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    Captain Nigga Defenda

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    Captain Nigga Defender is a superhero to the darkies. Whenever and wherever a nigger behaves badly, psychotically, irrationally, or just plain stupidly in public (as is the norm) CND dawns the mask and cape and displays his compulsive need to explain, justify, rationalize or just make excuses for the behavior of said nigger. Many suspect that CND secretly craves over 9000 black dongs shoved up his tight little white ass or shoved into his mouth (he is world-renowned for his ability to get black men off). CND is aided by and often provides assistance to Plain Nigga Defendas.

    Plain Nigga Defendas

    We all know the type. They suffer the same compulsive need to justify negroid behaving badly like CND, but lack his super abilities of sucking and taking cocks in the ass (many can only take a little over 100 cocks in the ass). When they see bad behavior from a Darky, They often log on to Youtube, write articles or get in front of a camera for the old media, blog or march/protest before the brilliant minds of Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have been dispatched to come to the aid of the miscreant.

    Subcategories of PNDs

    White Guilt Feeling Liberal Fucktard

    File:Rachel jeantel hippo stare.jpg
    Must find justification!

    Even though this idiot has never owned a negroid or in any other way has been unkind or cruel to one, he or she still feels remorse for negroids that lived thousands of years ago and were owned by his/her ancestors or other white people and doesn't believe that Affirmative Action, welfare, and all the other handouts that the typical black person gets are enough. This feeling of guilt is not only strong enough to justify any behavior, it's also ample to cause him/her to take action of some sort.

    I Cans Relates to That Nigga

    Typically, this type of Nigga Defenda is a negroid that has a job with the old media (thanks to Affirmative Action). It sees one of its fellow sub-humans do something inexcusable and immediately begins writing an article to justify the stupidity. This article will, of course, be "liked" by many other Defendas using their Facebook accounts and hence be listed on Google News causing even more Defendas to "like" it.

    Niggas Be Cool, Dawg

    This variety of PND is composed of, far more often than not, a suburban "white" "person" who envies the nigga's juvenile culture and may or may not have bought into the Great Black Dick Hoax. Their exposure to the brothas they so idolize is typically limited to BET and an immense trove of rap albums. When not defending their would-be fellow darkies, they can often be found rapping on a street corner, drinking rancid 40s, and trying to "score sum o' dat dank." Examples of successful PNDs of this type can be found in the forms of Eminem and ICP.

    Examples of PNDs

    Recognizing stupidity makes you a racist.
    Captain Nigga Defenda
    is part of a series on Politics.
    Ideologies: [You are wrong!We are right!]

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