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    Chanocalypse Naow

    From Encyclopedia Dramatica
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    Jul 21 20:46:31 <smug> somehow, I'm not impressed


    This was Raidchan's dream
    File:Epic botnet hillbilly kid.JPG
    Surpasses Alex Wuori in faggotry and lulz-killerness.
    Over 9,000 faggots are mashing F5 so they can see this

    Once upon a time, some skiddies at Raidchan/netcollect decided to try and create a chan-apocalypse, and wanted to make the chans blame each other. So they DDOS'ed all the major Chans, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and some smaller sites nobody cares about. But since this was very clearly not lulzy at all, their plan was foiled when a member of their IRC channel saved all the logs where they discussed their operation, and dumped them into pastebin along with their dox.

    Initially, the chans blamed the pedos of Anontalk.com, but it turns out they are merely guilty of being sick fucks and spamming /b/.




    Pretty much everything is back up. Everything that matters, anyway.

    For the raw pastebin of the irc logs, dox, etc, go to Template:Pastebin. EXPIRED.

    Here are a bunch of irc logs from raidchan:

    Recently, one of the asspies behind this, named ViraL has threatened a certain blogger in the Philippines known as "Mike AbunDORK" with a DDoS attack.

    Here's the comment on DORK's page.

    ViraL on August 21st, 2008 at 2:02 pm Are you serious right now? Remove all material on us from your site or it won’t come back up. You can’t “prevent” DDoS, and you certainly can’t pipe 70gbps on the budget your on, so if I were you, I’d comply.

    Rape Victims

    nevar forget

    Due to the vastness of the plan at hand, many sites were targeted for attack. Although the true culprit was discovered shortly after the DoS started (putting an end the entire idea of a "civil war"), the skiddies continued their half-witted assault, essentially holding a couple sites hostage since they didn't know what else to do after their retarded plan went awry. Here are the sites that were targeted:

    Moot saves 4chan?

    Late in the afternoon on July 27, moot ran out of delicious soup for the second time and decided that while he waited for his mother to get back from the grocery store, he would fix 4chan. Noone gives a fuck about the other *chans, however, so they remained in their state of rot and death. Not that they weren't already. However, the soup was still in the microwave, so there was no telling whether 4chan would come back that day or not, as everyone knows that you can't battle skiddies on an empty stomach. After several days of waiting, moot gobbled his delicious soup, 4chan was back, and channers everywhere were thrilled.

    The Faggots

    Stupid wigger, ddos is for kids
    File:Kill the 4chan.jpg
    quite simple, really
    8.5 x 11" Printout
    (post it around his neighborhood)

    There were three (or maybe a few more) main aspies behind this obviously flawless scheme, who are now undoubtedly sitting apprehensively in their parents' basements waiting for the partyvan to come busting through the front door. Their OL handles are Pacifico, ViraL, and f. Their personal info can be viewed in the links to the irc logs in the above sections. Below is a condensed link to Pacifico and Viral's dox, for those of you too lazy to read through the conversations, or just those of you only interested in their phone numbers and home addresses. They all appeared to be members of netcollect, a skiddie group, and are all candidates for "The New Alex Wuori".

    Commemorative Bel Air

    4chon is back. Let the good times roll!

    Now, this is a story all about how
    All chans got haxxed-DDos'd until down
    So I'd like to take a minute
    Just sit right there
    I'll tell you how all the sick fucks had to find a new lair

    In west Chanatopia boner raised
    On the random was where I spent most of my days
    Fappin' out winnin' failin' all cool
    And all closin' some newfags outside of the pool

    When a couple of fags
    Who were just two "no good"
    Started sending requests for a server flood
    /b/ thought it was anontalk and sysop got scared
    He said 'I don't even have money for fucking food' this is not my affair

    I tried out all chans and when it said 'error'
    The IRC said 'RAIDCHAN' and it had dicks as the HaX0r
    Only the shitty chans for once were the winrar
    But I thought 'Yo homes to 7chan its fuckin' Madagascar'

    I pulled up to the rainbow road about 7 or 8
    And I yelled to the refugees 'Yo /b/tards the war just started'
    I looked at 4chan
    It must be soup day at m00t's
    inB4 shitstorm, just man up the harpoons.

    viraL is Ryan

    Moar info: Ryan.

    Three years after the Chanocalypse, Ryan Cleary (viraL) grew up and ended his previous faggotry. When Girlvinyl shut down ED, he quickly started a minor, and brought back Encyclopedia Dramatica. Unfortunately, some old habits never leave, and he was v& in June of 2011 for having access to a botnet.

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