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Police.gif Brianna Wu is running for Congress 2018 2020!

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Anyone up for a round of the crying game?

Brianna Wu is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)


John Walker FlyntTemplate:Trans, BriannaArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) Flynt ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive), Brianna Wu, Wu-Man, or commonly known as Literally Wu? is a "videogame developer" and former racist gay basher who underwent surgery to "become female" in order to gain success in the video game industry and lurk in girls' bathrooms. With the help of his millionaire parents' money and media connections, wife-beater husband and thousands of dollars scammed on Patreon, he's been spending his time creating a game that look like something Richard Garriott might have made 20 years ago on a budget of $20 and promoting it by making death threats against himself, getting caught, and trying to steal the spotlight from Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, literally claiming to be the most important person to GamerGate supporters who he literally believes are planning to assassinate him.

About Brianna Wu

Brianna's early life: Privileged, racist psycho and serial rapist

Um, excuse you? And you are aware you're not a real woman, right?

"Brianna Wu" was born "John Walker Flynt", then adopted by a couple of millionaires and lived a privileged life as a rich white boy prior to having a sex change so he can join the SJW cult without being at a disadvantage for being a privileged white boy.

By his own account his parents gave him a small fortune which he was able to blow and be left with nothing.

Bri draws himself Bri's husband (Brianna is not that talented) draws him naked (note the wishful thinking)

Part 1
Part 2

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What came first, the chicken or the patriarchy?

But the crazy doesn't end there! By pure happenstance, during an "ITT: We talk about crazy people we used to know" thread, someone started talking about a lunatic he once met while working at a school paper. After putting two and two together, the anons realized this person was actually Wu.

According to his account Wu is a pathological liar whom he met when he tried to apply to a school paper that he already had a restraining order from for flipping out when they didn't want to publish his shitty cartoon and calling the people who work there dykes, ragheads and sand niggers. Want to hear more homophobic shit from Wu? Here you go. In his old MySpace he also went on rants about how gay people are the enemies of feminism because, despite being gay, they are still men. Which is ironic because so is Wu.

But it doesn't end there. A later article ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) written by Breitbart's Milo Yiannopoulos exposed that Bri is a tranny (we got the scoop first but this was the final nail in Wu's attempt to deny it), and outcast of the online trans community and a serial rapist. The article details how Wu was made a mod of a tranny forum and ended up being banned for being too much of a tard even for them. Despite hating the article for being "transphobic", the community of the forum begrudgingly contacted Milo to confirm that he was right. More interesting than that is Wu saying he would sleep with men without telling them he was a man, which constitutes as "Rape by fraud" in some states (sadly not his) and technically makes Wu a serial rapist.

Brianna's Game: Revolution 60

I hear that 32bit applications are all the rage nowadays.

So what is this "game" he keeps promoting? It must be fucking amazing for him to go through all this just to get on the news to try and plug it, right? HAHAHA nah...

I don´t know what´s worse: The game that looks like the brazilian rip-off of Mass Effect or that cringeworthy asian guy.


YouTube Favicon.png Some Youtube commenter

Revolution 60, more like revolution 15 frames per second

Wow, Revolution 60 is so original!

Revolution 60 is a Megaman Battle Network rip-off that would make Dina proud. Only, instead of a non-gender robot, it features 3 women with prominent tits and asses that wear slutty latex body suits (but this is totally not "objectifying" and "misogyny" because Wu is a woman himself amirite?). The game's sole purpose for existing is to give Brianna Wu a power fantasy by letting him play as his version of a strong womyn (that doesn't flee his home because of image macros). Like any other indie game it was funded by the same retards on Kickstarter that helped Wu cut off his cock, with a development cycle and lack of effort of which would make Phil Fish and the guys behind Duke Nukem envious. However, unlike Duke Nukem, the end result looks as pleasant as four-day-old vomit. The game features three women (which is three women more than Brianna will ever be). The game's revolutionary fifth-generation graphics are able to compete even against Super Mario 64!

A 'ArchiveToday-favicon.pngTwitter user named Foxigon' subjected Wu's Shitty Game
to the same "Feminist Critique" his pal Anita Sarkeesian uses
and came up with this (Wu's response included).
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

and here is Brianna Wu's non-pissy-pants and not-paranoid-at-all response

Followed by the professional and businesslike response from the CEO of his game company
Yeah, sure. "Cinematography Rules" dictate that the heroines all look like aryan pro-ana realdolls

Previous Image  |  Next Image

After three years and a budget of over 400k (part of which Wu spent on buying a motorcycle), Wu's diverse team of eight white chicks was able to produce this abomination that most 20k projects by two man teams have surpassed in less time. Despite the game being ready last year it was only put up on Steam GreenLight after Wu finished using GamerGate for his publicity tour, but hilariously still failed.

