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Doxing: DocsEthan Ralph

Lolcows: Anisa Jomha

Cult Hitlist: Wilhelm Henry Probst

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Moguls: Corpse HusbandDream

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Docs or Dox are information an Internet personality would want to be kept secret, such as their real name, current address, SSN, and phone number. These are things they would install a security and phone tracing system, use passwords, and build a moat to protect.

- You
- Whores
- Lolcows
- Anyone else not mentioned

Docs may also include information on close relatives. Many people do things on the Internet which they would rather not leak to their IRL circle of acquaintances (such as their sexual practices and fantasies) so dropping dox can be very destructive to victims' personal lives.

Some would argue how it's morally unjust or even downright an invasion of privacy to post someones information online or do things with them.

Fortunately for you these people are wrong as God gave us the unalienable right to harm anyone we dislike for any reason whatsoever. Those who disagree are asking for it and will probably produce lots of milk over having literal shit sent to their house.

Shit that goes here

  • First and last name
  • Someones home address
  • Social Security #'s
  • Facepics
  • A personal phone number
  • That embarrassing tumblr blog they thought was a secret

blocking them isn't enough I want them to die



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