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    If you need a good convincing example of what you don’t ever want to become, read this article. Surely, you would hate yourself if you were anything like Chad Syphrett.

    Behold the epic lolcow that is Twitter-favicon.png ChadSyphrett; a man so ridiculous and full of himself that he couldn't be anything but a troll. He lashes out at the first sign of resistance. Like a good lolcow, he never quits against the Internet, occasionally issuing death threats and telling people that he'll join the military just so he can learn to donate to people. Let us take you on a journey around the tubes following the exploits of the man they call The Living Meme.

    Who is The Living Meme?

    A young Chad on the far left, His dad on the far right.
    The oldest known photo of Chad.
    By next week, I'll be a well-known musician, graphic-designer, comic-artist, and marketer at major websites.


    ChadSyphrett is a 17 year old unemployed schizophrenic who has great ambitions for e-fame, a job at Google, opening up an internet-based amusement park and a emo sidekick to satisfy public demands. Chad is pretty much the end result of the odd collision of loneliness, unwarranted self-importance and overall stupidity. Hopefully, this nigger has a sad penchant for spreading (even more) MEMES to every site he has touched. Among those websites are Twitter, 1up and, of course, Enom.

    Not much is known about Chad’s life in the RL. However it appears as though Chad is rather active in his church community, thus making him a religious nut. Moreover, he has noted that the feds have taken him away from his family, explaining his distrust for the government. Additionally, many of the statements he has made are what made him glow luminously in a dark room of other misfits. Among those statements, he claimed to hack the Gibson and, with the help of the Government, Chad redesigned (in other words, controls) all of the internet and took down the EVIL sites 4chan and our beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica.

    His understanding of the internet is also something of vast hilarity. Whenever Chad looks into a mirror, he would see himself as a living meme. That’s right; Chad has an awful site on memes despite his abuse of them. Not only that, he also believes that all Web 2.0 sites should help him pay for an internet-themed amusement park, something that only lonely losers would desire.

    Because Chad is a man of his word, all his plans will come to fruition by next summer!

    His usual plan for Success:

    1. Arrive at said site.
    2. Make grandiose plans about how you'll unite the community if they let you become a mod
    3. Berate and block people who say the plan will not work
    4. Make long winded entries about being stalked and harassed
    5. Call said people twifag Nazis who worship the devil and porn, then go to 4chan
    6. Make tons of reports to mods in hopes they'll start blocking the people bothering you
    7. Make one giant thread about how to finally eliminate the troll problem; only to have trolls, regular users, and mods tell you to shut the fuck up
    8. Use the influence of family members in AT&T, and in the CIA to IP track and arrest the harassers and trolls in their houses.
    9. Get all butthurt and take faggotry to another site
    10. Rinse and repeat

    Chad the Conspiracy Theorist

    As mentioned above, Chad has a major distrust for the government after they separated him from her family. After growing it over the years, he has developed multiple conspiracy theories that make even other kooks think that he's too gullible. Hopefully they chose to spread their monkey diseases to Above Top Secret, a hangout for other kooks with no lives.

    The U.S. federal government is ruled by a wicked group of people, who would love to orchestrate another massacre. They don't even need a "good excuse" to destroy that "polygamist compound". Polygamy is accepted in many parts of the world, and no one on earth is going to stop people from wanting to have many spouses.

    The wicked government's "child protection services" are ridiculous. They're well-known for trading children for money to polygamists in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries. Don't trust the governments of this world, and don't invite them to come on your land.


    —ChadOnLife, http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread346822/pg2

    The inevitable happened: Chad was banned because not even they wanted him there. As a logical response to this great crime, he accused the mods of being CIA plants, because Chad is a genius on top of being cool. It was also revealed that Chad was removed from his home by the CPS. Not only that, but his dad had to resort to legally changing their name from 'Sypher' to 'Syphrett'. The reason for such an action is currently unknown, but it naturally signifies that the Syphrett family is not on good terms with the Guv’ment.

    What Chad believes in:

    Chad Syphrett meets DeviantArt

    The infamous image

    In comes the major shitstorm: Chad joins the awful site known as deviantART on July 12th 2009. Chad had two clear routes for e-fame in mind: first, this same faggot desires to be the ambassador of DeviantART and every important Web 2.0 site. The second route was to maintain and establish a community project. He tried and failed; the story of his life. Despite failing, Chad still parades his status as an employee or, in other cases, his future employee status.

