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    Some argue that boytaurs are more fucked up than furries. They'd unfortunately be correct.

    Seriously, WTF?

    Boytaurs are the end result of Photoshop. They're like centaurs, but rather than having a horse bottom, they have an extra set of human legs. They may or may not have two penii; it all depends on the faggotry of the "artist" in question.

    What is this faggotry?

    On the Web

    Sadly, boytaurs are starting to gain popularity on the web, though they have not achieved the sky-skritching visibility that furries have achieved. Boytaurs are usually featured here, here, and here.

    Sometimes they're drawn, which makes them all the more shitty.

    Moar Examples of This Faggotry

    There are even "riveting" stories written about boytaurs, such as:

    I had been overcome with lust for Roy the first time I laid eyes on him in the nude gay humantaur bar, one of my favorite places not only because it's one of the few nude bars I know of, but especially because the gorgeous muscular tall young naked guys there all have four arms and four legs! Even among them, Roy stood out. He was beautiful and broad-shouldered, blonde and with a rare and very sexy four-armed, six-legged body. He was very sexy and muscular, and set all of the naked humantaurs' huge hardons a-sway when his giant, gentle body bumped theirs in the crowded bar.



    All you had to do at the site was point and click on the centaur icon, and you became a centaur! Your bud had encouraged you, because your bud has always been hot on the fantasy of you as a centaur.

    You've been riding your bud around town bareback, loving his hands on your shoulders. Your shoulders have grown bigger and broader along with your back and chest, because centaurs are endowed with godlike torsos, in proportion to their stallion horse bodies. Your hair had grown to back-length, and while riding you, your bud made it into a sexy ponytail.

    Later, you and your bud had awesome sex, and you had pumped him so full of your centaur come from the huge centaur penises between your front legs and your back legs that your bud has become kind of drunk, due to the intoxicating effect of your come on his body. It's worked on him like a love potion, and he's all yours now, and you're loving it, because he's a stud in his own right.




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    ponyfag version

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