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    Possible girl image
    • Nick: COCKMASTER
    • Trip: !!brEl3hnQ/XK
    • OC-d: 07/14/ 19:31:36
    • Name:???
    • Country:???
    • Other:???

    Cockmaster is a girl, probably of German or Austrian nationality, that posted OC about how cumdumsters should please their men. Many people found it interesting and useful, such as this one, and this should be seen by all cumdumpsters.

    Below is the whole summary.


    Attention: GUYS LIKE BEING TEASED, TOO. Yes. The goal of every man is to get his rocks off. But you know when he goes down on you, and it takes forever and ever, and your legs are shaking and sweating, and all of a sudden you explode on his face and your hips shoot into the air? Yeah, guys want that too. Not necessarily taking forever and ever, but everyone loves to be teased, delayed gratification.

    This all starts with the blowjob. Now, bitches, remember. This whole spiel is about YOU being in control. You show your man that you love that fucking cock of his, and you're going to please him at your pace. So, dont rush. Everyone loves a quickie, but this isn't what we're talking about.


    Kiss your man, kiss his neck, bite a bit (gently, now). Kiss your way down. That's it. Hey, stop off in Nipple Land if you'd like, not all dudes dig that, but why not. Then, kiss the abdomen just alongside his rock hard dick. Lick a bit. Then the other side. Then kiss the inner thighs, especially where it folds just alongside the balls. Give it a little lick, let your tongue just "accidentally" stroke the balls. Then back up the other side of his dick. But NO TOUCH. Not just yet


    Alright bitch, back to the balls. Start at the bottom, feel free to kiss and suck as well, but just use the tip of your tongue. You want to provide enough pressure so that he feels it, but not too much. Feel free to experiment, long licks, short flicks, you name it. Think about what he does to your clit, replicate that. Slowly move from the balls up the shaft. GO SLOWLY. No need to rush. Slowly lick and kiss your way up, then STOP. STOP STOP STOP. Hesitate a minute. Bring your lips close to the head, touch it with your lips as though you're about to lick, then BAM. Back to the balls. Start again. Feel free to repeat this as you wish, I recommend twice or three times, but no more. Then finally, as you make the final approach to the head, you take the tip and lick the center, from the bottom of the head up to the urethra. A nice swift flick usually catches them by surprise, but a long soft one will always do. Or do a combo move! At this point it can also be nice to finish that lick off with your lips softly wrapped around the head, then release.


    At this point, you've teased the poor man enough. Time to shove that shit down your throat proper. Now, still start slow, but we're going to get things going here. Wrap your lips around the head, and lick the back of the head and the tip with a bit of force. These are the most sensitive parts, and should have him squirming. Continue this motion, but slowly introduce more and more cock into your mouth. I recommend doing this until you get about half in your mouth. Then return back to the head. Softly lick and suck, as though you were making out with it. Then, BAM. YOU SHOVE THAT SHIT TILL BALLS HIT YOUR CHIN, BITCH. (Or as close as you can get, anyway). The key here is the element of surprise. Don't just suck a bit more in and in until you've reached full capacity. Make him think you can only take half, then you show him what you're made of. Not only will it feel great for him, but it makes you look like a blowjob champion.


    Now, after surprising him with your Deepthroat Special, continue to suck and lick as you will. Look at his face, listen to his moans, the way his body twitches and squirms with different things you do. But you'll find that a man reaches a point where his dick becomes extra fucking rock hard, and then it's time for you to get on top. With all this licking and sucking, his cock should be absolutely drenched and dripping with saliva. So even if you're not wet, trust me, it's fine. Now, be swift about this. Don't take all fucking night. Give that cock one nice last little lick and flick of the tongue, then you swing your whoreish hips on top and ready yourself. Now it's time...