In spite of all of Wu's media connections, industry friends and TV interviews, the game still bombed. Not even the most rabid SJW sites were able to spin their article in a way that would make this game look good and it ended up getting a measly 70% meta-score compared with about 2.3/10 user score. Wu even had to quote himself in the publicity blurb on the GreenLight page because he couldn't find anything positive enough to put on there in any of the reviews. In a last-ditch effort to play the harassment card to get anyone to like his game he did ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthis:

He then deleted it and made the same thread again minutes later, using a different account and hoping no one would notice
A Steam version of Revolution 60 was released on September 6th, 2016. The reviews end up mostly negative and mostly lulzy.
Since the first month it came out on Steam, Sept 2016, Revolution 60 has had a grand total of one player per month.

Brianna's husband: Frank the Psychopath

File:Brianna Wu and his husband.jpg
Who is the man in the relationship? Answer: Both of them.
Frank Wu's obsession with loving Brianna's tranny cock is like a bloated Barney on steroids.

Bri's husband is Frank Wu. He is a patent lawyer (the bottom-feeding scum of the legal world) and his achievement include making a really shitty cartoon and repeated winning of the Hugo Award, but not in any respectable category. Frank won in the fanfiction category of the Hugo Awards, which might as well be winning an award for being a loser. He did this not once, but four times, as well as 3 more nominations, one of which he didn't even lose, but rather, declined. Frank got this award so many times that he used his victory speech to ask people to stop giving it to him. However, the speech itself turned out to be disingenuous when a group called "The Sad Puppies" uncovered that Frank has been receiving this award with help from a nomination committee comprised SJWs that had been running the awards and trying to push conservatives out of Sci-fi for years, and that he was friends with them, much like his wife husband is doing with gaming journalists.

But all of this is not the most interesting part. What is interesting is that he is apparently a wife-beater.
His ex-wife recently posted online that he married her when he was 15 years her senior and then abused her until she left him. Then he gave her number to his friends so they could call her and tell her she's a cunt, before stalking her across the country as she tried to escape him. She even mentions a burn mark on her back that is allegedly from him.

Why did this woman suddenly decide to speak up out of the blue? Simple, because Frank found out that she was beginning to rebuild her self-esteem which he thought he had destroyed and was trying to get back into sci-fi once more. Needless to say Frank couldn't have that. He posted somewhere that she was the abusive one, called her a psychopath and promised to harass her if she tries to get back to writing by calling the police on her if she dares to even so much as attend a convention. After she fought back by exposing his dirty secret he made a followup post offering to make peace.

Brianna's raise to fame: GamerGate

Part 1: Tranny hates autistic people

In his infinite wisdom, Flynt decided that the best course of action to deal with the professional shitposters of 8chan and end GamerGate was to create a shitty meme about them, kinda like fighting fire with fire. He rushed over to and created this masterpiece:

The original that Brianna sent out, before he bravely deleted it.

But Brianna forgot that fighting fire with fire won't work when he's covered in gasoline and attacking fire-retardant material. So it was quickly turned around on him and, within moments of him tweeting about this, a thread with a link was posted on 8chan and everyone jumped in and flooded the website with over 80 pages of memes about him instead.

It is unclear if Brianna was playing the victim again or if he is honestly that stupid, but he announced that this is harassment and that he is taking a break from Twitter for 24 hours.

But wait, where did he get that picture in the first place? Oh, right...


And here is where Flynt stole the image of an autistic child from

Shit meme made funny About missing Pics
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Part 2: Flynt goes on the news to defend himself

2008 Brianna hates fags.

Being that he is just another scam artist/attention whore, Wu took a page from the Anita playbook and decided to use GamerGate to promote himself and his shitty game. After pretending to take a bunch of fake threats seriously he booked an interview on MSNBC.

How did he score that? Well, you see that faggot in the interview with him? Wu has connections to him and he has connections at MSNBC, which is ironic because he goes on to claim on that show that GamerGate is lying about there being nepotism in the media.

