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    Brb, compromised

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    Nevar forget!
    File:Moots cookies 1.jpeg
    4chan cookies...you best to /b/ clearin' em!


    CeLe: the brains behind the Talib& attack on 4chan.
    digg comments on story. "OK guys, I have a question. Say I happened to have one of these Lulz guys as a room mate last year, and he was a complete douche and I'd like to get him back for numerous cases of bullshit."
    "Lulz CeLe OWNS GLEXIA."

    On December 14th, 2007, 4chan's domain name registrar account was compromised, and, thus, their DNS servers and the 'integrity' of 4chan.org (along with soup) as well.

    Hosting company Glexia is now doing it for to the LULZ, too. The pre-packed hosting account being used for the hijacked domain name was suspended. There is, howevar, some speculation by anon that one of Moby Dick's gaylords CeLe (aka Mike) is actually the owner of Glexia and that moot got pwnt by his own host.


    Some fucktard thought it would be a really good idea to steal m00tle's cookies business (4chan that is). This is -in fact- an IRL crime and said moron is about to get a visit from the IRL Party Van (the FBI that is).

    Anyway, the DIDITFORTHELULZ skiddies achieved this EPIC act of fucktardary by temporarily re-directing 4chan.org to the g00ns-forum.net. This was done for anti-lulz and due to the fact that basement dwellers like XyriX -one of the perpetrators and main admin at DIDITFORTHELULZ- takes it in the arse and wants to go to jail to get Goatsed.

    This soup has been brought to you by Talib& members CeLe, Angyl and XyriX, and the letters F, A, I and L!

    The TL;DR

    See: Brb, compromised/The Science for moar technical harbl!

    File:Blow jays.png
    m00tle's 'blow jays: is it can be meme tiem naow?
    Chan Closed due to faggotry. ;_;

    4chan's DNS was hacked and incoming connections were redirected to the website http://diditforthelulz.com -- originally there was a shitty php BBS on this site (they couldn't even set up an imageboard) and it needed more desu. After ED asked for desu they started banning anyone who posted desu.

    They also set up a new subforum called "The New 4chan". Posting even a single post in that forum makes you automatically a newfag.

    After 4chan was raeped and began redirecting to DIDITFORTHELULZ, some stupid attention whore named Angyl called up moot and offered him a way of getting back the domain and regaining control of 4chan. Unfortunately, this conversation only further proved that girls don't belong on the internet, as she was too fucking stupid to even name her demands. The conversation includes highlights such as discussing cheese pizzas and vague requests for something "lulzy" such as fucking longcat plushies. She proceeds to BAWWWW about how "4chan sucks now" and then call MOOT the fucking idiot (lol, irony.)

    This is what happens when two fags collide: Hear the original call here & mirror. Both appear to be dead :'(

    YouTube Favicon.png Or watch the (boring) JewTube Baleeted.

    [Hide the TranscriptRead the Transcript]

