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    The Internet is on computers now? A+!
    CeLe took CSIII. Only 1337 niggers like CeLe are even allowed to enroll in CSIII, and you couldn't pass it... Ever. In fact, CeLe ALREADY has your DNS Numbers. Better buy a dog and hang some curtains. CeLe is a HACKER ON STEROIDS who wrote the software that powers the INTERNET HATE MACHINE.

    LULZ CeLe chillin' in his HQ.
    Moar like by Glexia amirite. According to CeLe, he used to drive a party van.
    Mike liek SPAM PIZZA! That's Glexia Inc. 1508 John Adams, 161 Fearing Street Amherst, MA. He also has Battletoads in stock.


    CeLe is a basement dwelling, faggot skiddie and member of the 1337 DIDITFORTHELULZ h4x0r crew that took down 4chan on 12/14 (nevar forget).

    In real life, CeLe is Michael Williams, a Nigerian Party Van driver and owner of Glexia which designs and host websites -including 4chan and DIDITFORTHELULZ.

    Sometime before the tragic events leading up to m00t being brb, compromised, Mike handed over the password and administration access of 4chan to his BFF Moby Dick in what amounts to an end-run around an actual "omfg, wtf hax!!!". This is akin to hijacking a plane by asking your friend to lend you his pilot uniform, security access and the keys to the plane.

    This is actually IRL INTERNETS SERIOUS BUSINESS and he should be getting v& any minute now because not only did he conspire to defraud m00tle of his cookies business MOTHERFUCKING COOKIES JEW GOLD, but he deprived m00t of the valuable tacos generated by 4chan's EXTREME MOTHERFUCKING ADVERTISING. Furthermoar, anyone doing business with this asshat in the future, should be put in a loony bin.


    Mike has been doing it wrong since high school days (2002-present)
    Mike's Fact of the Day
    A model of American ethical crooked business practice
    Currently #5 in a Google search for "Glexia," the "AboutUs" wiki for Glexia is a place where ordinary citizens can describe their experiences with the company.

    Michael has a long history of trolling and was known as a merry prankster to his college roomie.

    Seriously, this kid fucked with bank accounts, did DDoS attacks to computers and cell phones and general prank calls almost daily. He picked a guy in Pennsylvania, got his address, then called all of his neighbors at 3 AM pretending to be the guy. Some of the neighbors went to the guys house to confront him, and he had absolutely no idea what was going on. Remember when t-mobile got hacked and a bunch of celebrities phone numbers were leaked? that was him and his buddies. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.




    This wasn't the first time that our young friend Mike was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. In the following morality play, CeLe (played by Glexia MikeW) 'hires' Alex from CooperInt (played by CooperINT187) to do some coding for his website (played by Glexia). After initially saying he was too broke to pay Alex, CeLe goes on the offensive and accuses Alex of paying himself after hacking Glexia's PayPal account. He goes on to say he's going to call the waaaaaambulance and report Alex to PayPal and the FTC (played by the Federal Trade Commission).


    05-12-2006, 05:59 PM

    "I cannot believe the accusations that I am facing. Michael posted a request for a designer on WHT. I IM'd him on AIM, interested in the job. He then proceeded to call me and record my voice for "authorization purposes". He claimed he worked for the government previously. I was shocked, but went along with it. He also claimed he was scammed by some "kid" once and made his live a living hell by calling his house and his neighbors houses many times until he'd pay up.

    Once we agreed to start on the work, he asked me to email him a description of what I will be doing. I did so...


    For this project, I will be doing the following:

    Recoding the design into valid CSS code. This is a table-less, modern style of code. It's easy to maintain and change, as well it organizes data neatly. Change the menu to look more stylistic. I intend to space it out a bit more, maybe give it some color, etc. Whatever looks good. CSS will be used for this. Will provide you with recoded template in which you will be able to adapt your content into easily.

    Regards, Alex

    He then sent me a deposit PayPal payment of $100 (total for project was $225). He pasted the text from that email in the PayPal payment "notes" section. I then proceeded with the work.

    He asked me to show him a live preview claiming he needed to make sure the code was up to par with his standards. I did not want to do this but he seemed like an honest person. I showed him a live preview located here: http://thunder.machdns.com/~hqmax/work/glexia2/

    He asked for numerous changes to be made, I made them. Once all of the changes were complete and he was happy with the final product, I asked for the final payment. He said his "friend" would be making the payment...

    [21:24] Glexia MikeW (WHT-- wants graphic design/flash edit/coding/etc): okay I am going to have him send the money k?

    [21:24] Glexia MikeW: b/c

    [21:24] Glexia MikeW: I dont have enough atm

    [21:24] Glexia MikeW: whats ur paypal again

    [21:24] Glexia MikeW: u dont mind if its from him do u ?

    [21:25] CooperINT187: [email protected]

    He then stopped replying. Today I ask him to send the remaining $125 and I get this:

    [15:59] Glexia MikeW: Our account had actually been broken into - or suspected of being broken into - and was placed under hold.

    [15:59] Glexia MikeW: Than we had it removed

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: And it seems someone did send a malicious payment to you.

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: Did you send yourself that payment from our account?

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: If you did, I strongly recommend you refund it.

    [16:00] CooperINT187: Are you crazy?

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: Excuse me sir?

    [16:00] CooperINT187: That is my work on glexia.com. I expect the remainder of the payment

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: No it is not.

    [16:00] CooperINT187: Yes it is

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: And until you produce a contract with these stipulations you speak of.

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: You will not get anything from Glexia.

    [16:00] Glexia MikeW: Okay that's great. Enjoy your day sir, this conversation is done.

    [16:01] Glexia MikeW: Have fun trying to scam people.

    [16:01] Glexia MikeW: I'm going to be reporting your activities to the FTC.

    [16:01] Glexia MikeW: As they are completely unethical and against moral policies.

    [16:03] CooperINT187: I did this work, please do not accuse me of such things

    [16:03] CooperINT187: I am no scammer

    [16:03] Glexia MikeW: Sure you arn't.

    [16:03] Glexia MikeW: That's why you made up a conversation between myself and you.

    [16:03] Glexia MikeW: And tried to obtain money from a company when you had no contract or legal groundings to back yourself up.

    [16:03] CooperINT187: I did not make anything up

    [16:03] Glexia MikeW: Yep, I'm sure you didn't.

    [16:04] Glexia MikeW: A complaint is filed against you via PayPal.

    [16:04] CooperINT187: Excuse me? I did all of that work

    [16:04] CooperINT187: I cannot believe this

    [16:04] Glexia MikeW: You, sir, did not do anything,.

    [16:04] Glexia MikeW: Except try to scam people.

    [16:05] CooperINT187: Please do not call me a scammer. I did that work. I have it on my own computer

    [16:05] Glexia MikeW: You have what on your computer?

    [16:06] CooperINT187: That is my code on your website!

    [16:06] Glexia MikeW: No sir, it is not, you are very much mistaken.

    [16:07] Glexia MikeW: Also, may I recommend you do not try to tell Bill Gates that that's your code on his website too.

    [16:07] Glexia MikeW: Because he's going to tell you the same thing I am. It's not your code.

    [16:22] Glexia MikeW: Sir, I also recommend that you stop trying to scam people. If you do it again, I can assure you they won't be as nice as me and will file charges against you.

    (See CeLe/Logs for THE FULL CONVO.):

    He has filed a complaint with PayPal and wants the initial deposit back as well. I have the chat log for the whole process, as well. I have never been faced with such people before. I am an honest person, ask the people I've worked with before. -Alex

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