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The guy never stood a chance.
You rip it Tatina. Rip it good.
His Raiders' jersey displayed at his funeral. You can't make this shit up.
The brothers Dhaliwal. Str8 ganksta!
The first of many tributes


Product placement.

Carlos "Run Run" Sousa Jr. was a fucktarded 17-year-old wannabe thuglife cholo from San Jose who taunted Tatiana the Tiger at the San Francisco Zoo on Christmas Day 2007 by throwing rocks and pine-cones at her and sticking his leg into the exhibit area. To his dismay, the tiger jumped across the moat, used the Mexican's leg as a makeshift rope, and climbed out. The kid got his punk ass promptly chewed, becoming an hero by tiger proxy.

23-year-old Kulbir Dhaliwal was actually the IRL Hate Machine's appetizer. As the tiger clawed and bit his Tandoori ass, Sousa and the younger brother, Amritpal "Paul" Dhaliwal, 19, yelled in hopes of scaring it off him, police said. The cat then went for the main course, slashing Sousa's neck and ripping off his face as the brothers ran to a zoo cafe to smoke moar trees and drink some forties.

After killing Sousa, the tiger followed a trail of marinated blood left by Kulbir about 300 yards to the cafe, where it mauled both men for dessert.

Shortly afterwords, the 5-0 arrived and found the cat sitting next to one of the bloodied brothers. The victim yelled, "Help me! Help me!" and the animal resumed its attack.

As the cops used their patrol car lights to distract the tiger, it turned and began approaching them, leading all four to shit bricks and go 187 on the motherfucker's ass.

A witness now claims that she saw the boys earlier with slingshots, and they were attempting to taunt a lion. Police also found an empty bottle of Jenkem in a car the boys used that day.

Be prepared for another sob-fest filled with speeches of how the teenager is a perfect little angel, and a lawsuit to collect some IRL jewgold. Meanwhile, online communities everywhere are mourning Tatiana over the dead li'l thuglife gobshite by about 99:1.

The Brothers. Such Good Boys

Partial 911 transcripts. MOAR?
Now appearing at Caesar's Palace.

Recent shenanigans: October 9th 2007: Kulbir and Paul Dhaliwal (the two twats with Sousa) were charged with misdemeanor for being fucked up to the gills and resisting a police officer after they were arrested.

Kulbir Dhaliwal allegedly kicked the shit out of a security partition between the back and front seats in a police car after being handcuffed in the incident.

After these two get the band-aids off the munch bites out of their respective asses, they have to show up for these charges January 15th 2008.

The reports indicate they were extremely belligerent with police


—Steuart Scott, the deputy district attorney

According to authorities, after the zoo attack the two surviving "darlings" refused to give their own names, identify the victim or give authorities an account of what occurred. This lack of cooperation, coming so soon after their friend had just been turned into a human Pez dispenser by a flesh eating furry, in no way implies that they did anything wrong, although some have suspected that the issue was more an act of self-preservation - not due to the underage drinking, but to avoid being deported due to lack of green cards.

It is now reported that the two Indian brothers have hired one time Michael Jackson attorney Marc Geragos and plan to sue the San Francisco Zoo for injuries as the result of something that they caused themselves.

Faggtory dug up on the Dhaliwal brother, Lolsuit filed as predicted by ED!

On March 27th 2008, one of the brothers was caught stealing a set of Wii game controllers by stuffing them in his pants at the San Leandro California Target store. He was subsequently cavity searched, booked, and released on a bail of $1500. Incidentally, they won a lolsuit filed against the San Francisco Zoo that same day, as predicted by ED. Maybe they couldn't wait for the settlement to buy those Wii controllers. [1]


After fucking around for a couple of months, the IRL judge finally threw the book at the sand nigger Paul Dhaliwal, with five counts of felony. Most of the rights he will lose won't be missed by this gangsta wanna be, since homies are too poor / stupid to travel anyways, let alone figure out how voting works. The exception is that he will never have a chance at being more than a petty thug, as his gun privilege has been revoked. ED predicts a career of robbing 7/11 and KFC's using Airsofts and Super Soakers.

I'm Sorry Ms. Miller. I am FOR REALZ

January 3rd 2008: Jennifer Miller was with her husband and two children at the zoo and saw the Dhaliwal Brothers acting like Fucktards Christmas Day.

The boys, especially the older one, were roaring at them. He was taunting them. They were trying to get that lion's attention. ... The lion was bristling, so I just said, 'Come on, let's get out of here' because my kids were disturbed by it.


—Jennifer Miller, being too goddamn stupid to realize tigers aren't lions.

