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Cbee is an Australian furry and artist whose art consists mostly of StarFox porn. He tends to get angry and delete his way through his own art pages should anyone even slightly critique his work, and keeps much of his pathetic life under wraps through the same liberal use of the delete function. If you ever come across any lulzy info on this furfag be sure to screen-cap the Hell out of that shit. Cbee is Lebanese, in his mid 20's, currently residing in Perth, Western Australia. He lives with his mother(who is most likely disabled) hasn't worked a single fucking day in his worthless life and collects the dole. His physical appearance is described as built like a brick shithouse and brown.

Cbee also enjoys making fun of various websites that have banned him.


A meme only furfags could love.

Cbee is best known for the Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich meme, which is as unfunny and fail as everything else created by furries. He was a source of much whining and butthurt when Pinkuh from FA decided to ban him for the meme faggotry sweeping the website. In his outrage Cbee turned to his legion of fox-fucking fantards to defend him, as he has little room to defend himself. His posse of ass-kissers includes Arcturus and an ex-admin for FurAffinity.

Almost everything about Cbee is known through Arcturus, who is no less of an emo fucktard than Cbee himself. Wherever Arcturus is Cbee is usually close by, most likely because each feeds off the drama the other creates. Arcturus enjoys drawing dragon porn and creating 3-d shit, and was once known as Sphlex on DA. From there he ran off to SheezyArt bawwwing and made a bunch of shitty accounts, doing the same at FurryArtPile. Arcturus also made the website ArtPLZ and E621, aka wannabe-Fchan. Another in Cbee's arsenal of furry fuck-buddies is Mellis; along with Arcturus, the three of them are the TOUGHEST MUTHAFUCKAS THIS SIDE OF 4CHAN. Fuck with them and you're likely to get your ass rammed by AIDS-infested kangaroo cock.

Cbee and Arcturus going apeshit.

As should come as no surprise, Cbee hates everyone. Despite this, he is a moderately good artist even if most of his art features fat furfags and their incestuous need to fuck one another, lardo Krystal shoving burgers down her throat with a joystick up her ass, or some sort of guro shit involving a cheese grater.

Cbee usually is way too emo to post his own shitty chub art, so he generally just gives the images to Arcturus to upload on his FA account for moar hits. The two claim to hate FA, Jesus, furries, life, and civility with a passion. Though they hate certain websites they continue to keep their accounts up just so they have somewhere to whine. Cbee also claims to be a troll, much like Arcturus, but like most furfags they fail at trolling too. He even keeps a huge collection of rusty razors handy so he can slice his chubby legs whenever someone complains about him being a huge, e-drama vomiting baby. Cbee and his posse also hate a variety of artists: Bernal, E. Schwartz, and probably some other people we can't be bothered to look up.

He also wants us to know, art isn't suppose to be fun. ART IS SUFFERING, and if you're not agonizing over how many penises to give your hermaphroditic dragon-wolf then you're doing it wrong.

IRC Incident

Arcturus decided to make a website named ArtPLZ along with Nobuyuki, Skeeter, Nrr, Jig, Mellis, Enlil, and Arshenei, all of whom hung out in a big fagfactory on IRC.

He decided to kickban everyone in the channel, then puppeted Cbee to tell Nobuyuki, Nrr and Arshenei (who were coding and moderating ArtPLZ) that they were expendable from the project.

Unsurprisingly, this caused massive butthurt.

Skeeter, Nobuyuki, Arshenei, and Nrr made a new IRC channel and told Cbee, Mellis, Jig and Arcturus to fuck off, get AIDS, and die in a car fire. This essentially caused the once tight group to become as loose as their revered blue fox slut's cum-encrusted vagina. Needless to say, Arcturus still runs an IRC channel for his Fchan-wannabe art-board and Cbee still follows him around. It's hard to say who is assfucking who. As long as Cbee continues to draw porn for his select few nepotist fuck-buddies they'll probably continue to be fags and defend him from lulz on the interwebz.


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