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    Bullet to the Head of the NRA

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    In 2013, the fucking geniuses at EDF2 created a video game called Bullet to the Head of the NRA, in which the player could shoot Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice-president of the NRA, known for his lulzy press conference after the Sandy Hook Massacre. The game was well received at the lefty blogs, and caused massive butthurt to the right-wing blogs. About the graphics being shit? That's because the game was made in like 2 weeks using the decades-old Torque Game Engine. Protip: open the console (~) and type in "sandrabullock" for massive lulz.

    Share this everywhere, especially gun-nut and anti-game websites. Also see if you can't send it in to the NRA somehow, like through the feedback on their website or something.


    —The game's creator, Template:EDF


    After the amazing "The Clown Prince Rises" game about the Aurora Theater Shooting, its creator figured it's time to move on to his next project: A game about the Sandy Hook Massacre. Along the way he made a little demo called "Bullet to the Head of the NRA" which was picked up by a right wing talking monkey in a suit named Glenn Beck who bawwed about it on his radio show.

    Hannity Gets Trolled

    That's actually a grand idea.

    The "news" story was soon picked up by every other shitty website and ended up on television being talked about by Sean Hannity, who didn't get the joke. Note how Tamara Holder uses the game as an excuse to push her liberal agenda, even though it was all done for lulz.

    Why is it they automatically call it "Left wing violence". Why is it that they can't accept the fact their are TROLLS out there with video programming skills WHO DON'T CARE about Liberal/conservative nonsense and will DO ANYTHING for LULZ???


    —Some guy on Facebook

    In The News

    The demo is causing the outrage, yes, but as is pointed out many times on the ED message boards, it's a demo of a full game- a simulation of the assault on Sandy Hook. The same developer also made a simulation of the movie theater assault in Aurora. The right wing isn't even being trolled the way the ED guys want them to be trolled. They're _entirely_ missing the point of the troll


    Salon.com, User Prince of Gonzo

    Internet Reaction

    This ladies and gentlemen is trolling at it's purest form. It's barely been a month and this is already my top pick for troll of the year.


    —astute observation by a Kotaku commenter

    The Internet at large saw what was really happening. EDF2 successfully trolled the right, which is apparently takes as much effort as trolling Beliebers. Regardless, the right still has not recovered from the anal devastation.

    Encyclopedia Dramatica member does something hyperbolically dramatic. News at 11.


    —Another Kotaku commenter

    Senator Crybaby Is Going To Tell On Us To Obama!

    Obama got a letter from senator Middle-aged Pillsbury Doughboy.

    It didn't take long for someone in the government with absolutely nothing better to do to catch wind of this. This time the stupidity came in the from of Wisconsin Republican representative and obsessive chin collector Frank James (Jim) Sensenbrenner, Jr. Who took time off from trying to find a way to make his name even longer to send a letter to Black Jesus, asking him to tell the game maker to stop using joke violence to solve disputes, most of all disputes about his god given right to use real violence for that, which was a big shock to everyone, since it's not like Sensenbrenner is the NRA's lap-dog or anything, right?

    With the end of his quest to waste the time of the leader of the free world, over a game that looks like it was made with technology from 20 years ago, Sensenbrenner went back to getting ready for this year's Jabba The Hutt lookalike contest.

    How To Achieve The Most Epic Headshot Screenshots

    First, you need to switch to the camera with Alt+C and then cruise around with it until you finally see something because the default setting is a piece of shit. When you have got a wallpaper-worthy view of the scene that should be posted all over the Interwebs, you want to switch back to your player view to shoot.

    First zoom with the faggy controls, either use your mouse-wheel or the 1, 2, and/or 3 key on your keyboard (not your numpad), all of which are bullshit because you would expect zoom levels but each key on its own just toggles the zoom on or off, until you have aimed at the perfect point to hit. Then zoom out again, do the shot and at the exact same time, press Alt+C again to switch to your epic point of view and do a screenshot as soon as fucking possible. Then, you might want to save that piece of art to your hard-disks and maybe add uber lulz captions to it.

    Posting it on right-wing pages, forums, 4chan, and virtually everywhere is obligatory.

    Bonus lulz - all the console codes from The Clown Prince Rises still work, so if you type in "sandrabullock", have fun firing multicolored dildos at the NRA faglords. if you type in "mohamedscock", you'll be firing rocket launcher rounds which are still lethal, but the audience nor the faggot at the podium will shut the fuck up if you kill his ass.

    The Aftermath

    After the unrivaled success of the demo, the game's creator announced that he will probably not be finishing the full Sandy Hook game and instead will try to focus on his life (or lack thereof).

    His next project, when he comes out of retirement, is expected to be an anti-Islam game to offset the false reputation this game has earned him as a leftard and try to get Jihad declared on himself.

    See Also


    What's the NRA gonna do? Shoot me?


    —The creator's last words

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