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    CIS Gender

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    Stop Right There Cis Scum.jpg

    A word that describes 99.9% of the human population, CIS Gender (Or Cishet/CIS+Hetero if you're a pretentious cunt) refers to people who function and behave in correspondence to their gender, engaging in activities suited to their gender, like raep and domination for men, and making sandwiches while reading 50 Shades of Grey for wimmins. CIS Gender people prove that yes, they do have a functional penis and/or vajayjay, and that they do things that actually justify you having those parts (Unless you're a hermaphrodite, then in that case, you can troll away at both sides with impunity).

    It goes without saying that only Trannies every use this term to describe someone. But as we all know, our lovely yet stubborn feminazis want to treat this as the greatest addition to their 1990's Edition sexism insult book since "faggot", as it also means you've done nothing related to the other gender so "you don't know what we go through and feel like!". Happy and pleased with their new weapon of mass confusion, they go to their keyboards and spam Tumblr with messages against the evil, sexist, misogynist CIS male kingdom, when in reality, instead of rage, it just results in a clusterfuck and said feminazis making even bigger asses of themselves.

    If you have ever used the term "Cis" to describe someone, you probably deserve to have your fucking fake-ass genitals mutilated and fed to the dogs.

    What does it even mean

    CIS Gender is an imaginary buzzword invented by trans activists, which, according to famous trans Julia Serano, means "people who are not transsexual and who have only ever experienced their mental and physical sexes as being aligned", and that being a cisgender is when you think that using "trans" to describe yourself will get you bullied in school. Mostly they're tired of being called sissies and it gives them an excuse to call you a cissy back. It apparently was brought up around 2006-07 to help insure the curious minds of the boys thinking they're girls that yes, because you have a cock and balls, you should feel like you're a boy, and vice-versa. Even though the term was made in the 90s by some unknown fag in Germany, they treat this as a new thing, just like Hollywood with movie remakes.

    Check your fucking privilege

    What you'll normally see if you try to find out about CIS

    This "new" gender wasn't immune to feminist exploiting, as soon the entirety of the SJW Brigade were putting their "privilege" tagline behind it, making up "cissexism", because they're simply too busy berating males for not knowing about their side of the gender circle to care about getting laid themselves, or even to learn about the side of the cock to attempt to give a shit because they think that only men can be CIS. As usual, more women insult and berate men for being "CIS male pigs" than men insult women for it because the wimmins are stuck in the ground that they know everything to know about men and not the other way around, hence their need to mentally eradicate everyone with a cock with their bullshit logic.

    Tumblr today has gotten full of cissexist posts like this, treating the "CIS" label like an insult to their very nature, and any male who is CIS might as well be as good as dead to them, even though that it's actually okay to identify as the gender that was printed on your birth certificate. The more you know, right? Ever since then, they have been targeting everyone that people have admitted to have "come out as CIS" acting like it's as if they were admitting to being gay, thinking they're proud of actually being their own gender and not being a dumb-fuck, which is ironic because they had to reassure themselves they were indeed their own gender, making them a dumb-fuck anyway.

    If you can check off more than two of these, you may as well kill youself now.

    Others argue that CIS shouldn't even be around and may not survive in the coming years, because it actually DID cause confusion with gathering and lumping every twink and lesbo and bi together into being a CIS. The way it's written, the only way to not be a CIS is if you're a hermaphrodite or if you're already going through a body change to be the other gender. So that's what, 99 percent of the world versus the opposing feminazis? Maybe more? Good luck.

    In short, if you identify as your own gender, you're scum to feminists everywhere that deserves to burn in hell with the furfags. If you happen to be a CIS white male, then you might as well hang yourself after you convince a friend to send a picture of your dead corpse to every feminists' e-mail inbox to appease their rage.

    CIS Scum Star Wars

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