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    Charlotte E. Smith

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    Charlotte Eloise Smith (Dartmouth '16)

    ArchiveToday-favicon.pngCharlotte Eloise Smith is an attention whore at Dartmouth College who tried to slime an innocent bro with a fake-rape charge in 2013-14.

    The case started out typically, with Charlotte Eloise Smith ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) calling the Waaaambulance to report her fake rape on May 2, 2013.

    True to form, the media limpdicks and feminists went apeshit, splashing the innocent bro's name and mugshot photo across the media.

    The Bitch

    (Lying bitch Charlotte Eloise Smith, on the other hand, was allowed to hide under a cloak of mangina media-imposed anonymity...until the tenacious assholes at AutoAdmit figured out who the lying cunt was from the trial testimony...)

    The innocent accused bro was kept on ice for nearly a year. Only when the case went to trial in March 2014 were the LULZ finally on Charlotte Smith, as defense lawyers exposed Charlotte's drunken, whoring habits on the night in question, May 2, 2013:

    Charlotte E. Smith (Dartmouth) got drunk

    Getting drunk was a pretty typical thing for Charlotte E. Smith...and her parents, Kevin B. Smith and Deirdre O’Farrelly. Must be a Westport Connecticut thang...
    Skank Charlotte Smith gets drunk (underage, btw) with some other skank
    Charlotte Smith attended Christ and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (Westport, CT), but could never understand that "don't bear false witness"-shit.

    It didn't take defense attorneys too much digging to figure out that Charlotte Smith was a drunken slut. A trip to google quickly turned up Charlotte's twitter, with drunktweets like these:

    Charlotte was clearly feeling no pain on the night in question, either:

    When Charlotte E. Smith drinks, the witness said, she becomes “flighty,” “spacey” and “not very observant.” Smith had taken medication that night, amplifying these effects.


    — Witness @ teh fakerape trial

    Confronted with the evidence, dumbcunt Charlotte desperately tried to spin the facts, just exposing herself MOAR as a drunkcunt:

    At the time, I had a pretty high tolerance of alcohol. It wasn’t uncommon for me to take eight shots before going to a party.


    — Charlotte E. Smith (Dartmouth freshman)

    Charlotte Smith got skanky

    Back to twitter, it didn't take much digging to expose Charlotte as a skank:

    Charlotte Smith got fucked (in all her holes, lol)

    File:Parker Gilbert.jpg
    Parker Gilbert, now acquitted

    Add alcohol to a slut, and you know she's gonna spread her legs like peanut butter. The accused innocent bro would have been in deep shit...except Charlotte Smith was inconsiderate enough to get fucked while her ROOMMATE was trying to sleep:


    Dude had her all four ways and literally ass-2-mouthed her. Defense got multiple people on cross-examination (including her MOM) to admit that she'd expressed worry defbro would gloat about the encounter.


    — Charlotte E Smith's mom testified she was just afraid he would brag about her sucking the shit off his dick

    The witness confirmed she did not hear any loud noises, crying or expressions of pain on the morning of May 2. She confirmed that she did not remember hearing anyone fall to the floor and did not think that an attack occurred in the next room that morning


    — The Charlotte Smith Dartmouth Fakerape Trial

    So much for the claim of rape, lol!

    Unsurprisingly, the jury ACQUITTED the accused innocent bro after a mere 4 hours of deliberation on March 27, 2014...

    And the Dartmouth feminists went apeshit.

    As a student of Dartmouth, my first reaction was that of incredulity. It was quickly replaced by rage, and then followed by fear.


    — lol, dumb azn feminasty cunt Lulu Chang

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    *Twitter-favicon.png Charlotte E. Smith's Twitter Go here to ask her out for a date. She puts out as long as you pay for the drinks. DELETED

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