    Moot: Hello?
    Recorder: **fails to move away from the mic to breath in
    Angyl: Hey moot, I'm sorry if I came off a little harsh from... our previous conversation - I didn't 
    really mean it, is this a better connection?
    Moot: Yeah
    Angyl: Yeah? So whats up? Still going through bank statements?
    Moot: Yeap.
    Angyl: Is it fun?
    Moot: Not really because I never open my bank statements. They just - they go and they get thrown 
    into a box... and...
    Angyl: You sound - you sound kinda upset, are you havin' a bad night?
    Moot: No, I haven't slept!
    Angyl: You haven't slept? Why? Is like - you Haven't... slept because of the bank 
    statements or because... uhhh... 4chan got hijacked?
    Moot: Ummmm... 'cause I'm the only tech person at 4chan, and when things go wrong it is my 
    responsibility to - figure things out
    Angyl: Really? So you - said earlier when we talked it's a silly site anyway so why 
    do you care so much? Why bother?
    Moot: *interupts* I don't - I don't believe we've ever spoken before, I didn't say that when 
    you called...
    Angyl: Um... Yeah, when I called about... five minutes ago - You always say you don't 
    really give a... about 4chan anyway
    Moot: I - I - I didn't say that when you called, I didn't say anything like that ---
    Angyl: *interrupts* Look, HEY! How bad do you want your domain back? I'm just 
    Moot: *sarcasic* Oh, you know... so bad. Why?
    Angyl: Because I'm...
    Moot: Do you want something?
    Angyl:I'm just wondering what you're willing to do to get the domain back...
    Moot: What? Do you want me to like, bend down and...give out BLOW JAYS or somethin'?
    Angyl: Ewww, No... that's like... *talking at same time* like kinda emo, you know? 
    Thats just gross. I don't know, what would you be willing to do to get it back?
    Moot: I don't know...What are you looking for? Not looking for BLOW JAYs so what the fuck you do 
    Angyl: Wool (Well)... I don't know... I'm looking for a good offer...
    Moot: I offered you BLOW JAYs! I mean, be more (*Attention whore Giggles*) specific 
    here - what the fuck do you want? Apparently, you're not a - you're not - you find 
    me to be emo and unattractive, you know - hurt my feelings here.
    Angyl: Awwwwwww
    Moot: But what ---
    Angyl: *interrupts* I loved the sarcasm by the way!
    Moot: Yeah, it's staple - how I deal with being tired and... frustrated. So what do you want?
    Angyl: Mmmmmm well, I was just wondering what kind of pizza it was?
    Moot: Uhhhhhh, today I ate a cheese pizza. Why are you going to start ordering me pizzas?
    Angyl: ... I don't know, Do you want one?
    Moot: Naaaaa, I already - I got one in the fridge. 
    Angyl: You sure? I mean, you're talking about ordering pizzas, you must want one. I mean 
    I could order you one if you want...
    Moot: I didn't - I didn't say I was going to order a pizza, I said I HAD pizza.
    Angyl: No, I said you were talking about ordering pizzas, me ordering you pizzas. 
    Well, if you really want --- (Moot: Unh-Unh)...... cause your obviously (Moot: Nooooo) thinking 
    about it, it's the first thing that came to mind. Whut? Do you think I'm going to like, try 
    and raid you or something? Do you think I care that much?
    Moot: Well you're a girl, so that would be a step up for me wouldn't it?
    Angyl: I guess if you wanted... Yeah, I'm a girl - not a trap.
    Moot: Not a trap...
    Angyl: Not a trap.
    Moot: So, what - what ex - what exactly do you - do you want in return for leaving me alone... and... 
    we're - allowing me to regain control?
    Angyl: I don't know, I want some something pretty fucking lulzy - it's gotta be like 
