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"Hate them? Post their contact info."

STATUS: Planning babs first raid, please hold

what the fuck is this?


You, probably

The Chaos Creator Project is the newest branch in AEgovernment, here we'll equip you with everything you need to go out and have all sorts of fun in an attempt to bring back the old ways of a spirit similar to when you could actually have fun on the internet.

Find yourself returning to the good old days, mentally with our patented ideas for making peoples lives harder.

Bounty Board

We pay YOU to write a good article for Encyclopedia Dramatica! And by "we" I mean anyone.

Active Bounties

Bitcoin.png Completed! Corpse Husband
Bitcoin.png Completed! Dream
Bitcoin.png 0.69 ! YourBountyHere !

Bitcoin to USD Calculator

Done writing? Want to create a bounty? Submit everything to Fahrenheit

The Process

1. Someone offers up Bitcoin to write on Anonymous

2. A moderator will hold the funds as escrow

3. Someone writes and gives us the article

4. Quality check

5. Funds are released to the writer

Multiple people may contribute to the pool as well, giving you a higher payout and increasing your autism by just that much more!

The Rules

- Must be 1,600 word minimum

- Fully formatted with images

- Dox is not required, but allowed

- Successful completion of article grants access to the "EDitor" mod role

- NO Government workers or employees

- NO Illegal information in article

Simple, right? Just don't fuck it up.

Chaos Communications Hub (Private Account Creation)

We know how frustrating it is, all you wanna do is safely harass "people" on twitter until they decide to ban you. Or maybe you have some thoughts for your ex, but you don't want them knowing you're also a loser.

Headed by Aediot, the CCH is here to help you ban evade or give you a completely anonymous burner.

By accepting XMR and collecting no personal information, these accounts can potentially be 100% untraceable to you.

Why XMR? Because Monero is a cryptocurrency that is completely anonymous unlike Bitcoin.
Learn more here.

The Menu

The Menu
♠ VoIP Accounts = $6.99ea [-+]

Google Voice

♠ Social Media = $3.99ea [-+]

Twitter • Facebook • Discord

♠ Email Accounts = $1.99ea [-+]

Protonmail • Yahoo • Tutanota

Need an account not on the menu? Reach out to [email protected]


1. Send the appropriate amount of BTC or XMR to the addresses here


2. Visit over Tor and create a new email

3. Email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Subject of email: "CCH"
  • Transaction ID:
  • Cockli password:
  • Accounts you'd like to purchase:

5. Wait for your order to be sent to your cockli email, nigger

6. ???

7. Change the fucking password(s)

Unsure how to get cryptocurrencies? Well we have a Bitcoin article but it sucks. Use CashApp or Gemini to purchase and send cryptocurrencies. And use SimpleSwap to exchange BTC for XMR without an account or any signup.


You have no idea what you're doing, and and that's okay! An AEducation will set you straight.

Lern 2 dox



Docs or Dox are information an Internet personality would want to be kept secret, such as their real name, current address, SSN, and phone number. These are things they would install a security and phone tracing system, use passwords, and build a moat to protect. Docs may also include information on close relatives. Many people do things on the Internet which they would rather not leak to their IRL circle of acquaintances (such as their sexual practices and fantasies) so dropping dox can be very destructive to victims' personal lives.

Some would argue how it's morally unjust or even downright an invasion of privacy to post someones information online or do things with them.

The response to these people is simple...

Lern 2 write


Writing Style Guide

So you wanna learn how to write for Encyclopedia Dramatica huh?

Don't you have better things to do? No? Well you might as well stick around then. Kinda embarrassing if you ask me but I'm not here to judge, after all I'm autistic too.

Welcome to the family!

Here's where we'll school you into learning just how bad Mediawiki is, and why it's a curse that we have to use it.

Cult: The New Playground

"Maybe you guys aren't so autistic after all" - Meurto, having a lapse of judgement

Have you always wanted to dox pedophiles and laugh at ugly whores online? Of course you have.

Or maybe you're just missing that /i/ shaped hole in your heart because you just can't move on.

Enjoy our bustling and friendly new community with all the original hate you know and love. Join a group of like minded people you can act like civilized human beings with :^)

We've stationed ourselves as a twitter group chat since twitter is the best place for fresh meat, for us to accept your invite just read the how to join below.

Coming soon: The Enemies of Cult, a portal

Being built as we speak

What it is we do

1. Raids (when we plan them)

2. Harass ugly women online

3. Dox people for having wrong opinions on the internet

4. Bully children for speaking online

5. Contact people's parents informing them of your foul behavior

How to get noticed by the cult leader (and join) 101

1. Have a thick skin

2. Know how to dox

3. Don't be a pedophile

4. Create a Twitter account, if you don't already have one

5. @ Putrid on Twitter and tell us why you deserve our valuable fucking time

6. Get hazed

7. Try to leave

8. Get hazed some more anyway

9. Don't send Putrid money for gacha gambling

10. Fail step 9

11. ???

12. Profit!