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    Chatango is a company that provides free webchat services to site operators. The service is very similar to IRC, only faggier because it's easier to use and has more customization features. The ease of use invites many budding weeaboos and the customization features attract attention whores.

    The Worx

    Anyone can make a free account, and anyone with an account can create a room (similar to an IRC channel) and use some sharp HTML to embed a chat widget in their webpage. It's advertised as a way for bloggers to make more AdWords money by enticing readers into staying longer than good sense and taste would otherwise allow. However, it is used more by lousy anime club sites than by lousy bloggers. It also has a shitty "Private Message" feature which allows one to private message any of the weeaboos, pedophiles, or any other sick fuck you could imagine in a one on one chat.

    Chatango Culture

    Just like any other service on the Internet, Chatango's users have developed a somewhat unique but utterly familiar culture. There's some memes, to be sure, but mostly they're imports, smuggled in from b/ by some enterprising Chatango player. These smugglers quickly become the most popular members of any Chatango room, having the most "internet experience", along with those who own shitty "Originals." Encyclopedia Dramatica plays a role in this game of dominance.


    There aren't girls on the Internet, but there are girls on Chatango. Be advised, though, GOTIS is an epidemic on Chatango in the same manner as Ebola rages in remote Congan villages. Chatango girls claim to be bisexual as a rule, and will tease and tease with cutesy roleplaying. Chatango has a /me function that they use to send messages like "xXdarkgirlXx cuddles tanshitenkachi69." Be aware, if someone claims to be a female on chatango, they are to be told Tits or Gtfo.

    Mod Culture

    Chatango offers each user their own webpage, which can be modified to include some helpful biographical information, a pretty background picture, a user avatar, and, if the user is enough of a jerk, an autoplay mp3 from their favorite band, probably like The Alkaline Trio or some j-rock band.

    Just as they have shitty chat rooms, they have a "Unique" Private messaging system in which one can go down an entire list of every username ever created, in which one will find a list of Sexy teenage girls, men with dick pictures, and "Original" accounts, which are pretty much just usernames taken from shitty Cartoons, in which these Autists like to sell for money. Because usernames stolen from cartoons and video games are totally worth monetary value!! And to add to this, The owner of the site added a function where you can buy inactive accounts for 20$ USD, because they wanted moar drug money to help dev the site.

    But it gets better. Roleplaying Is a pandemic around chatango where creatures like "Tentacleprincess" or, "Furrylover69" and even "Fut4de51re" are common type usernames, created purely for the sake of the Sport. These span from "Cyber sex" Or, "ERP" for short, To realistic rp, or just about anything else these faggots can attempt to come up with.


    Trolling Chatango can be quite an adventure. It's easier than trolling Omegle because, for some dumb reason, nobody expects it and nobody knows not to feed the trolls. The only real challenge to a troll on Chatango is that Chatango has a "flag" system. When a troll is discovered, if three Chatango users "flag" the troll, he will be muted for a period of time. Sockpuppets are easy to make, though, so troll victory is ensured. Simple drama-induction schemes like discussing philosophy, science, religion and whatever controversies are relevant to the particular Chatango room's audience are the recommended route of action. Messing with the actual Chatango mechanism is pretty straightforward too. Just spam a lot and make it impossible for anyone to have a coherent conversation what for the autoscrolling. And, never forget that it's always a good time for hemorrhoid pictures.

    In the private message section is where the true gold is however, because people never fucking expect a real troll to show up. There is a function on chatango which allows one to block one from private messaging you. There is a work around however, in which if you make multiple accounts log in at the same time on multiple tabs, you can message them again and again, as they can not block all usernames at the same time, effectively giving you many chances to continue harassing, trolling, and stress the person out. Once you get blocked, simply switch tabs, rinse and repeat, because these people never think to IGNORE you instead, causing them to eventually rage quit. And remember, it's never too soon for gore.

    Internet explorer is a good browser for opening over 9000 tabs on, temporarily making you unblockable.

    Another recent option, is to open the Tor browser bundle, allow scripts globally, go to chatango.com and log in. Once you're on the private messaging system, type in www.(username-goes-here).chatango.com/?js. You will be unblocked on the new account, so it is highly suggest to not waste proxies and open multiple accounts in the same session with the trick above to get maximum Lolcow out of the target.

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