Supa Secret Pact.

January 5th 2008 Super inside sources at The Chronicle have revealed that the brothers made a pact with each other in the Ambulance as they were bleeding all over the fucking place. This pact: DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING. Howevar, police have seized their cell phones and are currently looking for pix of the incident.

Don't tell them what we did.


—Kulbir Dhaliwal to his brother, pwnt by a paramedic.

911 Transcripts

The first radio entry was at 5:08 p.m.:


As the zoo was evacuated:


Rescue squads were initially hesitant to enter the grounds until Tatiana was located:


At one point, the zookeepers may have believed the danger to the victims had passed:


But a few minutes later, Tatiana tracked the brothers to the snack bar while officers radioed:


At 5:27 p.m., police witnessed Tatiana attacking Paul Dhaliwal:


(As opposed to "tiger in vehicle attacking victim") But one minute later, they transmitted the message:


Tatiana was dead. Radio reports that up to four additional tigers were roaming zoo grounds proved false.

Zoo emergency dispatch initially reported that there were two males acting 800 (police code for mentally disturbed) and making shit up. An empty bottle of vodka found in the car of the fresh meat may or may not explain some of this.

Christmas is for Tigers

The classy Dhaliwal brothers told Sousa Sr. that his son wasn't with them. IRL, these smart aspiring hip hop artists were at the San Francisco Zoo about to become Mexican dinner with a side of Indian food, for a 350-pound Siberian tiger.

I said, 'Have you seen my son?' and he said, 'No,' then he wished me a merry Christmas


—Sousa Sr. Not hearing his son laughing his ass off; and Dhaliwhali being racist, because he should know better. Everyone knows that Mexicans don't celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Borderjumpica.

December 30th 2007: Harold and Kumar Paul and Kulbir have been going around the media proclaiming they have called Sousa Sr. to apologize for his kid being pwnt. Apparently It was some other Sousa Sr. they were calling as the father says he has not heard shit:

They have not called me. Last time I talked to them is when they told me my son wasn't with them, and the next day I found out my son was dead, and that makes me a little angry but there's nothing I can do."


—Sousa Sr. BAAAAAWWWWWWWWWING and helpless against two kids.

OH LAWD...A Bloody Shoe!

Rumors have it that a bloody shoe was found in the grotto of the Tiger's place. Speculation has arisen that one of these angelic children jumped ass over the fence and was teasing this tiger with one of his legs. Since the tiger had mauled the shit out of a zookeeper's arm the year before, this may have been what experts call a "bad fucking idea." Other theories involve O.J. Simpson, no stranger to bloody accessories.

fukk you tatiana

carlos was killed on christmas day of 07 by a siberian tiger named tatiana at the san fransico zoo. he als aTTACED ToOTHER menWIch were my fuckin friends.. pual and his older brother. fukk you tatiana!!!!


—Kayana. Not getting that Tatiana is a tiger, and not some ho in SJ, and is also dead



—Kayana, heading to the San Francisco Zoo

A History of Violence

According to a December 30th Article from the SF Chronicle, the zoo has also had past incidents involving safety and security lapses. These incidents included a koala kidnapping, an intruder breaking in and having sex with a sheep, an elephant doing a headstand on a trainer, breaking her pelvis, and Tatiana the Tiger mauling the fuck out of the arm of a zoo keeper attempting to feed her a year earlier.

But what about the poor KITTY??

Delicious Cake.

Sure, it's always sad when an animal has to die because some dumbfuck decides it's time to send in that Darwin Awards entry, but most people understand that shit happens. Furries and furries-in-denial wept bitter tears over the incident, however, lamenting the cops' decision to shoot Tatiana instead of appeasing her with offerings of bellyrubs and catnip, as is standard procedure when dealing with gigantic man-eating animals.

Never mind that the tiger was born and raised in captivity, or that killing a human being is about the same as being able to tie your shoes on the wilderness-survival scale. She could totally have survived in the wild! Those meanie cops should've waited for her to kill five or six more people so the zookeeper could get there with his dart gun. That way, she could be released in Bumfuck, Siberia in order to starve to death or get shot by some villager who doesn't give a shit about animal rights when there's a fucking man-eating tiger on the loose, but at least she would've had a chance.

As of June 4, 2008 the San Francisco Medical Examiner determined that Mr. Sousa was HIGH AND DRUNK, yet his family is still going to sue an already understaffed, underfunded organization for what, to prove a point or to bleed a turnip????!!! If they sue and are victorious, say goodbye to the zoo and then goodbye to all the animals that are in the zo0 because they will surely be euthanized. Way to prove a point, kill more animals because of an ignorant, idiotic act.

