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    The greatest fail of all time watch him prove it

    Germaine Williams, better known by his stage name Canibus, is an American nigger.

    Early Life

    DMX and Canibus in San Francisco

    Germaine Williams was born in Jamaica in 1974. His father was a nigger who the white man randomly decided to take a shit on. Because of this fact his family moved around a lot. The Constant moving caused a young Bis to develop social anxiety and a totally healthy obsession with Mexican Americans. Canibus released a bunch of fail albums in the past 10 years and still found time to marry DMX. He currently writes two songs per day and believes rhymes can travel in multiple C's or some other horse shit.

    Can I Bus, Beef With LL Cool J, and Various Fail

    In 1997 Canibus hooked up with successful producer/rapper Wyclef jean from the hip hop group, The Fugees. While at the time it seemed Canibus would become next big thing, a beef would stand in his way. LL Cool J ruined his career and turned him into a complete emo. During this time, Canibus forgot nobody knew who the fuck he was, and started an argument about mudkipz, with the star of Deep Blue Sea. Even though most TRUE hip hop fans regard Canibus as the one true winrar of the battle, Canibus would be met with nothing but pure and complete fail from here on out. After the initial fail album Can-I-Bus he released 2000 BC and C True Hollywood Stories, the later of which included a song where Canibus rapped from the perspective of a deranged Eminem fan. All of hip hop considered the song creepy and laughed at him for it. Unable to deal with the epic failure he joined the US Army.

    Mic Club, Rip the Jacker, and even MOAR fail

    Sometime last Thursday Canibus was kicked out of the army for smoking weed (ZOMGZOMG @ teh Irony),nobody gave a shit. He then released two albums: Mic Club, and Rip the Jacker. All 12 white kids who downloaded these albums decided they were the best albums of all time. Canibus, clearly not used to his fans actually being satisfied with his work, started micclub.net which turned out to be a secret j00 plot to steal his fans money as the website took tons of orders for merch. yet nobody ended up getting their CD's or T-shirts delivered to them (I want my $30 mother fucker). His next album, titled Mind Control was a collection of 10 year old songs all his fans had already downloaded, needless to say shits were brick. Most his fans stopped paying attention after this yadda yadda yadda to this day nobody gives a shit

    Future Business Endeavors

    The Fail Line by Canibus

    Canibus has launched various businesses this year including a website and a fashion line for Sears.


    Throughout Canibus's career there have been countless fail forums dedicated to his music, the eldest of which is: Canibus-Central. CC has gone through many owners, all of which end up getting butthurt and selling it to another very responsible person. Started in 1999 CC has outlived all reasonable expectations and surpassed most trends. At least 8 people still post on CC to this day! Sometime last Thursday the nigger ReFlex, sold CC to a foreign company who just wanted use their database for their fail website. After they installed ads that infected all internet explorer users the eldest and wisest members of CC decided to create a whole NEW forum.... called [www.canibus-central.net]. All was well for a while on cc.net, until the civil war broke loose. Forums fags Berserk, AnP, Iron Mullet, and the iron Jew Kenny Mcormick destroyed the other forum fags Proximo and various other fags we all forgot about. Now the Jews run CC and everybody got bored and left. The end

    Canibus Fans

    Canibus fans tend to be complete fucking dipshit's. They're like a broke/cheap version of Kiss fans in the sense that despite Canibus being the king of epic fail and a terrible rapper who sounds like he has throat cancer, there is nothing you can do to convince a Bis fan that he isn't some sort of hip hop God. Despite a pretty decent size rabid fan-base all of Canibus's albums have all flopped terribly, this is probably due to the fact most of Bis's fans are 12 year old basement dwellers who spend all their money on weed. Bis fans are incredibly easy to troll. Search a PLoo remix on youtube and just post a comment telling the mixer Canibus got buttfucked by LL Kewl J. Moar than likely LULZ will ensue.

    Canibus Quotes

    You aint got the skills to eat a niggas ass like me!!



    Canibus vs. Dizaster

    The end of Canibus. Its long but holy shit. So embarrasing.

    Quote • 28:38

    You a pedophile that bites vaginas in a dark room eating mosquitos, flies, and spiders.



    Quote • 35:42

    I wrote so many fuckin rhymes... can't memorize all that shit. I'm not - I'm not a good freestyler.




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