From then on he went on various TV news shows, trying to end GamerGate and finding any excuse to mention his shit game. But this only ended in a massive backfire when a number of stations invited people from the GG side to speak for themselves. The Huffington Post invited Hotwheels, the admin of 8chan, and Zoe Quinn. But when Zoe realized that it was going to be a debate and she would have to actually defend herself instead of being treated like a victim, she backed out at the last minute. She was right to do so, because Wu was not so smart and when he came on the show he got destroyed.

Rape and misogyny is bad but Bri drawing naked women bound and about to be raped by a tentacle robot is fine

But Wu didn't learn the lesson that he can only handle interviews with people that were already paid off by his mommy and daddy and went on the David Pakman show. The moment Pakman asked him a hard question he freaked out and started screaming that this is a hit piece, humiliating himself again.

Wu then promoted another interview with someone who is donating to his "game" as "ubias" before going home and trying to pass it off as a win. But all it did was draw more attention to GG so, even if he himself gained anything from it (doubtful), by turning this into a national story he only gave advertisers more reason to pull out of the gaming news sites he was trying to defend.

"Objectification is okay when I do it" (the black guy is MLK)
Gallery of unsuspicious media connections About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

"Milo, please help me scam my followers"

File:Brianna-Wu ugly tranny.jpg
I can has rape threat?

But MSNBC wasn't the first interview he booked. Before that he agreed to go on Phallo Faganopolous' radio show. However, realizing that Milo isn't being paid off by his parents and is going to ask him actual questions, Wu went radio silent and pretended not to be able to get online (while obviously still being online on Twitter) and then canceled when it was already too late.

He thought he got the upper hand, but forgot Milo still has their email correspondences that he can leak. What was in them? Wu asking Milo if he'd like to join him in running a "peace conference fundraiser" so that he can get some free plane tickets and a free lunch.

Never left his house because of threats

But it turns out that not only were the threats fake, the claim of running away from home was too!

A quick comparison of pictures taken of Wu's house prior to GamerGate and the ones of the background during his interviews during which he was supposedly "on the run" were exactly the same. So either he never went everywhere or ran away to an identical house.

As if that wasn't enough, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmore damning evidence here suggests that *surprise!* Brianna Wu is nothing but a lying attention whore. Wu knew?

Part 3: My dog is dead QQ

Recently, Wu's dog died. But those dang dirty troll wouldn't leave poor Wu alone and let him tend to his dog in it's last hours of life by... ??????

Actually, there was absolutely nothing stopping Wu from getting away from his computer and taking care of the dog. Instead he chose to capitalize on the dog's death for pity instead of tending to it like someone who actually cares. But it wasn't long before those dirty GamerGate trolls showed up to mock poor Wu's fake sorrow.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Previous Image  |  Next Image

Or DID they?!

Nope. It was either a troll or Wu herself sending death threats to himself yet again.

Fess-up time: Brianna Wu killed his dog by freezing it to death in Boston winter

No sensible person would ever leave a sick little pup outside, in the bleak snowy Boston winter. This proves that he is either an extremely cruel and negligent person, or he deliberately killed his dog for Twitter pity points. The sad thing is: he is now getting another dog, which will surely die of some horrible illness once Gamergate no longer pays him any attention.

Part 4: Slapfight with Chloe Sagal

Recently, Wu's tranny buddy Chloe Sagal came to Brianna after Bri successfully managed to pressure Patreon into changing their ToS (without banning him despite his violating it), thinking Brianna could do the same for him and get his money back that PayPal and IndieGoGo stole. But unlike KickStarter and Patreon that are run by SJWs, Paypal and IndieGoGo are run by greedy jews who make most of their money from shutting down campaigns and keeping the donations. Therefore, they couldn't give less of a shit about Bri and Zoe and Wu knew it. Wu tried to calm Sagal down and get him to fuck off which resulted in them trying to out-shame one another with typical SJW jargon that doesn't work when they use it on each other. But, while Wu is a con artist, Sagal is just plain crazy and ended up publishing their chatlogs and threatening suicide yet again.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Cock fight

This ended in Devi Evers calling Wu a tranny-traitor and it turning into a dick-girl threeway bitch fight.

Part 5: He's pro #GG now fo reelz!

Ok so he's pretty much irrelevant now. Everyone forgot about him now that his shitty game came out and there are no upcoming projects. So this guy decided the best way to make money is to join the pro gamergate side, since the anti GG side was probably all milked out of money.