    epic lulz.
    Moot: Lulz? What about, a Longcat plushie? What about...
    Angyl: *humphhh* (Moot: I mean...) You know, I want - I want some kind - some kind of picture 
    or something, something thats really great.
    Moot: Hmmmmmm
    *typing on keyboards*
    Angyl: That should work...
    Moot: *talk at same time*
    Angyl: I'm mean are kinda cu - No, I'm just saying your kinda cute. And - A little fansign,
    would be a... start in the right direction of getting me to leave you alone.
    Moot: Say what?
    Angyl: A little amusing fansign would probably, you know... be a start in the right 
    direction for getting me to leave you alone.
    Moot: Well, I love female attention... so who says I want you leave me alone?
    Angyl: Hmmmmmmm?
    Moot: I mean, what if I'm an attention whore and I don't want you to leave me alone?
    Angyl: Well then, I guess that would just make sense - I mean, you are the fuckin' - well, 
    you WERE the owner of 4chan and all. That'd be in a sense whoring.
    Moot: It's true
    Angyl: Hmmmmm... so... are you gonna to take the first step in the right direction?
    Moot: I don't know. Give me a specific, what - again, what do you want?
    Angyl: For a first thing I want, I think a FULL, you know, body, 
    face included, everything picture - with the words, fuckin' - "Angel ownz me" somewhere on it. 
    What would be kinda amusing, I'd probably lulz a little...
    Moot: Angel?
    Angyl: Yeah, but it's not - it's A-N-G-Y-L. Yeah.
    Moot: Ah, A-N-G-Y-L. Is this like from Bantown or GNAA or anything, or ED? 
    Angyl: No I'm not from. So... mmmmm, why do you think I'd be from there? Doesn't a 
    bunch of ---
    Moot: I don't know. Well, who are you with then? I don't - I'm not sure I follow... troll groups, 
    very often.
    Angyl: I'm... kinda... with myself here.
    Moot: Oh!
    Angyl: But, how *indecipherable* anybody who wants to troll? So about that fansign...
    I'm waiting...
    Moot: I'm... going through bills.
    Angyl: Well, maybe you should stop. You know, start getting 4chan back - I mean thats 
    pretty embarrassing. One of the most fuckin embarrassing things - like - for the internet, 
    is to get fuckin - defaced. And 4chan is getting fucking hijacked, and even worse dude - 
    you got open DNS jacked! You have no fucking security on your site whatsoever!
    Moot: I don't even know what that means... What is - what is, I know - I know open DNS is - is a DNS 
    server, that they have there - often ad supported, your page not found pages. Uhh, what do 
    you mean? The name servers allows for a DNS transfer or something?
    Angyl: You don't even know do you?
    Moot: I'm not exactly into computers, enlighten me.
    Angyl: Wow...
    Moot: I kinda - I kinda got stuck with that whole system administrator job, it's not like I chose 
    it - I don't like computers.
    Angyl: You don't like computers? How can you not like computers and run 4chan? 
    Not only... I think it's a *indecipherable* that you don't have 4chan anymore, honestly - 
    cause you fucked it up! You fucking ruined 4chan. Slowly over time you just picked and 
    picked at it and changed fucking rules and just picked and picked and you fucking 
    destroyed it bro. Why would you ---
    Moot: Hey my mom is - my - my mom is calling me, so I'm gonna go. Mommies got a... feelin'. I gotta go 
    through these bills hun, so I'll talk to you later.
    Angyl: Well, tell you what - you better get that - uh - fansign to me ASAP, ooooor I'll 
    talk to your mommy next. Ok Hunny?
    Moot: Ok. Ok. Bye - Bye.
    Angyl: Ok you have a really, really good night? *Mwah*....... Fucking idiot ...


