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    Brad Dayley

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    Bradley Dayley in happier times (in full pic, victim is to his left)
    Mr. Harris, "dat sum cp!"

    Some months ago, it came to the attention of a concerned citizen that 12chan had stepped up its operation from merely importing pictures of Eastern European loli, to producing them - but with white American girls, thanks to a nefarious agent on the inside... That agent was none other than 12chan hero and pedo-scum, 38-year-old Bradley Dayley of Elk Grove, CA! Mr. Dayley was charged with sexually molesting a 12-year-old female relative over a three year period and, additionally, an 18-year-old girl who was sixteen at the time.

    Being a pretty cool guy, Mr. Dayley was found in possession of a hoarder's amount of pornographic pictures and videotapes: all evidence used later to send him to the Irony Hole. The exact same content was also found on the front page of the JB section of the Internet Hellfire Club. But, much to the chagrin of the average user, not uploaded was Mr. Dayley's private stash - his famed penetration pics and a legendary cumshot, where his load was reportedly seen around the young girls ass.
    But even before these files existed, there was a link posted on his daughter, Jessie's, Stickam account: a secret path for cool kids, which led to tantalizing, and frequently updated "request-pics" that Dayley himself took and uploaded. With no father to get in the way (except during a threesome), "Jessie" and her sister became e-famous - like sexual genies - instantly, for their youth and their willingness to pose for pictures and requests. Such was their fame, that the "Jessie/Brianna" thread was stuck at the forefront of /jb/ and protected by the mods.

    Busted and V&

    Jessie displaying a proof sign
    "How could you not have noticed, Mrs Dayley?"
    "...well played"

    According to an old media interview with Mr. Dayley's neighbour, Dave Harris, he told a reporter that one day Dayley came sauntering over to his house and, in the garage, over a cup of coffee, bragged that he was in possession of some seriously awesome pornography; "best of all," it featured his young daughter AND HE COULD SEE IF HE WANTED, TOO!!
    Mr. Harris, suppressing some serious nigger rage, calmly asked Mr. Dayley to leave his garage and stop talking about child pornography, which is illegal. Harris immediately called the police, who, after customarily beating and framing niggers, promptly arrested the pedo next-door.

    It was only a matter of time till he got caught, really. If you're gonna molest a girl, don't post tons of sexually provocative pictures of her all over the internet. We're grateful, but that's just plain stupid.


    —one of the more intelligent pedopals

    Like a fat noob slob, Brad Dayley had left stacks of homemade CP sitting out in the proverbial open, unencrypted or even stored elsewhere on a data stick, or anything! Issuing a search warrant at his Foremast Court home, the police quickly discovered 3-years worth of documented sexual abuse, and promptly hauled the worthless faggot off to stand before the mod of serious business, to plead his gay little case ("not guilty" lol), and be sentenced to becoming a sandninja until dead. Until then, the faggot's bail was set at $500,000 - but is now $1.5 million!
    (With such a plethora of evidence unguarded all around the house, it is staggering to think that the oblivious Mrs. Dayley, the Xanax Cowgirl, never noticed anything, EVER; easily making her THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD.)

    Since his incarceration, nobody has come to visit Bradley. No filecakes have been baked; just a Twinkie passed by a guard, with a razor and a note stuffed inside, that read, DO IT FAGGOT.

    Officer Trim, the cop responsible for handling the case and any 3rd-party questions, (and who was probably staring Mrs. "Lithium Day" Dayley right-on, dead in the eyes) reminded the general public that: '"...if anyone notices any strange, inappropriate or suspicious activities that involve young children, to contact authorities immediately".

    Pure Gold: the Pictures on 12chan

    The "Jessie/Brianna" sets have reportedly been posted numerous times over the year, being subject to a looping "seasonal type" cycle of deletion and rebirth; notably whenever 12chan is subject to 3rd party review; especially now, thanks to the case of Bradley Dayley and the legal action taken against 12chan's founder. Slowly but surely, as mentioned, the Sisyphean collection will eventually be re-upped, fapped to, updated, traded, and deleted, all over again: so the cycle goes.

    The source is 12CHAN They were posted on here around the 7th or 8th of September and the thread was taken down right after that. Then this thread was started. So They are there.


    Despite having been re-upped last Thursday, many loyal kiddie fiddlers noticed that the thread was no longer being updated. According to comments left in the thread, this was unusual, as Jessie's dad routinely abused her she loved to take pics: fulfilling daily requests, and uploading the pictures and videos right after...
    Unaware that their hero was behind bars in the steely clutches of an violence obsessed psychopath, accusations of hoarding swirled, balls turned blue, and brother beset on brother. When the dust settled, it was reported that totally radical kid fucker and 12chan hero, Bradley Dayley, had been caught and locked up for rape-cest, forever. So the pictures would never be updated again -- unless the hoarders stopped fucking hoarding already.

    Read a rumor recently, on two separate boards.

    Let me begin by saying that I have no evidence on this, but it sounds plausible. It was stated that someone recognized her and was "rather aggressive" about it. She got frightened (understandably) and has stopped posing or, at least, posting. Again, I HAVE NO PROOF, but it sure sounds believable, all things considered. Popularity comes with a price. Especially when dealing with delinquents like us.


    I heard her Dad got pissed with certain guys sharing pics that were supposed to be private and now only shares with a select few who are sworn to secrecy or they won't get any new pics or be allowed to watch her shows on Smotri.


    I heard she died in a fire, oh wait that was part of a good dream I had the other night. Damn you reality.



    Many refused to believe that their bro messiah was guilty - believing that their Jessie did the things she did because all criminally young girls LOVE to fuck their dad and have him show all his stranger friends online. Eventually, however, the masses came to accept reality and, with a collective sigh that it wasn't their ass on the line... and it never would be... SAGED the shit out of the article.
    And so the craze that was Jessie ends not with with a bang but a whimper - namely, that of the humongous faggot Bradley Dayley as the shadow of countless friendly prison people befall his naked, flabby form and true justice, in the form of eternal RAPEVENGE is carried out.

    Meanwhile, those who supported his actions and contributed to the IRL rape of a real kids, by requesting newer and sicker shit done to them, get off fucking easy: unabashed; having archived what they've seen, guilt-free.



    Where's your cool hat and 12chan friends now big guy?


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