So he approached the game developer and Stardocks CEO called Brad Wardell (wasn't this guy the same guy she doxed/tried to dox?) and proposed a 'truce'/begged for mercy so that people would stop ruining the metrics for his game, then decided to inform the public that they had coffee together and that Wardell is not such a bad guy. A rain of butthurt followed on Twitter as all of Wu's former supporters turned their backs on him and called him a fake feminist, fake woman and accused him of having coffee with a literal murderer.

Butthurt that followed About missing Pics
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Kicking TheRalphRetort out from a con

Notorious fatass and muckraker TheRalphRetort stupidly decided to join Ravencon, so he could see John in person. After tweeting a picture of John, he decided to call security about how Ralph should be escorted out of the con. Yes, stupid manbitch believes he should have the power to do so. John then told security that he knew that fatass as TheRalphRetort, meaning that John is probably an avid reader of Ralph's site, so John knows how full of shit John is. There is however the possibility that John knows how ugly he became after dick-losing surgery, that he knows that he can't be in a picture, as he would be liable for all damage the device might suffer due to his surgery gone wrong.

Lying about filing a police report

Last Thursday, Brianna Wu received a death threat from area code 614, the area code for Columbus Ohio. Naturally, Wu contacted the local law enforcement authorities so that the culprit could be apprehended... nah j/k he tried to drag the good name of Franklin County's prosecutor through the mud. Ron O'Brien has been with the Franklin County prosecutor's office for over 30 years, so he has dealt with slimy people like Wu in the past. His office issued this statement:

However, no criminal complaint had been filed in Columbus or with the county, O’Brien told me via email. Wu had never contacted him, and the office had received no recordings or phone number to investigate.


—Carrie Ghose, Columbus Business First

Wu Prosecutor Email.png

Literally Wu? Never heard of him

Naturally Wu retracted his attempt to "shame" O'Brien by claiming he accidentally contacted the city attorney's office instead of the prosecutor. Wu claims to have received "dozens upon dozens" of death threats, yet somehow managed to be ignorant of how to properly report them. How did this happen? How did Wu suddenly forget how to properly report a death threat after "dozens upon dozens" of similar threats?

Here’s how the mix-up happened: Wu gets so many threats, he said, that she has to have employees handle the police reports, and apparently the one in this case was misdirected, right before a change in the person who did the job.


—Seems legit

O'Brien is a gentleman who fights for truth, justice and the American Way, but for him, it is too late. The new media echo chamber has already picked up the story and republished Brianna's lies, resulting in the prosecutor's office wasting over 9000 hours with this shit, instead of prosecuting murderers and pedos per his job description.

I don’t want to pillory people in law enforcement who are doing the best they can.


—Wu, who gets his cronies to do that

Brianna Wu uploads Gamergate death threat to shame Ohio prosecutor


BoingBoing, pillorying people in law enforcement who are doing the best they can

Stealing art and passing it off as his own, just like Anita

In a move that even Devianttards would call out, John was found out to have stolen artwork of the misogynist series known as Sailor Moon, and tried to pass it off as if he could draw. But we know from his shit game nothing could be further from the truth. So no he Googled for an image, put it in Photoshop, converted it to black&white, posterized it to two colors and finally remapped the highs to white and the lows to black so she could it put it into Illustrator. If only he spent all that effort on actually becoming a good artist or a game programmer.

ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHe deleted it, but it is still on the internet
So Original

Screwing over actual female game developers

In April, 2015, a woman who gives her name only as "Emma C." posted a series of tweets describing her previous working relationship with Wu. Despite Wu's claim to be an accomplished game developer and a champion for women in the game industry, Emma states that Wu did almost no work during their working relationship and the lied about having fired her after she quit..


Wu is undeniably John Flynt and never graduated college

While the tranny's Wikipedia article and other rags reported Wu has all sorts of degrees he doesn't have, proof was recently obtained by the autists at the Kiwi Farms that not only is Johnny a college dropout with no degree, Brianna Wu never went to the colleges Wu claims, though John Flynt definitely did.

Wu Failed to Graduate 02.png Evidence of Wu's enrollment.png

It is worth noting that he spent 10 years in college. 10 years. 10 years. 10 years.

2018 Congress Run

Brianna Wu for Congress Website

Recently, the tranny has decided to run for Congress as a liberal against Stephen Lynch because he thinks GamerGate won the election and it's up to him to stop GamerGate. The sad part is that he will most likely win this election because Massachusetts is liberal heaven. Let's just hope he doesn't run for president, because if he wins we're all screwed everyone in this planet will be screwed. A cringeworthy Congress 2018 video of Brianna Wu was released on his Vimeo page.

