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The face of a crack-addled Jewtube preacher, that will soon launch another shitstorm.

CRoadwarrior (More like Choadwarrior, amirite?) is yet another Christfag who devotes his life by preaching the word of god to the uneducated masses by making Youtube videos in which he explains his opinions on certain subjects. Since he joined Youtube on January 18th, 2007 he's been spreading tons of bullshit, faggotry, and lies about religion and slavery and is currently taking legal action against Anonymous for ridiculing his videos and for violating the TOS of Youtube .

While wearing his infamous spiked shoulderpads and sunglasses, he attempts to preach Christianity to the public, failing in the process as he threatens anyone who disagrees with him with the loss of their account by flagging them. One person called him a nigger, and CRoadwarrior went off the deep end, telling him he's just lost his account, which of course is nothing but bullshit and a lie, as he has already failed to have this account shut down, as well as this one.

Further drama

Recently CRoadwarrior gained a certain ammount of infamy when it was discovered he was getting several Anons' YouTube accounts suspended by filing false DMCA and Copyright claims against them. After Anon made a counterattack he made a new video addressing these claims, complete with a CHRISTIAN RAP song.

In the video, he makes several claims that "the lord" and "the law" are on his side, but as we all know the law is never on the side of a nigga. CRoadwarrior is famous for dressing like a complete faggot and trying to insult Anonymous very poorly, as well as always pointing at something. He seems to have a tendency to delete any comment on his videos that disagrees with his point of view and replace them with posts of his own, one after another, in an attempt to show his fellow Christian warriors what kind of genius he truly is. On Friday, April 3rd, 2009, CRoadwarrior set several of his commenting options for his userpage and videos to Friends only, in an attempt to silence Anonymous from summoning a shit-storm to engulf him.

CRoadwarrior recently uploaded a part 2 of his You Can't Win video, also updating his profile, citing that he's already slapped down 2 false DMCA claims, and gotten 2 of his videos unmuted. He claims to have paid $25 to counter the false DMCA claims.


WEARELEGION2009. No, you can't win, as I pointed out in this video. I don't care what website has been informed about whatever you THINK is "epic failure." You guys STILL don't get the fact that you don't know copyright law and what truly constitutes "copyright infringement." So the "epic fatality" belongs to the those who try and will fail due to their abundant lack of knowledge. LOL.



WEARELEGION2009. Thanks for being stupid enough to give me documented evidence of your buddies and their criminal activity, so that if and when something does happen, you get what's coming to you in more ways than one. You punk cowards can't make videos and respond like others so you want to "hack" and do other illegal things. You will try and "epic fail." I am NOT "Boxxybabee," and if you were in my face you'd also find that out...LOL.


CRoadwarrior <-Proving once again, that he is an internet tough guy.

Jam3zRoss. For violating the community rules of YouTube with your comments, say goodbye to your account. You will be reported by me and my friends. Silly.


CRoadwarrior <-He has friends? What a surprise!

To all the warrior haters who know nothing about law...LOL...Talk is cheap...and so are your ridiculous words and silly comments. You will reap what you sow. Count on it.


CRoadwarrior <-Demz fightin' words.

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