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    ED CLEANER 2.jpg This article needs a serious clean up

    Somebody should do something about it.

    Chase's original ID, removed so the Internet can't find and rape him...
    File:Chase sprites.JPG
    Oh noes! ED is gonna get DMCA raped now.

    Chasethehedgehog is a self-proclaimed Internet celebrity and artist. He believes himself to be within the top ten percent at DeviantART even though he draws like a blind 7-year-old with Down's Syndrome. So yeah, he probably is. Born in 1994, and probably claimed to be eighteen for at least five years before actually becoming that age.

    Somehow, a /b/tard stumbled across one of Chase's Microsoft Paint drawings of Sonic and posted it on /b/ and a link to his page was also featured on the invasion board on 7chan. Literally dozens of /b/tards visited Chase's page and commented on Chase's sad excuse for art. As one would expect, those comments consisted mostly of death threats. Since Chase suffers from retardation, he claimed that he had called the police and that they would be coming after all those who threatened him, generating much lulz within the tubes.

    Despite just about everyone having now realized the breadth of his epic fail, Chase took to spouting off about how he didn't care what anyone thought of his work, and how his milestone of 100,000 page views makes him a god (despite the fact that 90-97% of his views were in the name of milking one heifer of a lolcow, the remainder being in pity). He is, therefore, a LIVING PARADOX. Chase was also born with a genetic defect that made him unable to detect sarcasm.

    In response to Sonic running from an oddly phallic building

    Wow your dumber then I thought you must be the biggest loser IRL lol


    ChaseTheHedgehog, talking to NetaroBlackMage.

    Wow, umm...

    You're 18, and this is your art?

    You obviously made yourslef 18 so you could fap to some pronz on this site.

    And this art looks like it was made by my 3 or 4 year-old neighbor. When you turn 18 (because I know you aren't), please go to an Art University. Then come back to this site.


    Stevaloosaurus, critiquing Chase's best art.

    Drama in early 2006

    A DeviantART mod got Chase pwn3d.

    Along with the 4chan raids and all other lulz produced by Chase, the lulz began much earlier in 2006 when he posted a journal about how a flash movie about Sonic dying made him cry. This resulted in many fierce battles between Chase and the movie's author and several other Deviants who enjoyed it. So much lulz was made then that a deviantART mod came over and made Chase close the pool.

    A troll account was then made to make friends with Chase, under the name of ToxicKitsune who posted drawings of the fox and Chase taking it in the ass. Things got even more lulzy when Chase decided to hold a contest, but all the entries won because they were made of buttsecks. Two more trolls were made, but in the end, all three trolls got perma-banned, and Chase left a suicide note, taking all his masterpieces with him.

    Nobody is quite sure what happened to Chase after he failed to appear and generate lulz for two whole months. He was long presumed dead, and thought to have sacrificed and essence into the infamous program MS Paint, or sucking cock. However, he recently resurfaced (unfortunately) with a new "Sonic in Soleanna" drawing based off the shittiest game in history.

    DevianTART lulz

    An interpretation of what happens anytime Chase is grounded from the Internet.
    On Notice Bitch.
    Artist depiction of what chase might look like. Notice how it is of a much higher caliber than anything chase has been involved with

    Best parts highlighted for your viewing pleasure. Srsly read these, no matter how TL;DR they are!

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


    On June 24, 2007, Chase received his 100,000th page view. Congratulations, Chase! Your failure at life has now been witnessed by over 100,000 people; you must be so proud!

    "its for the big leagues" what are you talking about?? I have over 100000 page views..i AM the big leagues here.


    ChaseTheHedgehog, talking to sonicgirl21.

    After gaining 100,000 views, Chase's ego exploded in a tidal wave of lab-destined sperm and made a picture out of it. Unfortunately, he assumes that each of these pageviews came from admirers of his sad excuse for art, when he owes 98% of those page views to ED raids. What is in store for the thirteen-year old boy now? Our best guess is that it will include moar Sonic pictures, moar lulz, and moar underage b&.

    An accurate representation of chasethehedgehogs ego after realising he has 100,000 page views:

    As if this didn't happen already. The meter must use huge units.

    The ConceptArt incident

    File:ChaseTheHedgehog Lies by Miniskirt.jpg
    Too bad ConceptArt doesn't give two shits if you're a top artist.

