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    Cancer Jesus

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    Our shiny disease-ridden messiah

    Cancer Jesus goes Shoop da Whoop on a boy band!



    Cancer Jesus is the name given to the skinny messiah-like character in the music video 'I Feel Better' by the Britfag band Hot Chip. The phrase has been used by different users on different sites, including YouTube and ShowHype, so its origin is unknown. The reasoning behind his name is self explanatory, but for the slower ones amongst us: It's because he looks like a bald Jesus wearing a patient gown. Indeed, what isn't there to love about this admixture of evil, lulz and cue ball?


    Watch it below:

    Alternative Link 1, 2 and 3.

    Cancer Jesus is played by actor/comedian Ross Lee. The music video was directed by Peter Serafinowicz, whom is regarded as the brainchild of the video. The events in the video are as follows: Cancer Jesus gatecrashes a gig, causing much butthurt to many. He proceeds to shoop the shit out of the boyband, killing them in much SFX glory. After murdering them, he resurrects the group and breaks into song and dance, which wins over the crowd entirely. However, before the dance can be finished, he flees the scene upon the arrival of his arch-nemesis: A floating Negro Head (Srsly). The video has received much praise for its randomness and humor.

    Cult Following

    A handful of believers on Last.fm

    Cancer Jesus has received a small following on the internet, which has evidently recognized him as more than an anonymous character in a funny music video, but as a mock-christ-like Saviour. Wherever the video is posted, amongst the viewers is a handful of 'disciples' spreading his good name. He now has a fan page on Facebook and is also frequently posted on Meme Generator, although all of the images are unfunny, fags.

    Notable discussions on the video and Cancer Jesus can be found on the following:


    Below are a number of opinions on Cancer Jesus as well as the video itself.

    attacking boybands have never looked so cool!


    —violetgang, with a fair point.



    —Of course.

    Great. All the 4chan wieners are going to jizz over this one.



    FINALY I FOUND OUT WHY I LIKE CANCER JESUS! He looks like my Cousin if he were bold!



    Anyone know who the skinny bald guy is - I was thinking Richard O'Brien?


    —Except it isn't.

    There is something horrifying about the noise made by the mouth-lightning


    —It is the last sound you'll ever hear.

    I love laser shooting Cancer Jesus!


    —Good for you.

    that bald guy really turns me on


    —You're not alone...

    his name is chemotherapy man



    The Mystery of Negro Head

    Bah, close enough.

    In the music video an antagonist arrives in the form of a giant head, who attempts to shoot the shit out of everyone after Cancer Jesus flees the scene. However, because the actor's identity is more occult and the fact that all niggers look the same, a handful of people have theorized his identity.

    For example, the Giant Head shares an uncanny resemblance to 'Rod the Head' who was God's cousin and right hand man (in everything but the physical sense) from an old Disney show called Teen Angel. Others have suspected him to be the following:


    Gallery of Cancer Jesus About missing Pics
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