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    Brute Forcing

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    Police.gif FACT ALERT:
    This is serious shit and has been known to cause drama and IRL Ban Hammers. Actually doing this might get you v&. The information on page is provided for educational purposes only.

    Brute Forcing is a method of cracking passwords that involves rotating through over 9000 randomized strings until the correct one is discovered. It is only used when you're shit outta luck and can't think of a better way to get into that friend of a friend that promised to suck your dick ex's facebook account. There are two forms of brute force attacks: one is dictionary style, where many pre-made strings are tried, while the other creates random strings from numbers and/or integers. The former is faster, but does not always work, while the latter is so slow it made its debut on The Slow Mo Guys but will eventually get it.

    Note: If you're slapping this bad boi on a server that isn't run on a toaster from china, all brute force attacks are logged and can get you v&/b&, so if you are going to brute, be sure that:

    • The admins never check logs.
    • The server is on some poorly managed shitty shared host.
    • You do it during a time of the day when traffic is high (for high traffic addresses.)
    • You do it during a DDoS attack (when admins won't be able to tell what the fuck is happening.)


    A file that contains a large number of words. Used for brute forcing passwords. Normally in a .txt format or some other easily readable and editable format.

    This RAR file contains another RAR, which contains 43 text files. Each one contains 100,000,000 lines of words; that's 4,300,000,000 (4.3 billion) combinations.

    I included a merge script for those who are disabled and can't cat. Just go to the /mergeLinks/ directory and ./merge.sh
    It will also delete the original (un-merged) files. DO NOT OPEN THE TEXT FILE WHEN MERGED.

    You will need approximately 30 gigabytes of free space to extract this.


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