In March 9, 2017, Stephen Lynch was on the WBUR radio station to discuss unimportant shit including the Wikileaks. Finally they brought up Brianna Wu (at 14:40) for Stephen Lynch to question about. He finds this shit hilarious and stated he was re-elected 5 weeks ago and has more important work to do than tease the tranny ape with a stick.

*chuckles* I just got re-elected 5 weeks ago. I have things to do, I'll worry about elections later.


—Stephen Lynch handling it like a true congressman.

In April 15, 2017, Brianna Wu submitted his congress form in results of pulling in $21K and still doesn't have enough to hire staff. Not as much as conning $400K out of his husband Frank Wu for his failure SJW game Revolution 60. Basically it shows him and Frank using his campaign as a slush fund to scam people's money and spend it all on potbelly sandwiches and shitty toys anyway. Stephen Lynch already submit his congress form a few days ago before Brianna Wu submitted his. Notice Stephen Lynch's campaign committee has over a million bucks of cash on hand, shows Brianna Wu the disadvantages and butthurt.

Dropping Rocks Off The Moon

The Moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for earth. Rocks dropped from there have power of 100s of nuclear bombs


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngJohn making a fool of himself, again

On February 27th, 2017, Wu began to tweet his thoughts about Space X's plans to send a privately crewed mission to the Moon. Wu thought this was a bad idea because people could "drop" rocks from the Moon and strike the planet with the force of "100s" of nuclear weapons. He also expressed fears that someone could "control" the Moon and fuck with satellites orbiting Earth. The tweet about dropping rocks was mocked across Twitter (with those that knew of his plans to run for Congress laughing even more so) and "Brianna Wu" appeared as a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtrending topic for some users. He tried to run damage control by saying he meant they could ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdrop rocks into Earth's "giant planetary gravity well" and began doubling down as more and more Twitter users began pointing and laughing at him. Wu blamed the laughter due to him being a "woman on the internet" and doubled down once more and said that it was "absolutely true that a large rock fired into Earth from the moon using propellants would be more powerful than 100s of nuclear weapons. Like, you all can make fun of that statement, but it will still be true. This is why the militarization of space is so dangerous." Wu eventually deleted the tweet that everyone was laughing at, leaving a ArchiveToday-favicon.pngnoticeable gap in the numbered tweets, but it was a feeble gesture as it had already been ArchiveToday-favicon.pngcapped and archived after going viral.

Control The Moon, control the planet


Moon Man

Supermoon 1.jpg
You magnificent bastard I read your book
The Moon And Wu About missing Pics
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The secret message behind the logo

On April 12, 2017, Brianna Wu posted a tweet on Twitter to show his followers his very own campaign logo to force it with the other campaign logos. And it looks like a piece of crap. Few hours later, people are editing his campaign logo with lulz before Wu blames GamerGate as always. The Daily Dot submitted a article about his logo being roasted that isn't from the group of misogynistic gamers and 4chan denizens that is GamerGate after the logo edits are becoming more newsworthy.

Campaign Logo About missing Pics

Household Drive-By

Comparing Wu's house to another.

It was a nice snowy day in March 12th, 2017. Anonymous was having a drive-by to check out the homes of his neighborhood. And then Operation Wu-Cycle begins, delivering cycle images of Wu's house to the internet for some epic wins.

The Transfatness of Brianna Wu

In May 14, 2017, the ungodly Wu couple went to visit Randi Freundlich of Randi Freundlich Photography for your usual congress scam Brianna Wu is running against Stephen Lynch. Notice anything new about Brianna Wu in these pictures? No it's not the sex change and multiple surgeries to look like an abominable tranny of Frankenstein. It's the fatness! It's been discovered that Brianna Wu is growing a big fat bulging belly like his fat husband Frank Wu, wasting most of the scammed congress money on scarfing down fatty sandwiches from Potbelly Sandwich Shops.

WARNING: Tranny Fatness About missing Pics
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To Sum Up

Here is a typical day for Brianna Wu.

PatriArchie Comic.jpg


General Tranny Shit About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Revolution 60 Gallery

WARNING! Playing Revolution 60 on Steam causes gamers to get motion sickness, headaches, nausea, illnesses, and eye damage (like this actual photo after playing Revolution 60) as complained by Steam reviewers. Don't say we didn't warn you, because you've been warned.
Steam Screenshots About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Revolution 60 Fanart

Better art design than the game About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

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Brianna is a real pro.

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