    The bitch that stole m00tle's Xmas cookies

    Moot reportedly gave in to Angyl's demands at approximately 4:00 PM EST time on 12/15/07. When the hijacker received a briefcase containing 3 tacos and all the money Moot made off selling 4chan Gold accounts to pedos, she relinquished DNS authority back to fagg0t. No word on the blow jays -except they are currently at 100/1 to win the World Series.

    Communications from [Lulz]

    Any contacts with 'Harlot' were met with cynicism and newfaggotry

    SMenace2Society: tell her to give back 4chan
    SMenace2Society: and you'll get helicopters
    Harlot: NO WAI
    SMenace2Society: http://www.woot.com/
    SMenace2Society: wai
    Harlot: YOUR LYING TO ME
    Harlot: only in bed.
    SMenace2Society: now gimme the chan password
    Harlot: k drowssap
    SMenace2Society: drowssap?
    SMenace2Society: wtf kinda password is that
    Harlot: its r00t
    Harlot: duh

    Faggotry is Srs Bsns

    Not che.png

    The group promises to give what they like to call "The Peoples' 4chan" back to them, supposedly an overall better 4chan. The people of [lulz] held a 'press release' on their IRC in which confused anonymous could asked questions about this whole matter.

    [[Hide this faggotry (LOL Pirate Bay!)][Simplified Version of the Questions and Answers]]

    14 December 2007 - Diditforthelulz.com gets hold of the 4chan.org domain and promises to bring the 
    peoples' 4chan back to anonymous. 
    Written by anonymous present at the "press release".
    Q. When the fuck is 4chan getting back online. I honestly could care less about the chances as long 
    as the essential idea of the website remains the same.
    Well Anon9001, we were workong on the board early this morning. We had this all set up for you guys 
    so the transfers would go smoothly. Safly, people wouldn't behave themselves and spammed child porn 
    when we told them to wait. thats why the pirate bay will host us So we are moving our hosts and the 
    page should be up by early monday morning. ((Newfag doesn't know Sweden, where thepiratebay is 
    hosted, has strong Anti-CP policies.))
    Q. I'm sure.. all for the lulz right ???
    Yes, this was done for the lulz r0d3nt. I understand you guys want the board up as fast as possible. 
    We are workong it as fast as we can. We're going to make it faster and give you more freedom to post 
    and talk about what you want.
    Q. Why did you refuse to follow the Anonymous tradition of imageboards and non-namefaggotry?
    Well, at first we were going to try something new. But, in the end we changed it to anon and non name 
    and they posted cp and reported it. There will be an imageboard.
    Q. Same rules as 4chan?
    Most of the rules are the same except for posting. You can post what you want to post.
    Q. Conscerning your previous answer. How is that any different or better?
    Because, the previous failchan was just plain gay. Cp was removed constantly, here it will stay for 
    as long as you want. I don't care what you post. You're welcome to post whatever. Just be smart about 
    what you post.
    Q. And there's no concern over the illegality of that?
    Thats all lulz asks you to do, Well, if it gets out of hand we'll clean it up. Threads will be pruned 
    Q. Are you dumping the worksafe boards since theres not much point in having them now? Giving as 
    postings going ot be unregulated and all...
    We'll have them. But it wont be as regulated. You're your own master. It's your responcibility to 
    watch what you post.
    Q. Firstly, moot indeed gave you the 4chan? There's some confusion about this. Where you stole the 
    dns or were given it?
    Yes, moot gave me the dns. He told me over the phone when I called him that I could have it and he 
    didn't give a "fuck".
    Q. Ie what you are saying you stole it and moot does not care anymore
    As of right now, I own all rights an intellecutal properties and those are merged with lulz and its 
    Q. You cannot fight the armys of anon really
    Anonymous agrees with us, you come here and make 4chan what it should be, as a master.
    Q. What is 4chan supposed to be?
    Imageboard lol
    Q. Don't you think that moot isn't serious when he said you could have it? he probably makes 
    advertising revenue off of 4chan in fact, i know he does, since he has a bunch of servers, and even a 
    sysadmin. He wouldnt give it up just like that.
    He doesn't give a fuck about the board. Everyone knows. He has 3 servers and moot himself admited he 
    doesn't know shit about computers or running a site.
    Q. Second where are the servers located? If you plan on putting CP to be posted, you might want to 