    Afterwards, he created eleven official-looking-pseudo-clubs centering on various "projects". All of them had one goal, and that goal was to get Chad famous, proving that DevaintART is indeed the prime example of his self-centered ideals. In order to get this epic win, he badgered other people for content and spammed others to advertise said clubs to gather support. Although he then abandoned these clubs because he is, after all, a lazy fuck. But even then he didn't lose his ambition for e-fame.

    A young Chad on the far left, His dad on the far right.

    No fucking joke.

    Everything Chad comes up with is completely original, including the revolutionary deviantART logo that he made all by himself! He uses the same fucking picture, eats it, digests it, and then re-releases it through his bloody diarrhea as a brand new 'deviation'. As he is more of a tracer than an artist, he rapes google images on a hourly basis. And although his amazing claim of 100% OC seemed impossible to disprove, someone found a logo that looks too similar to "his" idea. In an act of reasonable innocence, he promptly hid the comment.

    Original atheist symbol. Among his famous creations are Captain Bizarre, a look deviously stolen by Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles plus a Jew hat, and Fapman; which were clearly pirated by DC Comics.

    On top of everything else, Chad has a poor understanding of rules. The following is a list of known examples of Chad's misunderstandings, we shit you not.

    Reasoning with Niggers is like talking to a stupid debate team, because they will think you're spamming him. Even when you speak coherently.

    After countless acts of faggottery and spam, he was finally banned from the Internet. #Twitter, the website he despises the most, collectively lol'd, thus forcing Chad to have his e-period and act like a bitch. From then on, he was set to internet tough guy mode and threatened anyone who stood in his way. He even declared that the staff could not, and should not, ban him for he is The Living Meme from a website. It should be noted all of them hates to be called The Living Meme or a Darkie Nigger.

    Chad the Perv

    Chad acts like a total Whiner entity through his separation from his family, his addiction to everything on the internet, and that which he has posted on various websites. Needless to say, this fucker is a faggot hungering for a hot vehicle. Unfortunately, women would rather touch an electric fence than his greasy black skin. As a result, Chad looks for lulz on the internet since it is, notably, the best place in existence to find one. Like in everything from this lifetime, Chad struggles to relate with others. At first he said he was twenty-six, his true age, just to gloat about his empty achievements and superiority. Then, after being confronted by a new guy, he attacks him.

    Perverts from deviantART are among his favorite to mislead especially those with whom he has debated with to determine their intelligence. As he is in fact very lonely and desperate, even if he'd never seen a picture of a woman, he will still ask said noob if she wants to be an assistant. Successful results have been pending for the last 100 years. This is odd, considering this smooth talker used his most famous gems like asking to touch her 'heart' and wanting to “[conceive] puppies” with her. Moreover, he would put this creepy bullshit to underage women; remember, this man is seventeen years old. Perhaps the reason for his affinity for loli is that they are just too stupid to see through his crazy bullshit. Nonetheless, none of them ever engaged in a serious celebrity encounter with him.

    I want to touch your… you know. [...] You’re really the only friend I want to f***.


    Chad talking to Autumn-singer.

    Often denied access to delicious fried chicken, this nigger will cling to a certain KFC buckets by favoring their works and constantly commenting. When he receives feedback from his victim, he will not only blurt his interest in romantic partnership, but also telling haters that he is abused by racists daily. When given the same answer of “no”, he would ask why, claiming that he has done nothing wrong. Upon the KFC banning him and his family from entering their restaurants, Chad will fucking panic and respond to this action by creating (or just using another pre-made) sockpuppet to confront his emotional embarrassment and sorrow.

    But if that's not enough for you, check out these journals:

    The Enemies

    Chad is in the army! The army of ONE.

    Chad will call anybody who disagrees with him a harasser. As you can see, Chad is very reasonable in claiming this, because only retards and trolls would disagree with his opinion of truth. Let’s take a look at how Chad rightfully judges others:

    • If you disagree with Chad Syphrett, you are a stalker and/or harasser. Chad meets a lot of stalkers & harassers on DA.
    • If you don't send your content for DeviantART Magazine fast enough, you're on his shit list.
    • If you don't reply to his messages fast enough, you're going to get trolled by one of his alternate accounts.

