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    Carolyn Bothwell Doran

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    Do you think it was her boobs or .357 Magnum that got her hired?
    Don't be a pussy, she looks legit. Donate all through the year!

    Carolyn Bothwell Doran was the former Chief Operating Officer of the Wikimedia Foundation from January to July, 2007, a job which entailed handling millions of dollars in donations. There was just one problem, she was a convicted felon, and a straight up thug who scared Danny into leaving the Foundation Office. The Register reported:

    For more than six months, beginning in January of this year, Wikipedia's million-dollar check book was balanced by a convicted felon. When Carolyn Bothwell Doran was hired as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Florida-based Wikimedia Foundation, she had a criminal record in three other states - Virginia, Maryland, and Texas - and she was still on parole for a DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) hit and run that resulted in a fatality. Her record also included convictions for passing bad checks, theft, petty larceny, additional DUIs, and unlawfully wounding her boyfriend with a gun shot to the chest."

    So lets see, that makes:

    1. DUI x4
    2. Check Fraud
    3. Petty Larceny x2
    4. Assault with a deadly weapon
    5. Manslaughter
    6. Probation violations including leaving the country

    A+, I'd still trust her. The funny thing is that there was obviously no background check performed, she had outstanding warrants, and was also in the Washington Post for shooting her boyfriend, so there wasn't even a Google check done. You'd think that after Essjay, Jimbo Wales would've learned something. He would remain blissfully unaware for several months. On 420, Carolyn sure knew how to celebrate, and she was arrested in Treasure Island, Florida for Driving under the Influence. OH SHI- the fourth DUI is a third degree felony, and the rest is history. Wikimedia Board Chairman Florence Devouard is trying to play it off like it was nothing, despite the fact that they are still frantically auditing everything Carolyn handled.

    It's disappointing that she didn't get the financial statements put together before she went to her secure government employment, but we should avoid obsessing over the problem.


    —A Kool-Aid drinking Cultist


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