    put them in a remote area of the world.
    We plan on sticking them in an anon hosting service. Cp won't be allowed. Just be smart.
    Q. Whats the difference between the freedom of of the old /b/ filled with camwhores, furries and 
    combofags between the freedom of the new /b/ ?
    The freedom of old /b/ let newfags run wild and kill jokes and mems etc. Here people can do what they 
    want. But if you start spamming shit, will be banned. But anything goes.
    Q. What is your current plan against getting repeatedly /. and digg'd ?
    Let them digg us all they want. It just spreads our good name and lets people know about the new 
    Q. My primary use of 4chan is getting anime wallpapers. Are we going to get an image board dedicated 
    to wallpapers, perhaps only anime themed?
    All of the original boards will be in the new 4chan.
    We'll currently retain all of the sections 4chan had previously. If a new section is wanted. We'll 
    have a poll. If it as approved we'll have it. Because our board is the board of the people.
    Q. Firstly, what is the new managment's position on furries?
    Furries for all.
    Q. Are we going to get moderators who are not members of diditforthelulz?
    Yes, you guys will have the mod powers. But a few of you only.
    Q. 4chan is and always has been fine, mootfaggotry or not.  Why try to change it? Do you realize that 
    it is going to be a huge responsibility? I mean, there will be cp floods, crapfloods, and definately 
    DOS attacks to deal with. Don't you realize your actions will kill this site (if not, then just 
    seriously bruise it or split it)? Also, isn't newfag just a word invented by newfags themselves? 
    Seriously, does 4chan need such reckless elitistss.
    DDOS attacks do nothing with us. Let the little newfags gigaload and try somethhing. 420 chan tried 
    to raid us and they failed and we made fun of them for days untilt they disappeared. We're going to 
    take in this responcibility. I understand what it is. I am ready to accept it. We are ready to handle 
    Q. Are you seriously going to allow furfags on 4chan?
    If the people vote for it then furfags can come in. Remember, it's your decision.
    Q. Are you writing your own code for the imageboard?
    Yes anon we will.
    Q. I've been looking over this stuff, and according to http://4chanstatus.blogspot.com/ , the domain 
    name was stolen. Not handed over.
    Moot handed it over on the phone. Do you believe everything you see? There's another board where he 
    says he gave it to us.
    Q. /r/ link to said board (Questioned skipped but the someone asked for a follow up to that question)
    The fact is, moot does not care about the chan. He never did. I spoke to him over the phone, he 
    doesn't give a shit. People will bitch and people will love it. I'm not forcing them to do anything.
    Q. How long until the new site is ready ? Servers being deployed ? New Code ?
    Q. First, What is your plan of action upon receiving a daytona attack, or a reflective snmp attack? 
    Better said attacks notreily filtered
    Our servers can withstand any attacks you toss at us. We have gone to great lengths with our coders 
    working on custom scripts that block anything you toss at us. Just remember, you aren't fucking with 
    our mail serverws. You can try, but port sentry will autobban you.
    Q. Do you plan on implementing Http security measures to prevent xss, image php inclusions, image 
    javascript inclusions, and how familiar are you with jpeg, png, gif formats and there inharent 
    We've already made sure that lfi's rfi's and zss don't happen. I understand you're concerned about 
    what's going to happen when ti goes up. But don't be. We aren'ta noob hut like ebaumsworld.
    Q. What security measures will be taken on your part to protect users from federal involvement? Do 
    you watch the network you are on, the hops, and will you develop a custom http that will no log or 
    cache address information, removing ip cache and the like from the host system?
    We're moving our hosts out of the country and our boards wont cache ip's. SSL may be enabled.
    Q. What proof other than, [moot] "he told me on the phone" do u have for us that moot handed over 
    4chan to you? an i do congratulate you, this does look very good, i wish lulz the best of luck 
    running 4chan
    I record my skype calls. If he ever tries to argue I can simply play the recording as evidence.
    Q. I mean you really must find soem way of clearing that up because there are still so many ppl out 
    here doubting that moot actually handed it over...
    [[Image:4chan hq.jpg|thumb|right|260px|The new 4chan HQ]]
    Well the newfags say different.