    Once again, Chase displayed his amazing awesomeness by posting his personal favorites on ConceptArt.org. If you don't know, ConceptArt is a serious art website, run and created for professionals, and built on the ethics of hard work and constructive criticism. Of course, Chase didn't realize this and spewed upon the forums such blatant faggotry (TWICE) , it's amazing the whole of the continent didn't blow itself up in a hurricane of egotism that would put Katrina to shame. Chase, of course, completely ignored what anyone had to say and refused to admit that his art was shit so he could finally start improving. Before things reached their climax, an astute lulzdragon posted a link to the thread on 4chan for all the other lulzdragons to see. The mods closed the threads before any REAL lulz could be had, but the threads still stands for those of you who are bad enough dudes to save the president. also if you want to read the butthurt go ahead!

    I have over 100,00 page views on DeviantART I'm one of the top artists!!


    —Chasethehedgehog on being a mathematically incorrect twat.

    chasethehedgehog, if you DON'T have some sort of condition, you're the most ignorant, talentless, rude fucking little CLOWN-PACKING GOBLIN I've ever, EVER met.


    —Rhineville stating the truth, and how it is.

    Chase knows REAL art!!1 SRLSY!!1

    In an attempt to stem the flow of criticism, chase posted a clarification of his earlier comments regarding being better than most people on DeviantART. For you see there is an important fact that the spammers were unaware of; "Many people on here don't even post art"! Yes, chase is referring to the vast collection of sadly misguided individuals who post "junk like photos and poetry", instead of things that require real artistic skill, like for example...Sonic art!, which is apparently done by many of the BEST artists. After all, "sonic art is not easy to master."

    Following in the best spirit of Unwarranted self-importance, chase proceeded to announce that since so many artists work for money, he will too. As soon as his parents buy him a scanner, we lucky people will be able to order pictures from the great chase for prices tentatively set at between $5 and $30, depending on the number of characters, and whether the drawing is to be done in pencil, or full color. When he was put in his place by other DeviantART on his comments page, he either made a exceptionally witless remark or an even bigger gem spewed forth from his mouth.




    with more Fail , shrinking his e-penis by EPIC AMOUNTS. The odds of That happening are the same as dividing by zero.

    Another favorite quote of his:

    This pic is old but still kawaii!!!1111



    I would say Im in the top 10% here. Just cause Im a modest guy Ill say top 15% but you get the idea.


    —Chase, the modest guy gay ever.

    Chase on how to be an artist like himself
    but photography is not art. its basically cheating artists spend hours and hours creating images themselves while photographers just hit a button to get a pic. I don't hate photography in fact its pretty cool seeing a nice pic but its in no way art. ... and poetry I just don't like at all..



    Wow, really? I suppose hours of makeup and lighting setup, along with prop placement and stage layout followed by a lot of detailed digital enhancement is CHEATING LOL?


    OH WOW

    Chase is now apparently taking commissions. Who wouldn't want a shitty MS Paint Sonic for $15?

    The Protect Chase club! 'stop the flamers!!!11'

    A group of sad Chase fans (most likely alts) made a club against Chase haters. The Club has a HUGE amount of members (4 fucktards). That includes the famous Chase himself. Chase was made the 'special member' by the Chase fan that owns the club. The journal can provide much lulz in one's spare time.


    Like any good DeviantART extraordinaire, Chase has set up a YouTube channel so he may share his godly works of art with the world. As of yet, his channel consists of but one video: a slide show of his work set to a climactic tune, the magnitude of which can only hope to match the caliber of Chase's art.

    File:The Fuck Is Wrong With Chase.PNG
    There's proof that Twister is Chase, even on YOUTUBE.

    Chase's Triumphant Return

    With his gay love child Zer0thehedgehog, Chase returned.

    Chase's, new ID. Face censored so the Internet can't hunt him down and greet him again.
    Chase: Master of subtlety
    File:Chasethehedgehog showing us how big is ego is.png
    Chase showing us how overblown his ego is

    Chase, after spending much time in hiding from the trolls, the haters, and everyone who offers him constructive criticism, reemerged from the darkness to create a new account under the identity of twisterfiendish. His efforts to remain concealed were thwarted, however, due to the fact that his fans found him in less than a week of the account's creation. He's attempting to stick it to the man by filling his favorites gallery with anti-ED stamps and "taunting" his enemies with butthurt-sounding journal entries, all the while claiming that he is not, indeed, Chase. In a failed attempt to hide his true identity he changes his profile's country every week or so and doesn't even care to use an online translator to reply in other languages. Currently he claims to be German and, obviously, blocks everyone trying to comment on his page in the noble language of Hitler. Some more taste of his logic.