    In regards to the image above, this would mean that Chad supports attention whores, twifags, cannibals and harassers, as long as they do not congregate at 4chan or ED; murderers, rapists, thieves, art defacers, scammers, animal abusers, animal rapists, hypocrites, art theives, slanderers, IRL harrassers, plagiarists, porn addicts, terrorists, facetiously polite people, fetishists, pushy fetishists, cybersex roleplayers, internet sluts, skiddies, drama whores, and you. A fine list he has made, indeed! After all, furries do not appear once, proving there's some hope for him after all.

    After a while of being cruelly harassed and stalked by perverted bigots, he got a love poem made by a visitor that launched a thousand ships. He cried about it and the rest of the haters in his infamous journal, the one with the tl;dr hit list. Blocking trolls is one thing, but he did something more retarded, and that's rubbing his recent blockage to the blockees' faces, effectively spamming and harassing the blockee instead. But hey, +1 pageview!

    Once Chad realized that ED was in hot pursuit, he registered under the name "DeviantArt" to incite drama and throw ED off his trail. When that failed, he registered under his own name to gloat. In fact, why not read the quick rundown of the 1500 reply thread? Other than causing a few basement dwellers to break a sweat from typing, it accomplished nothing productive.

    More examples of his failures


    SIEG HEIL FUHRERBEAR. Oh ,the cruel and sweet irony.

    One day, Chad submitted a deviation with his opinion on 4chan. They were less than flattering of these upstanding anons and failed to consider the fact that memes and 4chan go together like Africa and AIDs. IRL, many channers are be immature, fat and abuse memes, but Chad is someone who respects these great creations and wants to make an internet-themed amusement park in their honour. On top of that, as he considers himself to be a living meme. As such, it's natural to assume Chad would be a 4channer himself, but fuck you, because he's too good for those ungrateful shits.

    My ART is for you to share with others.




    Chad on Flickr

    The attention whore that he is lets us assume he was a namefag (probably going by the clever name 'AnonymousJoker'). The origins of his second super creative name 'SmartTroll' isn't fully understood, but it's a safe bet that he came up with it when 4chan accused him of trolling with his shitty comics' spam.

    Why would a morally righteous person, such as Chad, ever even want to be a part of 4chan? This art deviation of his might have the answer.

    He has his eyes on the news. He watches for high-profile pedos, and he tracks them down...and kills them (if he can catch them before Fapman & the Kitter).

    You may see the Kitter, later. He's part-ceiling cat & part-me (and Joker)


    —Chad the newfag, Anonymous Joker Huge Eyes Yay

    The True Computer Expert

    Oh that Chad! What a guy!

    As all computer experts know, Windows was made with multiple CIA back doors to find his CP. But because Chad Syphrett is a very important person with OMG government connections, he needed a more secure operating system. The clear choice was Windows XP x64. Unfortunately, he couldn't figure out what hardware he had, what drivers are or how to install the OS on his system. When Dell Support wouldn't help him install this obviously superior OS, he turned to the most logical alternative: Unbutu support forums. He got no help there or at Donation Coder, so he stumbled into DriverPacks.net forums and demanded help without reading the FAQ or stickies. This resulted in his first known epic smackdown.

    Warning To Perverts & Harassers Reading This Journal:

    If you threaten or insult me online or even leave a cliché remark on my page, I will NOT reply to you, but I will block you & report you, if necessary. No one invited constant harassers or stalkers here. If you're 1 of them, leave now. I use a browser that detects the IP-addresses & proxies used to access pages that belong to me. That's 1 reason why I love working with AT&T & members of the intelligence-community online. They provide me with the tools I need to track each & every one of you, who stalks or harasses my friends & me at this website.



    Remember: this guy can't install an OS or make a web page.


    By the end of this year, I'm going to have several articles written about how awful you are & how members of this website treated someone, who simply asked to work with others on several projects.

    I have connections to USA Today, Fast Company Magazine and many other media-outlets. By banning me you've made this website 1 of a few sites I'm going to list as worst for artists with big ideas, who looking for support.

    Not once did you did you allow me to reply to messages in my own forum-threads. If you had patience, you would have seen that I'm currently 1 of the top directors of Youtube.com, and I'm on my way to starting 1 of the biggest art-websites & social-networking start-ups.

    You're a fool, and I'm going to make sure my viewers know how you mistreat artists, who did nothing to harm members of your site.


    —ChadSyphrett, ConceptArt

    Other Examples

    Here's a tip: if your first impression as a terrible, obnoxious, trigger-happy thread starter didn't get you too many friendly welcomes, you'd be well-advised to change the way you post with your second impression.

