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    Bros Icing Bros

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    File:Why do you hate yourself.jpg
    A bro in perfect dicksucking position

    Bros Icing Bros is a so-called "viral phenomenon" invented by some moron from somewhere on the East Coast. The ridiculous trend known as "icing" was started by a website that contained videos of fucking people drinking beer. Word of this hilarious drinking game spread like wildfire among ugly fraternity rejects across the country despite rumors that this was all just some stupid marketing ploy aimed at said wannabe-hipster-retards. Luckily for everyone in the world that has more than one brain cell, the site brosicingbros.com has been shut down, but the cancer that is Icing lives on.

    How to Make Everyone Hate You in Five Minutes

    Watch as this real-life virgin ventures outside his own basement, into the world, and then destroys his only chance at being cool.

    What the Hell is Icing?

    The rules of Icing are simple; they have to be, because everyone that plays this game lacks the ability to do addition and subtraction. That required weapon of choice in Icing is Smirnoff Ice. Apparently, because it tastes like shit unless you were already drunk to begin with. To "ice" someone, simply give your unsuspecting victim a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and yell "YOU JUST GOT ICED!!!" in the most obnoxious way possible. That person must now get on one knee and drink that bottle or else be shunned by the bro community. However, the one being iced can always "ice back" if for some reason he also had a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and now your dumb ass has to drink two Smirnoffs! Or is it Smirnoves... oh well, who cares? And lastly, if you are a complete faggot, take pictures and film the wonderful event. But wait, there's more! If you seriously don't want to have sex, even with other men, go around bragging about how many people you iced today.

    Basically, to call Icing a drinking "game" is a bit of an overstatement. There's about as much strategy to icing as a game of rock, paper, scissors and you don't necessarily have to do any drinking yourself unless your victim also happens to be just as much as a retard as you are.

    File:No you didn't.jpg
    Corporations are the good guys for once

    In fact, there was a website called "brosicingbros.com", which documented all of this faggotry, complete with videos, photos, rules for this stupid game, and even a bro's mission statement of their ambition to spread the love of Icing all across America, and by extension, go outside and steal oxygen from more intelligent people. Pretty soon, there were rumors that all of these shenanigans were actually the evil plot of the makers of Smirnoff Ice themselves. That said company, not wanting to be held responsible for this crime against humanity, denied those rumors and demanded that brosicingbros.com be shut down for infringing on their trademarks. The day was won, but Icing still lives to this day.

    How to win

    Either this, or just say "fuck you I'm not playing this stupid game"

    Bro Culture: a Study in Idiocy

    In today’s society we are constantly confronted with cliques and social scenes, each more pointlessly trivial and pettier than the last. Worse than Emos, Scene Kids and even the dreaded Hipster, Bros have a propensity for getting under one’s skin like some drunken, loudly hooting baboon wearing too much Axe body spray.

    Bros, a modern pseudo-fratboy of the genus, Douche inebriates, are the loud, drunk guys wearing overlarge jerseys (even if they don’t play sports) and backwards baseball caps that hang out at parties. They identify fellow bros using nicknames such as bro, broseph, broski, or the historically salient Broseph Stalin. The bro culture has extended beyond university frat houses, infecting young, proportionally white middle class males through the internet, and has now taken hold anywhere in close proximity to a keg.

    The recent "icing" craze, a drinking game centered on Smirnoff Ice, widely understood to be horrible tasting vodka, has added to the bro culture in a truly horrifying way. The trend jumped from frat houses to websites and blogs, where it went viral - infecting hordes of frat boys and frat-boy wannabes, a.k.a. "bros." The game is a way bros can humiliate fellow bros. There are two rules in icing: When a bro is presented with a Smirnoff Ice, he must get down on one knee and chug the whole bottle, which is 4.5% alcohol by volume.

    But if players are clever (which is rare), they can invoke Rule No. 2 and "ice-block" their assailant by brandishing their own bottle of Ice and force the attacker to drink both. In this way, bros have taken binge drinking and turned it into a competitive sport that is gaining wild popularity through the Internet. Visual case-studies of bros icing bros in the wild is well-documented, on such sites as BrosIcingBros, which launched in April and focused on particularly creative icings by bros in a variety of settings, including weddings and what appeared to be a funeral party in one video, before the site was shut down in June of last year.

    Literature on the bro phenomenon can still be found in bro-targeted websites for the culturally learned bro, such as MyLifeIsBro, Bros Like This Site, or even the Bro Bible, which hosts over 900,000 monthly bro users. Bros are a testament to the Internet’s ability to take something trivial and spread it around to the point where it becomes annoying; it’s the darker side of a truly amazing medium for the spread of infoz and lulz.

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