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    Caiden Cowger

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    Hero of teh youth enjoying some weed

    Caiden Cowger, (Which is the dumbest name since Jeb Bush) also known as THE HERO of the youth, Cadence Cowgirl, and/or Caisey Cowboy) is a Conservative Christian 16 year old Internet radio show host, young Alex Jones, and blogger from West Virginia who achieved fame from his series of internets videos that discuss important matters such as Homosexuality, Israel, and Politics. He is a closet homosexual who yearns for romantic, hot sauna sex with his boy-toy Jayson Veley. Although he denies this fact, everybody sees through it. His original channel "CAIDENCOWGER" on YouTube was hacked by an Haxxing Jew. He now operates on the channel "YouTube Favicon.png CaidenCowgerShow", where he regurgitates mantra found on any other run-of-the-mill conservative radio shows. He is also popular for having an annoying voice. Some also suspect he is a secret troll who attempts to make Libtards buttmad. Although his content does this without fail, it's unlikely he's doing it for the lulz.

    In other news, last thursday Caiden wrote a book entitled "Being A Young Conservative", which sold nearly 10 copies at WalMart. His website features a section entitled "Caiden's Conservative Help-Line", a section for people that get assaulted by Politically correct people. The full-inspiring block of text

    The original video that pissed off over 9000 "Homosexshals"

    Homosexuality is natural a lifestyle a belief. It is a bla-IT'S NOT MANDATORY IN THAT PERSON. That person is not born that way. No matter what Lady Gaga says.



    I see younger people, that is turning to be, out to be homosexuals.



    Junior Factor Nation

    Caisey has come out the closet

    Cadence and his butt buddy Jason Veley began a movement to wake up the youth, and reveal to them the truth about Obama and his wicked, liberal ways, called YouTube Favicon.png FactorTalkRadio.

    The Shocking History Of Progressivism

    Note: The Narrator is orgasming the entire time

    Chick-Fil-A Heterosexual Day

    Caiden went ahead to make more people buttblasted and created an entire new holiday: CHICK-FIL-A HETEROSEXUAL DAY. This is a day where the girls get together to give blowjobs, and the men get together and watch porn. This was done in response to the Chick-fil-a drama of 2012, in which it announced it was against gay marriage. Naturally, this made the asses of liberals across the nation explode with fury, so Caiden decided to cash on the lulz and take it a step further.

    I hope this guy gets raped and enjoys it.


    His Videos

    His videos feature an intro with amazing Sony Vegas video effects that likely took 20 minutes to make. Also watermarks that use up like a quarter of the screen.

    Caiden responds to some Jew.
    Caiden talks about his trip to San Francisco.'
    Trolls News
    Caiden stands with kikes.


    Caiden's IRL Antics About missing Pics
    [Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

    Even kids hate him.

    The Hilarious Reactions

    Wether you are a Conservative or Liberal, this video is fact.
    TheYoungTurks pwn j00.


    You read right mah little /b/tards. Candace Cowgirl is using view bots to try and make himself moar popular. Ya See, Candace used botting software that he found on ThePirateBay to increase the views on his videos.

    Candace' bullshit explanation.

    This dramafag from YouTube explains things:

    Living proof Caiden iz botting

    So basically Candace view bots some of her videos and publishes a bullshit video on her CowgirlNation yt channel saying that she's not viewbotting despite the fact that she disabled her statistics. OMFG Anonymous will be so pissed!

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