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A plague worse than COVID-19

Pedophiles are like the heads of a hydra, for every one you shame or get locked it up just seems like five more take their place.

- Burn them alive
- Castration
- Entrap them
- Fake n-word passes for prison
- Push them in front of a car
- Behead them
- Stoning (to death)
- Sodomy

Almost everyone and their mom is a pedophile these days, which is something you can help us fix!

The absolute best ways of dealing with them out in the wild is to dox them and forward their information to the proper authorities who probably won't do anything about it because they also enjoy diddling toddlers.

The only upside to the rampant pedophilia in the world is that they make for incredibly easy targets due to having a lower IQ than the average populace, allowing their lust to place them into very obvious setups from the FBI or other law abiding citizens.

You can use this to your advantage by entrapping them, screenshotting the messages, and listing them here for us to deal with in a way that absolutely complies with the 5000 federal laws that exist.

Shit that goes here

  • I don't even need to write this, you know what to do.

Kill them all


—A very heavily armed citizen

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