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    Cain and Abel

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    What is it used for?

    Cain & Abel is a tool that is commonly used to do various brute forcing of passwords and ARP poison routing.


    Whats it for?

    Sniffing is for getting your sister's Myspays and Failbook passwords. Also it can be used to clone email accounts, and hack your brother's account on the family computer, and steal all his gay porn.



    I didn't make the videos.

    How does I shot sniffing?

    Firstly turn the sniffer on, this can be done by clicking the start/stop sniffer button, second from the left. Then click on the sniffer tab. Then click the plus button, and then go and click all hosts in my subnet. Then you can do as many of the tests a you want. Then click on the ARP tab on the bottom, the one with the hazchem symbol next to it. Then click in the top box and click the plus sign. Ignore the warning unless your computer is seriously slowpoke. Click on your router and it should highlight it. Then click on whichever machines you want to ARP. Then click start ARP at the top. Then click on the passwords tab at the bottom. HTTP is usually useless. Sometimes you even get a ZOMG NTLM hash. These are seriously useful, moar later. Eventually you will get something useful, though don't blame me when you find out your dad is on a gay porn site.

    Cloning an email address

    Get outlook or something gay like that and then type in the email and password that you stole using the sniffer, then set it to not mark emails as read, or whatever, and then proceed to receive all their emails. You can even cancel your dad's subscription to that gay porn website, or your mum's weekly dildo delivery. Or for extra lulz you can see those photos of your dad dressed up as a fox and being pegged by your mum with a Zeta Toy fox cock. Have fun.



    Crack is seriously easy to use, even for a lvl 3 skiddie like you. Basically right click on the thing you want to crack, and then select a dictionary or brute force attack. This really depends on how security conscious the person who set the password is. If it is going to be a name or a word with a bunch of numbers tacked on the end then choose dictionary attack. Make sure you have a pretty good wordlist. There is one all ready compiled by a veteran basement dweller, that has over 9000 words, and is pretty big, or you can create your own, if you have a good idea of what his password will be. Use a brute force if you have no idea. With brute force it is possible to specify the length of the password and the combinations of letters and numbers. Click NTLM hashes, if it is an NTLM hash (it will be). Then wait a bit and you will get his password, unless it is long and then it will be seriously slowpoke, and may take even over 9000 years.


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