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    Category:LJ Users

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    See Also: Portal:LiveJournal

    File:Userinfo.gif Do you need some place to bitch about your life and complain how much you hate working at your dead end job? Do you like filling out pointless surveys and quizzes but have no one to share them with? Would you like someone to write you comforting messages when you post pictures of your slashed wrists? Do you want people you will never see, never meet to recognize your existence? Do you need some in real life friends? Hell who doesn't need some more friends? It's too bad you're not social enough to make that happen. But you can do the next best thing; create a Livejournal!

    File:Userinfo.gif You can be anything you want on the internet. Become the cool, funny, sarcastic guy that got the hot chicas in high school. Up the contrast on all your pictures and be the sexy camwhore every dude wants to lay. Let your inner furry run free in the forest of yiff dancing with the wolverines and stealthy foxes. Open up a world full of humor, lies, goatse, tubgirl and drama by simply creating an account at Livejournal.com.

    File:Userinfo.gif LJ Users: People damaged enough in one way or another to have accounts on LiveJournal.

    File:Userinfo.gif WARNING: LJ Users are so profoundly fucked up, they should be considered dangerous. If encountered, do not, repeat, do not attempt a citizen's arrest. Except for the Lulz.

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