If those assholes didn't ever taunt that tiger in the first place, none of this would have ever happened. That tiger was housed in that cage for two years and never once tried to escape. Smart Carlos, smart. Karma is such a bitch, too bad it came at the cost of the tiger's life, you were just a waste of life waiting to die, whether it be by the hand of a man pulling a trigger or by the paw and jaw of a tiger. Please, for god's sake, just let the lesson be learned - DON'T FUCK WITH WILDLIFE!!!!! Go back to your blog and share your successes of teaching lions to eat tofu or tempeh or whatever, fucking petafag.

Indian parenting is the reason Carlos Sousa Jr. and Tatiana are dead!

Even Craigslist has something to say about the incident.

It is now looking more and more like the 2 Indian brothers at the SF Zoo or at least one of them is responsible for luring Tatiana out of her enclosure. Yeah, the enclosure wall might have been a little short but considering there were not other instances like this since fucking 1940 I think it stands to reason that Tatiana was provoked. Enter the 2 Indian brothers, this is so fucking typical because if you have ever observed Indian parents you have seen the way they let the boys run around like screaming wild animals. You can almost just see them giggling like little girls as one of them dangled their leg over the edge thinking it was funny and having total disregard for the rules. Now their friend is dead because of them and so is a beautiful tiger. I have a friend who is a teacher and she dreads the parent teacher conferences with Indian parents of a male student because she can't tell them anything less than glowing about the kid without the parents getting defensive and confrontational. If you have ever observed Portuguese parents(Sousa is a Portugese name and not a Mexican name) you know that they are very strict on their kids giving them lots of discipline and guidance. The next time you see Indian brat boys running around in restaurants, stores or malls do the world a favor and yell at their kids and then the parents if they say a word.


—Anonymous Craigslist Racist

I agree with your statement on Carlos Sousa Jr. The Dhaliwal scumbags hung him out to dry. Their Jew could have spoken on their behalf. I wonder what else they're guilty of. I hope on top of that suit, they're deported to India to be eaten alive by a tiger(I support deportation of all sociopathic criminals). Why waste taxpayer money to keep them in jail?


—Craigslist Racist #2 Agrees

The biggest lesson to learn? NO ONE like smug minorities or thugs. Really love seeing that the majority of people are rational and logical thinkers and see these chumps for what they really are. Their lives where not worth saving at the expense of the tiger. So sick of the coddling of entitled thugs and assholes. These are two criminals covering their asses and I hope they get what they deserve.


—Craigslist Racist #3 Jumps on the band wagon

In Defense Of The Dahliwal Brothers

Actually, these two kids have no defense other than temporary insanity, and that can only be accomplished if their attorney Jew can find a judge retarded, gullible, and/or bribable enough to accept the "Little Black Sambo" defense - they were attempting to perform an ancient Afro-Hindu manhood ritual involving young Hindu males tricking tigers to run around a tree in circles until they turn into butter, then stuff themselves with pancakes until they're fat, dumb and happy little pickaninnies. While this defense would probably work quite well in the Deep South, it doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Hell as the case's current jurisdiction is in San Francisco California.

Possible Græt Justice

Police have already reported that the Dhaliwal brothers have been hostile to them in the death investigation. After the attack the brothers refused to give their own names, identify the victim or initially give authorities an account of what occurred.

While currently on the offensive with a fancy 'celebrity' Jew, they'll prolly be needing a public defender when all the facts come out and witnesses come forward. In the end Marc Geragos will drop their case quicker than Britney Spears' lawyers.

Some Possible Charges:

Jewtube Responds

His MySpazz: Oh after Bel Air!

Wow. What a friend. Hopefully, he was mauled by his barking dog immediately afterwards.

Same batshit insane woman BAWWWing about how terrible and insecure the zoo is (see above pic for why she is fucktarded).

Zoo Attack Examination. Show Mauling or GTFO!

Air America's Young Turks. Don't Fuck with a Tiger

Delicious Copy Pasta


who ever the fuck wrote this shit obviously has NO LIFE. why the fuck would you say something like that? are you really so bored with your life that you have to write shit about other people to make yourselfs entertained? whoever wrote this better get a fucking grip because if i find out who they are i will fucking report your dumb ass.

i had math with Carlos last year and he was a GREAT person. anybody who writes shit like this about someone is obviously someone with problems. you are a FUCKING RETARD. GET A FUCKING CLUE AND ACTUALLY WATCH THE NEWS AND FIND OUT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED YOU IDIOT.


Maggie. Hitting Math. Skipping English.


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