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    The average breeder couple: retards that are capable of shitting out tardlings.

    "Breeder" is a lulz inducing insult used to put the disgusting heterosexuals in their place, under the mighty foot of the homosexual. It can also be used by Childfree whackjobs, who typically generate even more lulz.


    Breeders are a filthy race of sub-humanoids infected with a particularly nasty virus known as Heterosexuality. Much like vampires these despicable individuals feed from the misery of pure hard-working homosexuals by oppressing them at every given opportunity.

    Through the use of elaborate excuses such as misinterpreted Bible passages the breeder has managed to selfishly keep to itself such God given rights as Marriage, something it keeps clutched firmly against its nigger heart.

    Strength by Numbers

    Due to the breeders' magical and mysterious ability to create new people in their Nazi style baby factory they have managed to greatly out number their mentally superior counterpart. It is through this mental superiority that the homosexual realized a core difference between gays and straights is that the breeder emits crotch droppings. With this information the term breeder was coined to aid in the noble homosexual quest to pwn the filthy heteros.


    Try'n'a find herself a respectable man with a job and a car payment

    Most breeders are 16 year old girls. Having a child gives them a sense of unwarranted self importance, and they can often be found on buses or in malls pushing a pram around and running old people over with it. Otherwise they can be found taking their children to beauty pageants and in the case of paternal absence can often be found in benefit departments asking for more money. Breeders claim that having a baby is the BEST THING EVAR and is far more preferable and independent than getting qualifications and a job. As such they are the scum of society and must be stamped out killed with fire.


    Breeders try to act like they aren't offended, but deep down, they are extremely butthurt. Further agitating a Breeder can cause major lulz.

    However it is well to know that the breeders weak spot is child benefits - if these are taken away, the breeder has to work and thus will be extremely butthurt, as the point of them having children was to escape working in the first place. As such, the proper way to interact with a breeder and its litter of small, foul smelling, incestuous brats is to leave gay porn about their house in the hopes that they will see it and think it's theirs, becoming instantly homo and as such immediately kill and devour their children before they can spread the sickness that is humanity to yet another generation of ugly, stupid, greedy, shitheads who live only to spread their filth everywhere they go. God I hate my parents.

    Thus the battle continues, a battle between good and evil, right and wrong, the battle between Homosexuals and breeders and with God on their side the Homosexuals cannot lose.


    A short story of a fictional society where the
    filthy breeders are eradicated

    Gallery of BREEDING

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    Famous Breeders


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