that box and our logo will disappear.
  • When using any video that has sound, right-click on the video window and go to settings. Under the microphone tab, look for something like WavOut mix or Stereo mix. It lets them hear whatever you hear, including themselves, so check the box to reduce echo and keep inbound volume low.
  • You can download clips of camwhores from sites like YouPorn, with the Firefox add-on Video DownloadHelper. You can then use those clips on Chatroulette.
  • You can also download any video from the jewtubes using DownloadHelper or this handy program: [1]. All of these [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] are good examples but be fucking original!
    PRO-PROTIP: recompress all videos as avi files with size 640x480 or 320x240. Srsly, it's not that hard.
  • The site is a little massively buggy when going to the next stranger. When it's not re-connecting, reload the page and push 'Start'.

Getting Unbanned

At first if you got banned you could just do this:

  • Right click on the web-cam window, click settings. Click the folder, and change the local storage to 0. Click OK and reload the page.
  • Because Chatroulette doesn't believe in IP banning, you can circumvent bans by removing the LSO they store on your computer. Download the Firefox add-on Better Privacy to do so.

Now they've began using proper IP bans. The only way around the bans now is by changing your IP address.


  • Found Jihad on Chatroulette!

By looking on Chatroulette's SWF source code you can see those lines:

   public class Director extends Sprite
       private var __jihadTimer:Timer;
       this.__jihadTimer = new Timer(2500, 1);
       this.__jihadTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, this.jihad);
       private function jihad(e = null) : void
           if (this.__conMan)
           SharedController.saveVar("continue", true);
       }// end function

This source code has been taken out from Chatroulette's system.

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