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    125px This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

    You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.
    I make videos I can laugh at.


    — BrokeTheInterweb telling us that her videos are a form of internet masturbation

    BrokeTheInterweb (IRL:Ashley Carey), is a 16-year-old cunt 21-year-old cunt and professional attention whore probably best known for bawling her eyes out on Faux News, last Thursday. And while Jewtube is chock full of little sluts like her, what really sets her apart from the rest of the Ray William Johnson clones is her HUGE victim complex, by which always tries to make herself look like the "good guy" in any situation. In addition, she has recently had the honor of becoming the Internets newest Jessi Slaughter. By this point, it is estimated that she will become An Hero in at least 100 days.

    My thoughts on TROLLS

    This video was uploaded in response to the newfags posting ALLCAPS hate mail on her Youtube videos. She says the tears were fake, even though any decent minded person knows the Truth. Later this lulz-fest of a shitburger would receive national coverage on Faux News a year and a half later.

    A Lousy Vlogger Being Butthurt About The Lack of Thumbs-Up

    Make a video crying about people trolling you...

    People make fun of you...

    Panic and claim that it is a parody...



    The Only Troll Response This Unmilked Lolcow Has Received



    Miley Cyrus cover - See You Again

    Ahhhh..... The sweet odor of a 16-year-old attention whore with absolutely no talent whatsoever. In this obvious epic fail, our future hero an hero covers that whore Miley Cyrus's shitty bubblegum pop hit "See You Again." Notice how overconfident and happy she is singing. Then realize how much she sucks hard. BrokeTheInterweb never had this second realization.

    Really A Great Deal of Talent With This One



    An American Hero - Obama's Congressional Forum on Healthcare

    It only seems fitting that in addition to being an ugly, and unloved skank, she is also an ultra-fundie creatard with a personal vendetta for anyone who isn't as white as her paranoid redneck family. Throughout the video she maintains this condescending and ignorant thought that anyone who doesn't support this loon senator she faps to so much will go to hell because in her mind God only loves sheeple with no minds.

    A Redneck With Bad Hair Rants 'Bout 'Bama

    If South Carolina has ever exported one good thing, it's representative Joe Wilson.


    ADD is Real

    Like many infamous Youtubers before her, BrokeTheInterweb likes to blame all her life problems on a clearly false and non-existent mental or physical disorder. The disorder she claims to "oh so obviously" have is Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD or "My Child is Special" syndrome. As anyone can clearly see, she is not even close to being shy about sharing her problems with the world.

    Jews Did ADD

    I have ADD; that is really difficult for me to say.


    California Gurls Piano Cover- Feat. Interpretive Dancing California Style

    This is when the rancid horse-shit really begins to hit the fan. When BTI uploaded this lulz-fest of a video-fail wayyy back in 2010, she basically came out onto all of the internet and shouted as loud as she could "Hello world, I'm a big fat redneck hoe slut who is anally raped on a daily basis." We all knew singing off key while dancing in tiny panties is never a good way to make E-Friends. This video just proves it.

    Totally Not Bringing This Upon Yourself

    She just accidentally the whole song



    “You’re 21?! You do not look 21.”

    “Yeah. I failed at a lot of colleges before this one. I’m probably actually failing at this one too.”


    —Ashley, on her academic performance.

    “Oh. Wow. You haven’t been to this class in two months. I don’t know if you can take the final.”

    “I can.”

    “Okay, you can try.”


    —Ashley, mere minutes away from bombing out of another university.

    Happy World Press Freedom Day! As a journalism major, it’s my duty to remind you that freedom from sedition is somewhere in the constitution. Where? I’m not a law major, okay


    —You don't need to be a law major to understand the "First Amendment".

    Lived in the mostly-vacant house of a middle-aged Jewish woman who changed the locks because I never looked her in the eye.


    —Ashley, no one can look a Jewish woman in the eye.

    Promised my parents a 3.0, not knowing what that means (I really honestly thought it was like a C+).


    —Ashley, failing at life.

    After years of watching far too much Hannah Montana, and going so far as to actually find MIley Cyrus’ workout plan and follow it, I needed to do something about my unquenchable and almost scary desire to be on the Disney Channel.


    —Ashley, still watching the Disney Channel at age 16 err.... 21.

    When a customer is rude to me, I’m allowed to make them not want to come back. Sometimes I get creative, like the time I started yelling nonsense like “ALRIGHTY I GOTCHA BUD, LOUD AND CLEAR” at a man who made me angry. I’m still smooth as ever.


    —Ashley, just asking to get raped by a nigger.

    Guys quit trying to find me naked or I will sue!


    —Ashley, totally trolling you


    I'm going to sue everyone that looks at my nude pictures. STOP PLEASE THOSE ARE PRIVATE OMG!!! YOU WILL ALL GO TO JAIL TROLLS!!


    —Ashley is going to call the Cyberpolice

    @FightingFalcon412 OMG YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL LOSER!!


    —Apparently it is illegal for people to look at the nude pictures you uploaded for people to look at.

    The Bieber Sonata

    Because of all the hate that this video received following being uploaded to Jewtube Ashley felt prompted to tell the world her about epic struggle with the troll legions via mainstream media. Sadly for her though, only Faux News would accept a story this shitty.

    As if Diustin Could Get Any Worse



    The Announcement No One Payed Attention To

    u got an ugly face


    Faux News

    Then, in a surprising move, BTI took for the television in an extremely sad, Butthurt attempt at making the internets and television audience feel contempt for a few /b/tards and EDiots writing shit on her Youtube channel. The fact that Fox would even think to include Boxxy alongside BTI just goes to show how fucktarded Republican people are. Notice the similarity between Jessi Slaughter's news appearance and this tool's. Shocking, isn't it.

    BTI crying to her Faux News

    She touched a nerve with those who'd been hurt by trolls.


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