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Making a hitlist wasn't enough for Chad, he had to think outside of the box and prove that they are dealing with Chad FUCKING Sypherett. He quickly went undercover and found the Harassers's Think tank.

People were suspicious at the beginning, but that faded when he became an "EDiot" according to his plan. However, Few still suspected a mole among the group on the account of many "new" users signing up almost at the same time and all have been posting frequently in one particular thread.

Soon, Paranoia kicked in over time and it was getting hard to unmask the real chad.

Among the chaos, Chad played cool. He responded without giving himself away by answering as part of the fearful "Internet Hate Machine" like any regular user. This continued Chad's information collecting and setting up traps for evidence.

Chad attempts to sabotage and foil/stall their plans by reminding everyone the legal issues they were facing, which of course worked.

IHe can't stop us. He may sue, but which one of us could he catch, if we all hide our IP addresses? Just keep your IP hidden when you submit comments on his pages. I don't care if he has my IP. I haven't made any threats or posted lies about him on his sockpuppet accounts, ~yet~



Like I mentioned before we can't get in trouble if we play it safe. Chad has no idea where we really live or how to contact us, as far as I "know". I think we're safe, no matter how many threats he blows out his ass cheeks.

Yesterday, he bragged about being able to contact the ISP's of his harassers, but i still doubt he could do much more than report our antics to a lawyer or our Internet Service Providers. There's no way my ISP would cut off my internet connection just b/c a stupid fuckin report of harassment.



Something tells me that we have a troll, who deserves an ED-article. I'm not willing to risk being put in jail over petty feuds, but I think that faggot deserves nothing beside a long delicious article about his lies, weight-problems, multiple-personalities, and his obsession with harassing lolis at dA.

Let's see this article. I pray that none of you are tracked by Mr. Tough Guy and his helpers at AT&T. What a bullshit-artist! LOL!



There's no reason to fret if you haven't been harassing Chad. He may be able to find peoples' IP addresses but what he can do with them is NOTHING. That's why he uses government to track and monitor his provokers. Look up "Interpol". It doesn't matter what part of the world you're located. It's against international law to commit cyber-crimes. At least that's what he thinks.

STFU already. You haven't been banned from ED because they think you're really Chad. Same reason why I'm still here. At least my profile-pic is up now. I have nothing to hide, unlike you CHAD. Stop complaining about pedophiles too. U R 1!



He was smart, but too smart. Chad's high intelligence soon became his downfall. However, his SpecOp campaign continued.

On January 31st, 2010, Chad resgistered under his own name. But he still posts under the name "DeviantArt" to throw EDF users off his trail. Chad Syphrett on EDF


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