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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    Capricornfox or Crapricornfox, aka Nicole Halley is your average furry tartlet, only she accumulated a massive audience because of her ability to duplicate trace screenshots from Disney movies. She claims to have had a career in animation, modeling, and a future career in dental health. However, we all know she is just trying to impress her fans. Ask why her characters are so screen-accurate, and she'll tell you she used a reference. Capricorn worked in Ink and Paint, and minor animation editing. For the uninformed that means she chooses a color in the computer and fills in the selected area by clicking "Fill" once. "minor animation editing" in this case means "connecting lines so the fill tool works".

    Initial reaction

    One day a random tartlet browsing some fan art stumbled upon Capricorn's newest masterpiece and started questioning whether it was actually her art.

    Suddenly, everyone started to notice capricorn's leet drawing skillz, and so, trolled her with logic and common sense.


    Outraged by helpful critiques, Capricorn reached out to her fandom through her journal.

    I've had a lot of rude and false accusations sent to me over the last couple days about my art being "soulless traced images.


    —Capricornfox coming to terms with criticism.

    I mean, when did people on this website get so rude?? Perhaps they haven't looked at it all, because it's not all lion king, and a lot of it is original art. Not soulless as some ruthlessly put it. My lion king fanart is screen shots I've pieced together to create new scenes I've pictured in my mind, and there are other lion king pictures that are original to myself when I had the right idea in my mind.


    —Capricornfox saying IT'S STILL ORIGINAL!!1

    I know I have many fans on this website, and I truly am thankful for all of you every day. As for these few who think otherwise of myself and my art, I've said what I've had to say, and if you can't understand the truth I have to say about it, that's your problem, but I don't want to hear about it any more.


    —Capricornfox sayingsrsly guys my fans r right

    After her fans flocked to her, giving countless asspats and hugboxing, Capricorn sugarcoated the fact she had traced several times, however she still refused to admit her lion king art was also traced. Instead, she refers to it as "eye-balling". However, anyone without ZOMG FANGURLVISION could see her fan-art was screen shots sewn together via Frankenstein fashion. One cannot rightfully claim to fame without first proving they ACTUALLY KNOW HOW TO DRAW.

    Compiled evidence

    Don't steal her stolen shit u gais! Hypocrite much.

    Without much effort, tartlets and anons united compiling evidence to stack against Capricorn's "eye-balling" theory: IT'S NOT TRACING IF I DRAW IT BY LOOKING AT IT!!!1111011 Her fanbase actually believes that referencing means copying a photo line for line, not using it as a way of learning anatomy, or the way cloth folds etc etc. That means copying is the only way they can produce art, and therefore, their drawings are more accurate than people who actually want to improve. Such evidence as follows.

    Proof of her tracing

    Her Fans

    Refusing to see the truth, fans are reassured that tracing is AWWWRIIIIGHT. Since referencing, tracing and eye-balling all mean the same thing, anything goes! If you're a big enough fangirl dumbass, it doesn't matter whether or not you're talented enough to produce original art. It's hard to understand what the fuck these people were smoking when they looked at Capricorn's art gallery. Despite a huge retarded fan base, some people took it upon themselves to explain to Capricorn's hugbox lackeys that referencing does not mean tracing. Although, even after long winded discussions, neither capricorn or her fans could conceive why people accused her of tracing. Maybe it was because IT MATCHES LINE TO LINE, CONTOUR TO CONTOUR. One fan, has even been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

    People need to realize that there's a huge difference between tracing and referencing. Referencing is NOT a bad thing at all, and I applaud your ability to eyeball so accurately.



    don't listen o those a-holes, you're art is fantastic and it doesn't look traced at all.



    Capricorn Crumbles

    OVER 9000 butthurt comments later, Capricorn decided that DA just wasn't ready for her amazing talen. She says she will better her art, but we all know improving your art is for queers. Quickly she went about on a rampage removing every traced image and hiding all her comments in a failed attempt to sweep everything under the rug. However, everyone still knows she traced, and should simply get back in the kitchen. Hopefully she'll stick to a career in dentistry instead of ever picking up a pen tablet again.

    I stand by my words when I say I don't trace. Yes, you've found many screen shots that look ridiculously close to being traced. YET I DIDN'T, and if I did, Such as the snow white image, I apologized, you're right, I should be better than that and so it won't happen again. As for my lion king art, again, congratulations for finding all the screen shots I've used. I never knew this website was a Where's Waldo book. I take pride in how accurately I can look at an image and duplicate it, whether for posing or character head shots. I don't know why you can't get that through your thick heads, no matter what your opinions about it are.


    —Capricornfox I NEVER TRACED!! EVER!!!!

    Second, I again wanna thank the people who stick behind me on this. And so, with much consideration and persuasion, I'm going to stay. Why? Because I can be here and have a web page at the same time, and I'm no longer going to let people get to me, although, I've had a few good laughs along the way.


    —Capricornfox to hide her tears

    I'm no longer going to answer to people who accuse me of whatever bullshit they want. Such comments will simply be hidden, so don't waste your time typing them out....Also, to make some people happy perhaps, I'm cleaning out my gallery and starting new, perhaps using some of the suggestions and critiques I've been given, whether helpful or not...I don't expect to have this journal entry solve everyone's problems, but seriously, these problems aren't mine anyways...Thanks everyone!


    —Capricornfox still butthurt.

    One flounce later, she elected to stay at DeviantArt. However, dissent was forming. Until finally, a brave warrior started spamming her comments. She couldn't hide them fast enough. She would no sooner hide one, than another would pop right up. This epic battle raged on, until she had blocked 3 separate accounts of the perpetrator and filled OVER 9000] pages. Finally, she gave up in the face of this onslaught, and posted a journal that stated she did not trace. [1]


    [email protected]


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