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Castration is the removal of the testes from a male organism. Side effects include de-masculinization, mental retardation, Troll's Remorse, decreased libido, and improved flavor.

Why Castration?


A Vasectomy is a method of birth control that involves a simple operation that severs the sperm duct, that causes the patient to be sterile. In other words, a vasectomy is your best defense against babies and the dreaded cock-trappers. It can save you from forced marriage, drama, legal action, trips to the Maury show and save you thousands of dollars. Its the investment that keeps on giving, that also earns you extra man points in the process. So STFU and DO IT FAGGOT

Getting a vasectomy is a process that generally requires the combination of scrotum, knife and a steady hand. However, a laptop is fine too. And it doesn't always work.


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Eunuch Talks About Castration
Castration and cock cutting is always funny, especially if done by a woman
Thankfully christfags do it to themselves
Mobsters cutting some guys dick and balls off
Typical Texan mom tears sons balls off
Robocop being the master castrator
Henderson's castration tools
White woman biting a reindeer's balls off
You can't spell Loli without lol. Pedo gets cured.

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