    Darth Google/ChadSyphrett does not understand this. This is why he is fucking terrible.

    Do not be like him.


    —codespyder, http://www.cracked.com/forums/index.php?topic=52407

    After this, Chad left in a rage and held a permanent grudge against Cracked.com. butthurt blog 1 butthurt blog 2 Butthurt Blog 3 BUTTHURT BLOG 4 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.






    DISCLAIMER: Starting today, Chad Syphrett shares his DeviantART-accounts with family & friends at AT&T Inc. Don't be discouraged to send messages to Chad Syphrett, but be aware that any inappropriate message that he receives (while his accounts are active) will be seen by a team of online data-collection agents & some of his friends, who have direct access to Chad's comment-sections, his note inboxes, and the various IP-addresses.

    As you should know, AT&T is a front-company for the US Gov., much like CERN & Google. We have access to all of your email-accounts, and we can easily take information from servers connected to internets in general. Do not fear us, as we are simply doing our job to protect Chad Syphrett & others, who have been stalked and harassed online. Nowadays, cyber-bullying is a serious offence, which can easily lead to cyber-terrorism charges.

    So if you have any questions about our methods & why we share this account with Chad Syphrett, please feel free to call your local authorities about the enforcement of cyber-crime laws, and ethical hacking (our business).



    Chad Syphrett

    He invited me and his meek slaves to his dA chatroom to discuss why he hides our comments and his deviations. It turns out that he just has 2 relatives, who work at AT&T. I asked him to prove it, and he showed us our IP-addresses, in a matter of 7 minutes..


    —DeviantArt (CHAD) after people doubted Chad Syphrett, [1]


    It could be true. He's 1 of the richest men on the internet according to the internet.



    —Chad Syphrett on Chris-Chan [2]


    Hmm If I remember correctly, I joined... oh wait. Nevermind that. There's something wrong with my dA-account atm.



    —Chad Syphrett still not getting it. [3]


    Chad Syphrett apologized to most of the people, who received that message. They no longer threaten him, and Chad no longer wears a strap-on dildo when he chases children on bikes.


    —Chad Syphrett [4]

    D There's no one online, who knows the true Chad Syphrett. There's absolutely no proof to back up slanderous claims against Chad Syphrett & other online-personalities. Chad's accounts are used by many people, so there's no way for his stalkers to know which of his past messages were made by him or 1 of his friends.

    You don't know Chad Syphrett, unless you actually know him. So shut the fuck up, don't read the slanderous articles about him. See him for yourself on youtube, this summer! You might even catch him on the Deviant Art Channel by then.


    RageHere (ChadSyphrett)

    7. Chad Syphrett doesn't really know how old he is.

    "I'm as old as I want to be! The Gregorian-calendar is false/erroneous. I don't care to keep or observe, unless I have business to do. I don't even celebrate holidays & 'birth-dates' according to that calendar!"


    —ChadSyphrett, "I want REAL Friends" journal

    III. Who are the worst people on the internet?

    1. Online-harassers (aggressive stalkers) & every other type of delusional-person, who think they really know you just by reading your comments (whether they were made in jest or not).




    Example of a serious hypocrite: A person, who judges Chad Syphrett just because things he wrote online. That person (people in general) do not know what Chad Syphrett really looks like or what he does, in real-life (beside write to strangers online).

    4. Willfully-ignorant people, who think they know others well enough to judge them based on what they've read about them (whether they've read comments that were satire or not).




    Fail again! Chad doesn't even use this account.

    You have no clue how sad & lame you are, do you?

    Probably not, eh. WELL Too Bad. Awww.

    -Many friends of Chad




    Truth and Love will set you free.


    —Conspiracyfag and lolicon rolled up together is Chad

    I may mock & treat them like animals, simply because they're born to be used & pushed aside from the wise & gifted kinds.


    —Chad, on his messiah complex

    I don't serve people of the world. I don't love them. The world doesn't love me. However, the world uses what I provide: artwork & words of wisdom. As long as I serve the creator, I will fight for the righteous & meek on this earth.

    I'm happy to be the world's enemy. I will never serve it or fall down & support anything made by people of the world!



    —Chad is our savior who wants to die for our sins.

    More Screenshots, Pictures

    Some images of Chad, his real age, and proof that he only listens to people he wants to fuck.

    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
    The goldmine of screencaps About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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