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Carson Daly was the host of MTV's only music video show, Total Request Live, during the late 90's. At the amazing peak of his awesomeness, his digitally assembled radio program, Carson Daily Most Requested, gave FCC local broadcast requirements the finger by becoming the first local radio show to broadcast in over 9000 markets simultaneously.

Last Call with Carson Daly

After several years of unstoppable success, Carson joined NBC in 2002 to host a late night talk show, Last Call with Carson Daly, and unwittingly entered the 4th circle of hell. To the surprise of nobody, the world did not need yet another late night talk show host, and his interviews with celebrities like Rob Schneider and Kathy Griffin failed to shake the world. Carson fell into a deep depression, became anorexic, discovered hookers and blow and ultimately lost his sense of humor along with his audience.

It's Your Show

In 2006 he signed viral video star Brooke "Brookers" Brodack of YouTube to a development deal with his production company. He also hosted NBC Universal's It's Your Show -- a YouTube-ish site on the internets where anyone with a SAG/AFTRA card who hasn't worked in a while off-off-off-Broadway could post their fail videos while entering contests, and still go nowhere. Of course, since Carson was on hookers and blow and NBC Universal CEO Jew thought Hulu was a better idea, Brodack's contract was dumped in the fail box, It's Your Show was cancelled and Daly went back to doing hookers and blow with Tom Green.

Carson the RickRoller

Carson's ideas of funny range from Rickrolling his audience to browsing MySpace on the air to shopping a beard onto Paris Hilton's bony face. On June 21st, 2007, when going through his daily drought of wit and originality, Carson decided he would borrow jokes from the black hole of the internet, 4chan, by Rickrolling his audience. When 4chan received word that Carson would stoop so low as to borrow memes from them, the Forums were raided the next day and flooded with Pain series and Lemon Party for hours on end, along with demands for an apology from Carson. In the end, NBC banned all the /b/tards and vowed not to run such a structurally retarded forum again.

Although many would have thought that Carson had learned his lesson, he decided to taunt the *chans again by playing Chocolate Rain on the air. Instead of Rainrolling his audience, he called Chocolate Rain the smash hit of the summer, what many believe to be catalyst of Tay Zonday's spike in popularity, and likewise, highest level of lulziness.

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