    Also once upon a time, Chase decided to join the EdProofDa group on Deviantart to protect himself from the trolls, or so he thought. Being the idiot he is, he fell into the hands of an actual troll who was running the account. It appears chase decided to go into detail as to which he is awesome. He found out that it was a huge mistake talking to EdProofDa after he realized that he was talking nothing but butthurt.

    This time, Chase is trying to fool new trolls into thinking he is an admin. He wuld lyk ttly ban any1 dat evun luks @ him bad. He also makes awesome MS Paint fan art of anyone that trolls him. Also, Chase will now hide a certain amount of comments that anger him. How will we get our delicious fix of entertaining hate spam now?

    Twister is Chase 2.jpg


    When it comes to making people look like idiots, Chase is king. Incidentally, however, the only person he ever makes look like an idiot is himself.
    Listen, people, there is a serious misunderstanding here. people go on and on about how I'm this mysterious chasethehedgehog guy, and because they hate him, no one even barely considers my art, they just hate it because they hate him! Well look around no further and scan the whole site for proof, because that guy's dead, and he's been gone forever. So hate him, I don't care, it's not like he's even around to feel it, but STOP GIVING ME CRAP ABOUT IT! I'm sick of it! I can't even preform as an artist while everyone's all attacking me for no reason and everything! You're going over the edge with this whole thing! I mean, I am SOOOO damn tired of all this abusiveness and attacking. Sure, I used to draw sonic stuff, and I uploaded two old pics, but big deal, I draw weapons now! Weapons aren't from any video game, hello! I drew them myself from nothing and MSPaint! That's not any fan stuff, so it's not like you can say that you hate any fandom, because all my work comes from the mind! So stop torturing me with agonizing comments about stealing, impersonating, and twelve year old kids! Plus you could get banned for that you know. No twelve-year-olds are allowed on this site, because it's impossible for them to make art at such a young age according to U.S. Law, which is the same law that DeviantART runs by. So wait a year to art, but until then, STOP BOTHERING ME AND LET ME PREFORM MY ART IN PIECE!

    Thanks a bunch, $twisterfiendish.



    Further evidence that twisterfiendish is Chasethehedgehog is that they're both fucking idiots. As you can see from the boldfaced selections in the quote, he comes off claiming not to be Chase. However, about halfway through, he begins to speak of "drawing Sonic stuff" and "uploading old pics". But if twister is not Chase, how could he have "used" to draw Sonic fan art or upload "old pics", given that he registered no longer than a week before he posted this? Get your shit straight, Chase.

    Also, more recently, he has made demands that this article is taken down posthaste (detailed here). If he was not chasethehedgehog, why would this article bother him in the slightest?

    Twisterfiend lets slip evidence

    This is undeniable proof that twisterfiendish is chase:

    Proff twister is chase.jpg


    The Idiot Hat

    A summarizing of Chase's intellect.

    In a desperate attempt to drive away the trolls, Chase has made it his mission to attack them head on [2] by drawing shittastic portraits of his enemies which have since been taken care of, partly so he still has a chance at becoming admin, partly due to the reaction to the hats: [3], [4], [5].

    However, this did not last long. After a while, Chase managed to muster what carcinogenic little brain cells lay in his cobweb filled skull and realized the entire "idiot hat scheme" (which was suggested to him by a troll) was just an effort to show others his true level of intelligence once again. Being the retard that he is, he decided to do one last idiot hat... for a subscription, which he thinks will make him an admin. The person who promised Chase a subscription has yet to give it to him.

    "Free Art!"

    After several weeks of duking it out with troll raids from the *chans and Encyclopedia Dramatica while pretending not to be phased, Chase is now offering free art to whomever can "delete" Chasethehedgehog's ED page. However, this will end in failure for a few reasons:

    • Every edit to any article on Encyclopedia Dramatica is saved to the database, making deletion impossible.
    • Any vandalism can easily be undone with minimal effort.
    • No human being would want a shitty MS Paint drawing from a twelve-year-old retard.
    • Nobody is stupid enough to really support him.

