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    I'm the chairman of the UK's most well known convention, ConFuzzled. I'm a fursuiter, artist, web coder and general fun person, so yay for Fursuiting, Furryness, Life in general ! :D


    Im A Cute Widdle Fox!
    Look at that face.

    CaliHusky (Michael Francis) more commonly known as FurbleFox, but also known as FizzleFox, Mrs_Poopington and MikeyCumGuzzlerFox is a UK furtard with major self-adoration and power hunger issues, and hilariously even known amongst the furfag fandom for being King of the Tantrums, but also because of his horrendous body odor, once described as "like a warm unwashed crotch in Miami in August". Unsurprisingly his fetishes are watersports, and scat...all of which he likes to do in his fursuits, hence his reason for owning so many.

    Dog Mongler

    Furble is popular within the furfag community due to controversy. As well as having famously had repeated sexual tristes with his own brother, he is also a militant "zoofur" and pro-bestiality advocate, having boasted at "furcons" about the things he would do to his previous pets, before Britain's "RSPCA" took them off him.

    Con Chairman

    Furble has the tragic belief that he is somehow someone of importance or remote worth because he arranged a "FurCon" in a city in England, the only rule was that you had to clean up your own cum, and that everyone had to shit into a Tupperware box as a thank you gift to him, and leave it in his room, with a bottle of 'Vimto' and a fork. The youth hostel this event was held in had to close for 7 weeks, just to get rid of the smell, and the staining in the corridors, and the peeling wallpaper in Cali's room, caused by his natural body scent.

    The hostel attempted to charge Furble for the repairs and cleaning, but weren't aware that YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO CONVINCE FURBLEFOX THAT HE IS WRONG! The staff members of the hostel still to this day receive threatening phone calls.

    Soon to be replaced due to the dissolving of the material at the crotch. I'd like you to imagine the smell. Thanks.

    BEFORE the con, one furfag said that he had to bail out as his mom had died, and he needed his ticket money back, but Furble refused to give it back, because "it was a contract", (and because he has a bit of Jew in him), and told the poor, grieving furfag "tell her i said hi tho, lol".

    Furry Con Man

    Furble's latest convention related antics had him claiming responsibility for the success of the UK's second furry convention ("RBW") after suggesting a hotel they might use as a new location. It should be noted that he made no mention of this until LJ posts starting appearing about how well the convention had been pulled off, but now he is quite happy to put himself forward as the sole reason things went well. Not that any of this surprises anyone due to everyone being well aware of how self obsessed he is.

    Although it had been along time in coming, it has taken this long for Furble to eventually get the message that no one likes him and that it'd be really quite nice if he just GTFO'd from the position of Con chairfag. Though claiming he apparantly stepped down of his own free will, he was in fact forced out by the rest of the convention staff only for him to portray it as some noble gesture of him finaly growing up to the rest of the furfagdom.

    Recreational Activites

    CaliHusky has many... "interests", all wholesome of course!

    FurbleFox has had several online "relationships" all of which end up with him being dumped for being such a remarkable shitstain. His most recent failure of a relationship attempt was with "Exiled Wolf" who dumped him because he refused to lube up a poodle for Furble's personal use.

    I, Myself like to think I am a fox. I like to think i'm similar in many ways. I'm smart, sly and very intelligent. I like to get what I want, yet at the same time, have a happy life doing so.


    —Cali's modest self description.


    It is also well known that FurbleFox is a Scientologist, much like KurtBatz and Icelyon, often resulting in him turning up at Scientology Protests dressed as what he calls a "peace hippy", where he sits cross legged, burns incense, and cries, before going to a pie shop to drown his sorrows.


    • CaliHusky/FurbleFox's LiveJournal - In case you aren't fully aware how ridiculously self absorbed this whining idiotic baby is, just have a quick read of this journal, full to the brim with his inflated sense of self importance!
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