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Casual Friday

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Casual Friday is an extremely forced, lulz-less, and annoying meme which had its humble beginnings in September of 2009 on the ED Forums, and no thread since has gone without it surfacing there. A day after last Thursday, a thread was started by a mod named mthrfkn entitled "Embarrassing Secrets". It mentioned the words "Casual Friday". To the users of EDF, a day of casualness was appealing. Several pages and an eight ball of coke later, Casual Friday had spammed itself into the hearts of all. Now, the phrase "CASUAL FRIDAY" is posted in threads, usually used in totally wacky fonts, and especially on Fridays. The fact that it has become part of EDF culture truly shows how bored EDiots are.


The original Casual Friday post. We never did get that Bloomin' Onion.
Standard Demeanor and attire.

Casual Friday (also known as CASUAL MOTHERFUCKING FRIDAY, or simply Casual fucking day) is an American and Canadian custom which has spread to other parts of the world, wherein some offices celebrate a semi-reprieve from the constrictions of a formal dress code. Some companies have been threatened with a lawsuit for double standards and nepotism in their guidles for "formal friday" For example at the corporate headquarters of Wikipedia, it is considered inappropriate for men to show their scrotums in the workplace on any other day of the week but fridays, however they've had to deal with a few transgenders who insist their scrotums are really just saggy overstretched grandma labias.



Casual Friday: The Legend






The original intent of the first Casual Friday thread was for users to tell embarrassing secrets. Presumably, mthrfkn became enthralled at the discovery of a few, I mean chest hairs and wanted everyone to know. He then uttered the famous words, "Casual Friday"(coincidentally, it actually was Friday). Not being able to contain their joy at this news EDF decided to begin spamming it throughout the thread. Perhaps they were bored with the monotony of sitting around at their computers all day, or maybe they just needed some relaxation. Whatever the case, Casual Friday has become a staple and trademark of EDF.

Casual Friday, Today

Eggs are to be made on Casual Friday.

There is a day, once a week, that all of EDF rejoices and sings in harmony, the songs of Friday. Just one day a week they can get together and do coke off of hookers' asses, participate in orgies with 9 year old girls, and run the streets clothed only in a top hat and one rubber glove. Encyclopedia Dramatica looks forward to the day when they no longer need to abide by the petty rules that society imposes on them. They are free to bathe in the splendors of Casual Friday. It is a day to be oneself and a release from the constraints of everyday life.

I once had sex with a girl at a party and i took her pants off and she had a huge cock. I didn't stop.


—Rice, on Fridays only.

The Spin-offs

File:Faggotfriday.gif for real men

Inevitably, people felt a need to massacre something good. Ideas surfaced for other special days of the week. Of course, they were all half-assed attempts but a few of them still have potential, although most aren't endorsed by the majority of EDF. Some of these include:

  • Manic Monday, Meercat Monday, Kill yourself Monday, Mantis Shrimp Monday
  • mthrfkn is a huge faggot Tuesday, Pedophilia Tuesday
  • Weeaboo Wednesday
  • Throw a hatchet at a rhinoceros Thursday
  • Formal Friday: Casual Friday's grumpy, frowning arch-nemesis.
  • Fæggot Friday: Because only flaming faggot celebrate Cæsual Friday, Fæggot Friday was made for real men.
  • Super Saturday, Sultry Saturday, Camwhore Saturday, ASS 2 ASS SATURDAY, Stare's Big Scary-Ass Spider Face Saturday
  • Gundam Holocaust Sunday, Sunday Funday

Once again proving that we can't have nice things.

The Fallout

As Friday slowly rolls over in to Saturday, everyone begins to feel the repercussions of the previous day's events. Although they know the festivities have ended, they are content with the knowledge that Casual Friday will return.

Casual Imitation

Contrary to popular belief, Casual Friday was invented in the cellar of EDF by intelligent white-coats with a sea of ingenuity. All imitations were stolen from EDF and put through a time machine(which was confirmed stolen by Jews from the sacred ED Vault Of Tecnologia) and sent to the past. In fact, girlvinyl is in the process of collecting on decades of royalties based on copyright infringement.

Casual Friday in Old Media

Casual Friday In The Tubes

Casual Gallery About missing Pics
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Causal Friday Theorem

Causal Friday (also known as a physical or nonanticipative Friday) is a system where the output depends on past/current inputs, but not future inputs.

For example:

the output y only depends on the input x(t) for values of t > t(0). (See Maths).

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