    "Plan M!"

    Masdf's. She knows them.

    Chase moved from the now deleted Plan M, whatever the fuck it was, to Plan P. There is no official word on Plans N and O, most likely due to them failing faster than Chase can think them up.

    Plan Masturbate

    Plan Penis

    Plan KKK

    Breaking news! Chase took his dick out of Plan P, and moved on to Plan K.

    More Breaking News! Chase has trashed Plan K and has moved onto Plan C, which apparently is the best plan yet.

    Moar Breaking News! Chase has now actually declared war on the trolls. Naturally this will fail, despite the fact he has actually managed to convince a small group of retards (CaptianBilly, His ex, Some idiot, Another idiot,A script kiddie who thinks he's so cool because he edited ED to say Chase is awesome and lastly the most retarded one of em all, save for Chaseypoo that is.) He has also written a small "inspiral speech" to his "troops". On top of that there is a new chat up, which he calls Twisters war room. It contains a link to the aforementioned "inspirational message" and a warning about expert snippers. In the mean time a certain Tartlet has begun to take advantage of this, and is releasing playing cards, depicting all the highest ranking members of the imaginary troll army Chase has convinced himself exists. While the deck is not completed, it is on its way. It would appear that the Great Troll War of '09 is about to make its mark on the many pages of Deviantart.

    Taken Over In Chat Room

    Chase is gullible.jpg

    For who knows what reason, TwisterFiendish (a.k.a Chase) made a chat room and viewed it in his journal, warning for 'ALL TROLLS TO STAY AWAY OR ELSE SNIPPERS SHOOT YOU', knowing that trolls and such are going to get in anyway, and also knowing that "snippers" are some kind of scissors, so now, apparently, scissors can shoot bullets now! He soon learned to never trust people... or at least don't forget the people that messes with him. Later on during the chat, while Chase/Twister was away, one of the admins happened to betray him (ya didn't see that coming, did you?) and made everyone in the chat room an admin. Then from there, they did their thing, and banned Chase from his own chat room.

    How much gullible can this guy get? Now he thinks that chat has a bunch trolls, hacking his chat room just to mess with him, ranted about it in his journal, and started attacking anyone going 'LOLOLOLOLOL' at him. So, he banned everyone from his chat room till next time. We all know he's gonna get memory loss and let in some trolls "without" knowing, and this all is going to happen again.


    —DevianTART Troll.

    The troll who actually did the banning decided to remain anonymous, until Chase forgets about it. She got an idiot hat, that's all that needs to be known for now.

    It was Movetron.

    Chase went into an absolute fit when he found out that he was banned from the chat room. When he regained admin privileges, he banned all of the other admins in an attempt to regain control. It was a few hours later that another troll cleared his entire ban list.

    Also, if you do manage to get into his "new" chat, he'll ban you for the slightest comment or calling him chase. Even White Knights.

    News Article on Trolls AKA Making Himself Look Like An Asshat Cockhhole

    What's sadder? Chase making himself look like an idiot or his sheep fancocks and fanpussies taking up for him?

    Words from People with Some Brain Matter Left:

    "Oh Chase, you've just gone and added some moar lulz to your ED page." ~Literary-Alchemist

    "People don't troll you, boyo. People tell you you need improvement and you get mad and block them." ~FunkyAl

    "It's the internet. Where there is a community, there will be trolls. It's unavoidable." ~anniefelis

    "It seems like the only ones who liked this nonsense are all people who have crappy art, act like they are all high and mighty and deserved to be trolled. Anyway, Twister's going to be trolled even more." ~WorldChampionMario

    "Trolls troll people for a reason. People like you who shit themselves over any little negative thing will cause mass amounts of e-drama, which is incredibly hilarious or 'lulzy' to those trolling you. If you don't want to be trolled, then maybe you should pay attention why you are being trolled and find a way to show them that there is no reason to troll them. But of course this is going to be hidden since any criticism goes on your blacklist yet the floods of constant insults remain." ~SpaceFishInSpace


    Chase Likes 4chan?

