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Black and gay, seriously, no one was suspicious

Carlos Deangelo Bell is a perfect case study in everything that is wrong when it comes to diversification in the work place. Bell isn't your average, run-of-the mill, rapey black man. He's an HIV positive, homosexual, child molesting, rapey nigger that was employed by the Charles County Maryland school district at La Plata High School as a track coach and teacher's aide that is accused of sexually assaulting 42 students between the ages of 11 and 17.

Liberal Mentality

Dear Progressive Parents: Your son or daughter was raped by a black man so if you get upset, you're an obvious racist
Bell listing past positions. He still passed a background check

Accused of molesting 42 children and is facing a shitload of charges from the State of Maryland Attorney's Office that include:

  • 22 counts of sexual abuse of a minor (each count carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison)
  • 19 counts of second-degree sex offense – force (each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison)
  • 19 counts of second-degree sex offenses – age (each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison)
  • 7 counts of third-degree sex offense (each count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison)
  • 97 counts of child pornography – filming (each count carries maximum sentence of 10 years in prison)
  • 6 counts of solicitation of a minor (each count carries maximum sentence of 10 years in prison)
  • 3 counts of second-degree assault (each count carries maximum sentence of 10 years in prison)
  • 7 counts of distribution of marijuana (each count carries maximum sentence of 5 years in prison)
  • 8 counts of contributing to delinquency minor (each count carries maximum sentence of 3 years in prison)
  • 5 counts of attempted transfer of HIV (each count carries maximum sentence of 3 years in prison)
  • 13 counts of displaying obscene item to minor (each count carries maximum sentence of 1 year in prison)

Most reasonable people would want to believe that libtard parents, elected officials, the police and media officials would be shocked and appalled by the fact that Carlos Deangelo Bell was making child pornographic videos with students as young as 11 in classrooms at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School or the fact that he was a grown man sticking his diseased dick in underaged children while employed by the school district but the thing that offends these democratic Fucktards the most is that Bell wasn't wearing a rubber while he was happily wearing these children on his dick.
Many of the officials, such as the prosecutors office claim that their preoccupation with Bell wearing a condom or not when he was molesting these children focuses on the fact that he is HIV positive and might have infected the children. As none of the children have so far tested positive for The HIV, Bell's not wearing a condom remains central with many officials and parents, almost suggesting that his actions would have been forgiven if he had covered up before deciding to dive into a child's poop chute.

Bell On Reality Tv

During the 2013 Television season, Carlos Deangelo Bell was on the shortlived CBS Reality Show The Job competing, unsucessfully for a job as an editorial assistant at Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Bell is best known for saying, "Cosmo could definitely change my life," while, ironically wearing a pair of handcuffs on a neckless in a video promoting the show.
Like many untalented, under educated and inexperienced black men, Bell felt the need to pad his resume with lies, mistruths and all out fabricating of his past experiences. His bio page for the CBS reality show The Job has him listing French Vogue, Italian Vogue and Designing costumes for a Kanye West video as experience. Despite all these alleged references of his laughing themselves half to death when journalists looked to confirm his employment and only being able to whisper bullshit after being administered oxygen for a half-hour. While Bell was on the reality show The Job he made claims that he interned for GQ magazine in an interview with Fashionsta. Bell actually claimed that he would ride 5 or 6 hours worth of busses from D.C. to New York and back again because he couldn't afford a move to New York. This can not be confirmed as well. Despite this compulsive desire to enrich his past, Bell was still able to pass a background test for employment at a school.
The fact that he could convince so many people actually shows the laziness or lack of effort put into thees background checks by the Maryland School District because many of the students he coached were able to see right through him. "He would like say all the time how he was Rihanna's personal shopper or other shit like how he dressed Kanye West for one of his videos and had credit on one of his albums," Adrianna Williams who ran track with him as coach said. "We all knew he was full of shit but we all thought he was harmless."

How He Was Finally Caught

Not one question, even with a picture like this

Being black and employed by the State of Maryland comes with certain rights. Officials had to be sure to make their case and gather enough evidence so as not to bring down the wrath of groups like The NAACP or Teacher's Unions before they could even arrest Carlos Deangelo Bell. Despite students reporting him to authorities and saying that he raped them, parents finding dick pics from him on their kid's phone, fellow teachers occasionally walking in on him while he was in mid-rape or jerking it it to kiddie porn that was all word of mouth and before he could be arrested and removed from his job a case had to be made with enough evidence gathered to satisfy different groups that the cops weren't just arresting him for the crime of being black on a Friday night.
Giving Bell paid leave in December 2016 and informing him as to why he was being investigated as stated in his union contract, Bell's phone and work computer obviously didn't show anything suspicious having all Cookies removed, empty folders in the picture storage and brand new hard drives.
It wasnt until July 2017 when officials were finally able to subpoena Bell's personal computer and private electronic devices that they were able to find Terabytes upon terabytes of child porn along with many of the movies he made of him sexually assaulting his students that they were finally able to arrest him.
Despite Bell being a pedophile, Child molester, child pornographer and all around Sick Fuck his union dues ensures that the MSEA will provide him with legal representation during his trial.

This Isn't His First Time

In 2014, while working at J.P. Ryon Elementary School a child received an inappropriate message from Carlos Bell. Since the Children Bell worked with as an aide at J.P. Ryon Elementary School were mostly special needs students the accusation wasn't taken seriously because stupid kids make poor witnesses when being questioned in court.
Taking cues from the Catholic Church, the school district simply moved him to another school thinking that Bell's fixation was only with younger, learning disabled kids and hoped the problem would resolve itself once Bell realized that he would be potentially assaulting kids that were capable of talking.

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