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    Cakefarts is a rather lulzy site that is celebrates two all-American past-times: baking cakes and farting. While it pales in comparison to lulzier videos such as swap.avi and 2 Girls 1 Cup, it's the best that American ingenuity and know-how can come up with on the wholesome family video front. The site features a companion site, "Meatloaf farts" [1]. The site has been set up by Something Awful forum members, mainly Chris "Petey" Peterson, who claimed to have found it on YouPorn. Star's name is Lisa Wogen, from Dekalb, Illinois, USA. Lisa's alias is Ashleigh Aska. In "Meatloaf Farts" a star named Tanya C. Zanette from Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada (part of Toronto), stars with Crystal Thomas from Appleton, Wisconsin, as she farts on the meatloaf while Crystal freaks out. Crystal Thomas herself farts on a birthday cake on [birthdaycakefarts.com] Lisa shot her homemade video on her kitchen counter on 102 Laurel Lane in Dekalb, Illinois.

    The video starts out plain enough - with a pan out of a chocolate cake. If it wasn't for the sex personals on the side, one would easily mistake this for Martha Stewart. Until the hostess shows up naked from the waist down. She then proceeds to sit in the cake and fart. She slides around in the cake, making sure that her crack is packed with just the right amount of fudge icing and moist chocolate cake to ensure that perfect acoustical balance between cake and flatus. Sometimes she raises up enough to show the viewer her sphincter opening during the release. It looks rather like the Alien having that second set of jaws pop out of its mouth.

    Unfortunately the video is only 1:49, which is a mere half of its original version, which also contains a section where she smears peanut butter on her twat and anus and farts on it. The full version is 4:12 long and is linked to further in this article.

    Cake Farting on the Opie & Anthony Show by volunteer cake farter Tanya Zanette

    Copycat cakefarting acts have been featured recently on popular radio shows, such as the Howard Stern Show on September 15 by California-based amateur porn star Zoe Zane and the Opie & Anthony show earlier, on Sep 5th which Tanya Zanette volunteered to appear on the show and was inserted with a straw up her ass and she blew it on the cake. The Stern Show featured a porn star in her 60's, Zoe Zane, sitting on a cake and farting loud.

    A few days ago a beautiful red headed 22 year old woman from North Carolina named Mesa Pivirotto was volunteered to do the Naked Ice Bucket Cake Farts challenge. She dumped a bucket full of ice water on herself, and then giggling, she almost dropped the cake. Being cheered by her male crew member "Fart!" she drew the cake near her butt with her left hand, squatted and released a couple of very audible farts onto the said cake.



    [-+]Youtube Videos

    SatinePheonix is another porn star who fart on cakes

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