    An elaborate troll made an anti-ED stamp which was promptly changed to a pro-ED + 4Chan orgy upon being favorited. Chase has added the troll as a friend due to the creation of the once ED Stamp proving that saying anything against ED gets you a free ticket on the ChaseTheHedgehog Bandwagon.

    Twister + Destiny = LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE


    Main Article on DestinyMew Back Online. Make it awesome.

    Chase is (claims to be) 18 and DestinyMew claims to be 14. Can anybody say "statutory rape"?

    The evidence is right here, don't forget to read the comments; even screen capped that shit, there's no denying it. The screencap from Chase's chatroom, found here, reveals a post declaring her love to her sweetheart.

    In an attempt to baleet her ED glory, she most likely created LioTsuki, but sadly, could not. This is the Internet; nothing is deleted. Due to this, she got fucking banned. ROFL.


    I AM NOT A TROLL!!!11!!!1!!

    After seeing a link to her DevART on this page, she proceeded to BAAAAW and claim she quit trolling in a mature way. See here.

    I'm in Chase's ED.

    Wow, what are you, stupid? I am not the troll, I quit trolling long time ago around SheezyArt and don't bother to contact me in SheezyArt because I AM DEAD THERE. Oh and.. Here the song for those whose going to spam or troll me.

    Word is a word and words just are a words. Words just is so dumb and words still is a words and the words can't hurt my feeling because words are still just a words. Words is still words, no words could hurt my feeling because they all are just a words.

    So fuck off.


    DestinyMew; A calm message to all trolls, lol

    Destiny claims to be deaf in her DA signature. HOW THE FUCK CAN SHE HEAR A SONG? (also how the fuck does that affect her grammar?)


    She also has a well rehearsed excuse for all you trolls! LOOK OUT!

    THATS IT!!!1!

    Oh shit guys, She's reached the breaking point and is bailing out!

    A deaf person in RAGE!




    —Destinymew, proving, in ALLCAPS, that she's blind as well.

    MOAR breaking news!

    She NEVER left and, instead, posted a journal with a shitty quiz. What's lulzy about this is that, on a question on whether she's single or not, she posted "Meh". HOSHI- Twister got his ass DUMPED, lol.


    Okay, so she did dump him, but he was late to the party, which shouldn't be surprising given his superior intellect.


    DestinyMew has now deleted everything from her deviantTART page probably due to a severe case of butthurt. All that remains is a picture of Dubya flippin the bird, which could possibly mean she's more awesome than initial reports suggested.

    OH SHI-- SHE IS BACK! Like all TARTlets she just can't stay away.

    She is an attention whore lol

    DestinyMew added this shortly after all her accounts were hacked/banned. She has a new account somewhere, find it for the ultimate prize! Fuck that, her accounts are unbanned.... For now.

    How to contact DestinyMew

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Destiny's current DeviantART account

    File:Deviantart-favicon.png Destiny's old DeviantART account

    YouTube Favicon.png Destiny on YouTube

    MSN: [email protected]

    AIM: HolyGREEK

    At the time of writing her AIM and MSN were on her profile, therefore fair game. Apparently she loves receiving troll art. Don't forget to send the link in a note!

    Troll Artwork

    Needs Moar Troll Arts About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Moar Fucking Gits

    Here are some more sonictards that keep showing up on home boy's page.

    Do everything in your power to harass the fuck out of them.

    What People Have to Say

    What Other Artists Have to Say

    No one is going to fucking rape you. Just teabag you.


    Squid Radiation

    and you just are uncreative and crappy enough to steal Sega's chaacters, and visually rape them. Even MySpace snapshots own you


    RuneFaust owning Chase.

    you are a sad little child.


    PearlHeart, poet, giving Chase the news.

    Doesn't matter if you like it or hate it, it's still art. And I won't get started on that photography comment. There are are too many things to say, and you're just not worth the time.


    Even a FURRY hates Chase!

    You don't have the talent to take a good photo.


    IZSBHR talking to Chase.

    Does that mean Chase is going to kill Jews?

    Come to think of it, Hitler also started off as a terrible artist...o,O;;


    Best deviantART convo ever.