    Now this is only a few moments, but is very, very crucial. Once you position yourself on top, don't just slam that cock right in there! Grab it with your hand, and rub the tip back and forth, from your clit to your asshole. This not only keeps him stimulated and builds anticipation, but this puts all that saliva on your cunt for easy penetration. Now, after a few strokes back and forth, slowly insert the head. SLOWLY. And JUST THE HEAD. Now, for 2 or 3 thrusts, ride just the head up and down. ***DO NOT LET HIS COCK FALL OUT*** This pretty much ruins the effect, you have to start over, and he thinks you're an idiot. Now, this happens from time to time, but please, be fucking careful it doesnt. So after teasing the head, with some swiftness, shove that thing deep inside and grind your hips against his. Really push it in deep, as far as it will go. Feels great for everyone. Now we're ready.


    ATTENTION BITCHES: Yes, all of this is for his pleasure, for his extreme orgasm, BUT YOU NEED TO CUM, TOO. A man loves to please his lady, and if his cock can do that without his intervention, then damn, that's one proud man. And then you're not sitting there all unsatisfied and bitchy. So, after insertion, HUMP THE FUCK OUT OF HIM. Do NOT just ride up and down. Yes, here and there is good, but you will cum much faster with that cock deep inside, riding back and forth. Don't fear breaking his dick off, trust me, you won't. Show him you're fucking loving it. Grab his shoulders or chest for leverage and really hump that shit. Grunt like an animal. (Note: PORN IS FUCKING FAKE. Bitches don't just ride cocks and ooh and ahh and actually cum. Be the animal you fucking are and take what's yours) You ride that fucking cock back and forth and you cum on it hard. You squeeze it with those Kegal's. (NOTE TO MEN: At this point in time, you don't need to thrust, but push those hips up. It'll shove your dick deeper into your lady, and make her cum much faster. Not necessary, but highly recommended. She can feel when you do it, and she likes it. It's only going to make her fuck you harder after)


    So all this back and forth humping feels great and all for men, but they need something more. So if you haven't been already, you want to squat over his dick, not have your knees on the bed. Lean on your arms if it hurts your quads too much (NOTE: Do this position more, legs and arms will get stronger and you can fuck for longer. Good for everyone) Start with his cock all the way inside, and slowly raise yourself up, till just the head is inside. Then, back to basics, start riding up and down just near the head, every once in a while, get the whole shaft in there. Alternate, 6 times up and down on the head, 6 times full shaft. (REMEMBER: Back of the head is the most sensitive part, pay special attention to riding the head) Repeat this until orgasm. WATCH YOUR MAN. His face and moans will let you know which is doing the trick, riding the head, the shaft, or your special combination


    So after your riding, you're going to feel that dick stiffen again, ready for blastoff. He may grab your hips and shove his cock deep into you when he comes, BUT DO NOT FUCKING STOP. If you can, keep riding him while he cums. Or, if he shoves you down, Grab those shoulders and hump the SHIT out of him. He will be moaning and screaming and grabbing the sheets and all sorts of other shit you've never seen. DO NOT STOP. But, after a bit, simmer down, slow it down, and let him relax. Sit on top with him deep inside, squeeze your Kegal's hard every so often, preferably in sync with his twitching, cumming cock. Now relax for a bit...


    After he finally blows his mega load, hopefully deep in your pussy with no bullshit condom (BE SAFE THOUGH - children are fucking awful), and you've given him his final humps, it's time to pull out. Now, his cock is sensitive as SHIT right now. So, for one last bit of pleasure and teasing, VERY VERY VERY slowly lift yourself off his cock. Then, STOP. Just at the head. Make eye contact with him and smirk in a sexy way. Then, pull his cock out fast for one last little burst of pleasure.


    So there you have it. The ultimate guide to pleasing your man. Now, if you want to take yourself to GODMODE woman, strut your sexy little ass out the door, bring him a glass of water, maybe a laptop, and go cook dinner. Fucking seriously, this isn't even just to please the stereotype and those fags who are all LOLWIMINZIZWHOREZ. If you're going to go through all the trouble to give your man the ultimate pleasure, it doesn't stop with sex. Hey, next time he is over, have him go down on you and fuck you proper, and make you some dinner. Even if you just get him to actually call the pizza guy instead of you always having to do it, that's an accomplishment all in its own.

    Good Luck, Ladies.

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