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Boxxy/IRC Conversation With Boxxys Hacker

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Boxxy/IRC Conversation With Boxxys Hacker is part of a series on Chat Logs
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[01:46] <Sigh> i understand that you think i'm a faggot. you can say whatever you like about CBCR in the ED article, i don't give a
 shit. but at least listen to me on this point. xenu is a fucktard. i know you have no reason to believe me, but we did not leak
 those documents. i swear to you we didn't. despite the fact we explicitly told everyone not to mention the dox to anyone, xenu in
 his faggotry was...
[01:46] <Sigh> ...answering some guy who was asking where it was. xenu is hardly a high-ranking guy in cbcr; he helped create our
 ftp server, he helped us find our irc server, and he donated his domain, but i promise you that is all he did. you can edit the 
section to say whatever shit you like about us, how we're faggots, idiots, etc. but if you actually want to keep truth, please edit 
the caption saying...
[01:46] <Sigh> ...we endorsed the leak of the documents. fuck, i'm trying to end the faggotry by putting an end to it but i don't 
want people thinking we spread the documents
[01:46] <Sigh> please just listen to me on that one small point
[01:46] <Sigh> that's all i'm asking
[01:46] <Sigh> you can ban me immediately
[01:46] <zaiger> I'm not going to ban you
[01:47] <Sigh> do whatever the hell you want
[01:47] <zaiger> hang on let me read what you wrote
[01:47] <Sigh> i'm just telling you that i promise we did not try to spread anything
[01:47] <Sigh> honestly
[01:47] <Sigh> after that we can never say a word again
[01:47] <Sigh> and the internet can move on from the boxxy shit
[01:47] <zaiger> ok
[01:47] <zaiger> that's fine
[01:48] <Sigh> i'm guessing you don't believe me
[01:48] <zaiger> listen
[01:49] <zaiger> I was there as soon as you guys took down her videos
[01:49] <zaiger> and uploaded yours
[01:49] <zaiger> Xenu was bragging in the comments the second it happened
[01:49] <Sigh> i know 100%
[01:49] <zaiger> I will edit the caption
[01:49] <Sigh> check xenu's profile
[01:49] <Sigh> every single fucking video he does this
[01:50] <zaiger> but I'm not taking the screenshot down
[01:50] <Sigh> me and vodderz despise the guy
[01:50] <Sigh> you can keep the screenshot
[01:50] <zaiger> I will edit the caption
[01:50] <Sigh> the guy's just looking for e-fame though
[01:50] <Sigh> when he didn't do shit
[01:50] <zaiger> I have nothing against you guys
[01:50] <Sigh> alright
[01:50] <zaiger> I write satire
[01:50] <zaiger> I hate on everything
[01:50] <zaiger> that's what gets us adclicks
[01:50] <Sigh> we understand. we don't even disagree with the article.
(EDitors note: I find ^ extremely amusing, considering the article calls them faggots at least 10 times)
[01:50] <zaiger> alright
[01:50] <Sigh> it's just that i want it understood we didn't spread anything
[01:51] <Sigh> i got in indirect contact with boxxy today
[01:51] <Sigh> she's extremely frightened
[01:51] <Sigh> she doesn't need this shit, and i don't want people thinking we did it
[01:51] <zaiger> I could imagine
[01:51] <Sigh> every single pastebin that is spreading the documents, we reported
[01:51] <Sigh> and they take them down pretty fast
[01:51] <Sigh> so it's working decently
[01:51] <zaiger> Yeah I noticed they were deleted
[01:52] <Sigh> some people on /b/ are saying that they're going to hunt her down in real life
[01:52] <Sigh> obviously most of them are lying
[01:52] <Sigh> but it'd take just 1 or 2 guys to make her life miserable
[01:52] <Sigh> if they actually find her house
[01:52] <zaiger> yeah they are fucking retards
[01:52] <Sigh> anyway, we completely removed CBCR and the irc channel. we don't want anything more to do with this.
[01:52] <Sigh> we considered giving boxxy all the accounts back but she obviously doesn't want them since she doesn't want this fame
 and since they're all flooded with shit anyway
[01:53] <Sigh> she's done, we're done, and we want everything to just move on
[01:53] <zaiger> sounds good
[02:01] <Sigh> thanks man
[02:01] <Sigh> hopefully this can all be over with within a few days
[02:02] <Sigh> just to let you know, i always thought ED was a good site. i go there all the time and still will.
[02:02] <Sigh> i've done some serious thinking though
[02:02] <Sigh> and i wish i never got involved with boxxy at all
[02:02] <Sigh> so, it's over, probably for good
[02:02] <zaiger> Yeah that probably wasn't the best idea
[02:02] No such nick/channel