    You know nothing about art. You spend two seconds to draw a shitty sonic doodle while good photographers work for hours just to get a photo to come out just right. It's more than just "pressing a button," you have to have the right equipment so a photo comes out looking better than just a snapshot. You can't compare yourself to them, fan boy. I don't give a shit about what your "opinion" is because your opinion is retarded.

    As for poetry, people spend a hell of a lot more time and effort on poetry and other writing than you'll ever spend on your stupid sonic MSpaint doodles. You can barely spell your own comments and journal, so how can you compare yourself to writers?


    Epic winning by BloodstainHurricaneX.

    Chase's 3RD account

    That's right, Chase has gotten a 3RD account. Getting him with the SAME trick that got him in his 2nd account, it's been proven that Chase has made a 3rd account. http://imahedgehog.deviantart.com/

    And after the original version of this was put up, it was taken down. This version will be put back up every time that it's deleted.

    "but photography is not art. its basically cheating"



    Another great conversation by *Relientk-nux.

    Excuse me, but you are a retard.

    Photography takes hours, even days sometimes. There's a lot to do, from hours and hours of makeup, to wardrobe, to prop placement and lighting setup, to digital mastering, along with a lot of very very expensive equipment. How you can even compare yourself to photographers is beyond me, seeing as your three-second-paint-doodles hardly pass for discernible shapes, much less 'art".

    As for writing, you have no room to talk. You can barely spell your own name, much less write a novel or a poem. And if you did write a story, it would probably be a dime-a-dozen fan-fic with no plot or imagination (or grammar) that wouldn't be worth the 2kb it takes up on your hard drive.

    Seriously, you have a massive ego that's grossly disproportionate to your skill. You only have those "OMG 100,000 PAGE VIEWS" from the tons of people coming here to laugh at your failure. It wouldn't even be so bad if it weren't for you shoving your e-penis into everyone's faces like you're some kind of god when your art is on par with something a kindergartner finger-painted.


    Slightly TL;DR, but still lulz.

    ChasetheHedgehog, your grammar is so poor that even my +10 in Language:Chat Speak cannot save me.

    Roll a Fortitude Saving Throw versus No Artistic Talent, oh shit, you rolled a 1, you now are permanently deprived of any artistic talent, though you never had any in the first place.


    TheDarkmage Even D&D jokes are better then Chase's artwork.

    Can you understand this language? If not, then...

    [email protected], [email protected] U [email protected] me now??????? oka, you pic is tribblee fukeng baaaaaaaaaaad die in hell i hatee u


    doomgrip776 pwning Chase.

    Poetry and photography ARE art, you egotistical fuck. Your ego is bigger than Russia and the USA (including Canada) combined.


    Wolfey-Evil-Princess, politician

    So you say that your crap is art but photos and poetry are not?



    Oh, for fuck's sake. God made a mistake when he shat you out.

    "they only do junk like photos and poetry"

    What? if photography and poetry is junk then what the hell is the shit that you've been posting? It looks like it's been done by a blind five year-old. You're so creative aren't you? EET LOOKS LYK SONIC BUT ITZ RED!!!1!!1!!ZOMG!!1!ONE!1!!11!1!ELEVEN!!! GENIOUS! [email protected]!1

    Real artists appreciate art in every form it comes in.

    Note; you're not famous. You're infamous. There's a damn difference.



    Chase draws terrible


    MyahTheTiger ORLY

    i just lol'd so hard at this






    You know, for someone who really hates other people's opinions, you sure bloody love to give your own tww cents about everything. Here's a good idea:

    Stop expressing YOUR opinions, and maybe everyone else will stop expressing THEIRS. Here's how a troll works, kiddo, because you haven't figured it out already: 1) Find someone who thinks they're all that 2) Poke it. 3) Point out contradictions. 4) flame videos and pictures made in response. Seriously, just don't make anti-troll pictures. It worsens everything. And lighten up. The only people too good for ED to troll are Morgan Freeman and Ninjas. you're nuts if you compare yourself to them. I'm not trying to troll here, but... c'mon, dude. You make a complete mockery of the word 'art'. Sonic's great and all, but make more of an effort. Get a better program, learn to shade... If not for yourself, then in the name of Sonic and ART.


    Rubbishcarrot, being a lulz-killer by trying to make Chase better himselfAlso, rather TL;DR.