    File:Blowjay moot.jpg
    fagg0t: Will blow for jays.
    File:Angyl PartyVan.jpg
    Soon? Already, perhaps? Inquiring minds want to know.

    v& is not a metaphor and this is overflowing LOL.

    The suspended page was later updated with the following notice:

    Glexia is in constant contact with Moot and other 4chan executives and we are working both with them and the Party Van to resolve this situation as soon as possible.



    WHO REALLY DID 12/14???

    An offer to meet the whale's demands.

    XyriX using CeLe

    A whale of a wigger, Xyrix is the admin skiddie behind DIDITFORTHELULZ faggotry. Howevar, recent developments have discovered that Moby Dick was working in cahoots with CeLe -aka the guy m00t pays to host 4chan. Yeah moot pays not cele to host the site but EPIC lulz will tell us he pays colo4you, but xyrix has you believe otherwise. Who to believe - a whale or a wigger....

    Working along with Angyl, it's pretty much confirmed at this point after a full screen cap of him 'managing' the 4chan domains were posted and his aka -theb0lt- was seen clearly on his desktop. e-detectives traced theb0lt (who just had his Skype hijacked...lol) back to a googlecash of his page at the h1j4xed 4chan under the name http://www.4chan.org/member.php?u=865.


    teamdouche are a gang of h4><0r5 on skittles that once included The Bitch Who Stole 4chan and her boyfriend in their tree fort. And like fellow skiddies the g00ns, they also claimed 12/14 as their EPIC WIN.

    Initially, it was suspected that her former skiddie crew teamdouche did brb, compromised after an e-detective had found compromising IRC chat logs. Howevar, it turns out that she'd long since been on the outs with them and actually helped Anonymous Borg when they dropped her dox on their site (which has since been suspended for said dox).

    Being 1337 enough to drop Angyl's dox still doesn't make them remotely kewl kids, as can be demonstrated below.

    Chlogs from Angyl's former crew who later went and dropped dox on her: irc.bluehell.org #teamloosh (6667) Saturday 14:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ (&SubZ) your chan is like epic fail Saturday 13:01 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ a0 is crying on msn "i thought we cud still be friends m8" SHOULD I? Friday 11:01 (2007-12-14) Saturday 12:02 (2007-12-15) [+ntrQlf] http://www.teamloosh.com/ we 0wn3d 4chan :O dont fucking tell ANYBODY



    Or DID they???



    Reagan Who was present on the DIDITFORTHELULZ Teamspeak server the day 4chan was hacked managed to capture a small snippet of a conversation between himself and XyriX In the conversation at one point you can hear Reagan asking XyriX if the new chan will be called 4chan to which XyriX replies yes the audio file can be downloaded here --> OH SHI- oh and im /r/ing a Jewtube from it.



    [LULZ] has also been demonstrated to be the same people as Lulznet, not that anyone really cares. Lulznet is disappointedly not taking ANY action, but Lulznet and g00ns fusioned and are at least opposed to diditforthelulz. The IRC for the raid was on freechan till it went down.


    The latest conspiracy theory has it that XyriX's gaylord pal CeLe as one in the same as the owner of the Glexia, 4chan's domain host.

    Nothing interesting in the photo.. Except the sign on the wall that says "CeLe HQ".

    It seemz xyrifag couldn't handel the ownage he was receiving so tried to pass it off to his host. Too bad the anon has his grannys telephonos and planz on rapingz them.

    Compare the information for diditforthelulz.com and glexia.com. Yeah.

    The People Finder [1] at the University of Massachusetts brings up four Michael Williams.

    Also rather lulzworthy, the fact that the butthurt kiddies came back to /b/ on December 18th, almost a full week from the event only to attempt to boost their e-gos a little bit by declaring victory -again- and spamming up scat and furry pr0n. They were met only with the cold, unforgiving sarcasm of anonymous and /b/.


    I hope muffpoot gets these script kiddies v&. Don't get me wrong. I hate muffpoot. But I hate stupid whores and faggot haxsors kids even more. Unwarranted self importance, etc.

    I love the fact that they think they're just going to squat on the DNS and make a "new glorious 4chan." As if they have any conception of how to support 4chan's bandwidth. One look at what happened to their site only minutes after the redirect tells you they are COMPLETELY unprepared for this burden. And then there's the inherent legal question. Since muffpoot was PAYING for this service, they technically just stole it. Basically it's like a group of 13 year olds who steal a van and park it in front of their "secret hideout" (mom's house) despite the fact that they don't really know how to drive, they have nowhere to drive to and they don't have any money to buy gas.


    —posted on 420chan

    The internet is serious business.


    —Any onlooker who hasn't recently had a lobotomy

    They did it for the lulz, and that's what counts.


    Glexia got butthurt

    4chan warning.png

    After the whole ordeal, users started to rape Glexia. This notice was put up to avoid further butthurt to Glexia.


    See Also

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    the cancer that is killing /b/
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