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    Brainlesswonder combines his sensitive nature with his photoshop skills

    File:Lj-favicon.png brainlesswonder, otherwise known as (reply from suspended user), has been stirring the livejournal pot since 2001. He stumbled onto the lj scene as a confused and married bisexual. He claims to be both a lawyer and a welder from Glendale.

    He began his livejournal career in the debate community. His flying pigs icon was the "LuftWaffe" of the feminist community, eventually leading lj_abuse to start suspending users just for sporting it. He was a casualty of the great feminazi war of 2002, and was perma-banned from lj much to the joy of tata sensitive women everywhere. This ban inspired many debate users to adopt the flying pigs in protest. His permaban was lifted in 2005, making his suspension the longest recorded in lj history. His account was suspended again after an alleged hacking.

    He is a sexist, racist, conservative bigot that has been witnessed trying to pick up mentally challenged women in the cutters community. He is known to falsify Mark Twain Quotes so often that people include them in their user info.

    He once broke livejournal.

    He has been Dramouted on multiple occasions.

    The Suspended Years

    Being a big fat loser, brainlesswonder continued his assault on lj under more than a hundred various accounts that were systematically hunted and destroyed by the livejournal abuse team inspiring contests about his new identity. His army of sock puppet journals made eliminating him from a personal journal very difficult. His crowning achievement is most likely kkk_membership. He also earned internet stardom as hell_fudge with the infamous "survivors suck" post in which he suggested that rape victims "walk it off" and also "the best 40 bucks I ever spent" which detailed how he battled the inconvenience of protestors with his urine. As jerzeeegrrrrrrl, he spurred 900 comments of anguish by suggesting that it seemed silly to charge someone with murder for killing a homeless man. All three entries have since been removed by lj_abuse.

    Lest We Forget Those That Have Fallen
    uniquely_common fierce_lemming part_time_human i_am_your_clock
    fetus_buffet white_like_mike gh0stlight low_expectation
    violent_redneck famous_person snow_angel_love absolutclam
    braincramp jerzeeegrrrrrrl salvation2me jerry_seinfeld

    Typical Brainless Speak

    • Perspective is why I date girls with small hands.
    • There are many things in our society worth throwing a few bucks at, most of them dance the pole.
    • You might try wiping the elitest masturabatory stink off your fingers, especially if you're gonna have Tacos.

    Random Examples of Trollery

    Community Bannings

    Too many to list, so here is the abridged version:

    See also

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