    The "Troll War"

    Recently, Chase's faggotry took it to the next level when he declared a troll war, demanding that people turn over the troll leader. This of course sparked numerous lulz as many a troll stepped up, claiming themselves to be the leader of the trolls. The most notable of these self proclaimed "troll leaders" was the blatantly obvious GeneralTroll, who wrote an extensive forfeit letter in his [[6]]. Chase, being the faggot that he is, does not know that trolls have no leader, as they are in it for the lulz. During this so called "war", Chase has compared himself and his merry band of douches to Abraham Lincoln, but he has edited that journal entry in an attempt to look like less of a cockfag.

    Now is your opportunity to support the Lulztrain!

    Chase has made it possible for you to buy into his faggotry and buy Twister Brand Hats, Cups and shirts. [7] Support the lulz! Buy an ULTIMAET SHADOW!!!11oneone TSHIRT today. And yes, it IS Chase's Merchandise according to his poll [8]. But whatever the fuck you do, don't wear it in public. You may also drink from an Idiot Hat mug to Twister's everlasting idiocy, and a Zapdos Hat, which unfortunately, hasn't got the idiot hat on it. Poor Merchandising, Chase.

    The 2nd "Troll War"

    His #TwisterWarRoom chat in a terrorist attack with ebaumsworld.on.nimp.org

    Yes. He has returned with a vengeance. And he's not fighting trolls this time. He's up against "some dA terrorist organization". He claims they even took out a few of his secret snippers. He is also fed up with people telling to "CHECK INTO A MENTAL HOTEL." He also states some people are threatening him with "lawsuits and hacking".


    The winner of his contest made this.

    Chase decided it would be a great idea to have another contest. Contestants would have to draw a picture of his SO NOT CHASE character, Twister da Hedgehog. Chase, being the retard he is, thought it was also a great idea to send a handmade piece of art. Although being told that it would probably result in the winner spreading his address all over the tubes, he still wants to send his "special gift" to the winner. B-Comes-Before-L won.

    His address:(Note a tax building so probably where his parents work) Twisterfiendish c/o "You Sell" Ship 'N' More 20 North Summit Street Crescent City, Florida 32112

    Contest 2

    Chase has announced a second contest to draw a scene from the supposed troll war.[9]

    The contest ended 20th of Feb, but since chase had to go back and make moar monies at McDees, the winner got their prize on the 25th. You can see the winners artwork here


    There are now rules to talk to Chase. Aparantly now you must do the following before you can speak to him.

    1.) You have to have a non-troll avatar. The awesome face, an ED logo, and ANONYMOUS don't count and will get you either ignored and/or banned.

    2.) You have to make real art, not just dumb troll art.

    3.) You must have more than 10 friends.

    4.) You should avoid cussing as much as possible.

    5.) If you wanna have bad things to say, you'd better offer useful advice too, and not "KILL YOURSELF" or "STOP DRAWING" or stuff like that

    6.) No advertisement!

    7.) No spam!

    8.) No flaming!

    9.) No being jealous!

    10.) No racism!

    11.) No bad memes!

    12.) No theft!

    13.) No hacking!

    14.) No spying!

    15.) No being an overall jerk!

    16.) ...

    17.) oh wait I skipped 16

    16.) No dissing Sonic. He is awesome.

    17.) No calling me Chase.

    18.) Respect other people!

    ...but wait, he doesn't meet #2! wouldn't that mean he can't talk to himself?

    Chatroom hacking

    Chase's chatroom, #TwisterWarRoom, has been hacked so many times it's not even funny anymore. But if you'd like to get a chance to fuck shit up in there just for the lulz, just ask that furfag Zack for a promotion.

    New Chat!

    Attempting to regain control of his troll war, Chase decided to make a new chatroom here: [10]. Obviously, it's always a great idea to post a link to your "troll free" chat.


    Artist's interpretation.

    Snippers are some type of scissors frequently mentioned by the Internet celebrity himself. He claims that these scissors have the ability to shoot bullets, which helps him defeat trolls, rather than go through the trouble of being teabagged by them due to his lack of sexual edutainment necessary to rape them. What remains to be asked about "snippers" is where they're manufactored. Most likely a terrorist orgamization by forking them out of their ass just like every part of Roblox. If you need any more info about this wonderful topic, the schematics of the snipper are drawn in MS Paint by Chase himself.

    -Ducks are faster than hedgehogs. -NO!

    Apparently, Chase has been spending too little time IRL looking at stuff, and it is supposed that he's never seen a real hedgehog. Not to mention a real duck. Around December 2010 it got him into a spirited discussion with the latter and a voice of reason over which is faster. Lack of reality check, retardation and sonicfaggotry has made him claim badly that a hedgehog would outrun a member of waterfowl. Desperately trying to prove his point, he has made many dumb mistakes. In his little autistic world:

    obviously generating lulz. Check out yourself here: [11]. No better way to prove your point than to make a shitty MS Paint pic, amirite?

    A Challenger(s)? appears

    Apparently some people, Motivated by Encyclopedia dramatica have started to undertake a mission to redraw every single artwork done by chase, albeit BETTER as in, not troll art OMFG ! Shit just got real! -> It's a Troll doing the Art! and he's a Limey! http://tornadobugger.deviantart.com/art/Bloody-Work-Part-1-189527818


    Apparently this faggot got happy with the old ED going down, Saying in his own words "THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY IN INTERNET HISTORY!".For lulz, Redirect him to this page to say otherwise. File:LOL.jpg

    The LATEST Troll war and a NEW account.

    On the date of June 10th, 2011. Banzai-chan, co-founder of the group MarioAddictsArmy, posted a comment declaring war, which Chase lost HARD.

    The rules of the war was: 1. If he blocked any of them, he lost. (He misunderstood this and thought it was just the poster of the comment.) 2. If he reported the group, he lost. 3. If he hid the comment, he lost.

    He apparently also had a Sockpuppet account from 2 months back called Imahedgehog. He will swear up and down that he's not Chase, but go ahead and troll him for lulz.

    Here's his new account by the way: *Chase's OTHER new DeviantART account

    Looks like he didn't learn from experience.

    This is undeniable proof that imahedgehog is chase

    The date of 06-21-11 was the date that Imahedgehog admitted that, he was in fact, Twister.

    Him admitting that he was Twister.


    It appears as though a new dA account entitled "johnthehedgefox" (who is apparently also a Koopa????????? lul wut?) has surfaced showing the same lulzy behaviour that chase has became famous for. Still claiming that he is 18 and 23 years old, still having a "thing" for the Kooplalings, still "drawing" with MSPaint (and making people's eyes explode as a result) all while providing epic lulz with his poor grammar and sheer lack of intelligence. This time, however, there is a surprising lack of Sonics artz and instead, has replaced them with... err....


    ...HOLY SHIT ITS ACTUALLY GOTTEN WORSE. I guess anything is possible, right?

    This new user account, although not yet proven to be Chase Proof right here, shows all the characteristics and lulzy behaviour. One user has even pointed it out:


    Sounds fishy to me, batman!

    Thanks to one dA user, the account has already been targeted and trolled less than a week after its creation. All it took was one journal and a "Problem?" snapshot to get the ball moving.


    The trolls, as well as trying to figure out if this IS chase (along side the lulz) have even gotten some other, rather delicious information out of him:


    Did chase (if it is chase) just say his "art" that he was sooooo proud of that made him the top 10% of dA was shit?' GRAB THE CAMERA, THIS MOMENT MUST BE PRESERVED!

    Chase, I mean, Twister... no, I mean John... no that stupid retard sonic guy's new dA page can be found hither [12] - could all passengers please keep their hands and arms inside the car at all times while riding the lul-a-coaster.

    File:Johnthehedgefox Is Chasethehedgehog.png

    Chase proves his utter genius once again by falling for the fat fuck card a third time.


    The Twisterfiendish page is still active. One tartlet, Saddow, has been spotted trying to kill the lulz by providing protips as can be seen here: [13]

    Oop, disregard that he realized that trying to educate the retard is a lost cause after reading this article: [14]

    Further lulz to be had in this Christmas edition of ROFLtime Theatre: [15]


    Based on the information we have Chase is over 18 years old Congrats Chase, you've gone from delusional kid to insane man child.






    Twisterfiendish account active as of Feb 2016. Recruiting for YET ANOTHER troll war [16]. Has now christened his white knights "Doctors of Social Medicine".

    Gallery of Chase's "Artwork"

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Gallery of troll artwork

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