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Of the lesser sexual deviants and psychotics, the worst of these are the Children. Small, fragile minded creatures that they are, they are invariably distraught when the Truth of the Interbuttz hits them, causing them to take one of three paths:

  • Retreating from the internet entirely
  • Retreating to their hugbox for a time
  • Attempt to grow a pair and liek ttly pwn teh flamerz

The third path usually ends one of two ways: with some fail, or with a lot of fail. The ones that fail slightly less tend to go and lurk moar, in time becoming one of the valued members of e-society that we all value so much. The ones who don't learn, however, tend to wind up like Chris-chan - living at home with Ma at 30 years, wondering why the internet is laughing at them.

One of these people is Booster4444.

Approximately Five Seconds

File:Booster4444 Grammar advice.jpg
Who needs correct capitalisation, anyway?

That's About How Long It Will Take For You To Realize You Hate Him With An Unholy Passion.

And That's Just For His Unique Capitalisation. Some Current Theories As To Why He Types Like This Is Because He Has A Deep Seated Urge To Differentiate Himself From The Flock. Others Infer That Its Because He Has A Deep Seated Urge To Seat Himself Deeply On A Huge Piece Of Man Meat.

Asides from the numerous DevianTartlets who have informed him of his grammatical inadequacies, he's even searched out the help of "professionals" online to help with his creative story writing. Whose advice he then promptly ignores.

Ifavtrash Incident

Watchers of the lulz on Deviantart might remember this. Essentially, ifavtrash was going about doing what they do best - causing butthurt. Predictably, Booster4444 (Also known as Keith, quite possible the gayest name in existence besides Bruce) got butthurt, as is a homo's wont. Just in case you didn't get that, his name is

I sense much butthurt in this one.

Moar on the ifavtrash incident can be found here (fancy that).

Later (or possibly before, timeline be damned) Booster4444 noticed a damsel in distress; another tartlet by the name of Cavallina had also been added to the trash pile. Realizing this was a golden opportunity to hide his love of the cock and prove his e-manliness, he set to defending Cavallina from the various Deviantards following on the coat tails of ifavtrash's lulz.

In short, all that happened was some small lulz occurred, various comments about his failure to English properly were made and good ol' Keith somehow managed to gain the notion that he matters, and people care about him and his opinion.

Trolling a Troll

In any event, Booster4444 has decided that he is now, being sufficiently hardened on the internet, ready to rock and troll other Deviantart users. As you've probably predicted, this resulted in a less than spectacular display of fail and facepalm, on all accounts. Mainly due to Booster4444's overwhelming faggotry, it was by no small means made worse by the overwhelming tl;dr and unwarranted self importance of the other DevianTart, Silver-Amphiptheatre. As unfortunate as it is, they both thought they were being witty.

To give you an idea of who Silver-Amphiptheatre is - he isn't anybody; he's a nobody who hasn't realized it yet. As far as we're able to tell, the only reason this colossal failure hasn't been banned from DA yet is because he threw precious money away for the oh so vital priviledge of having an asterisk next to his username, and the DA admins are hoping he will help to fund their next cock and coke binge when his subscription runs out some time next year.

Watch this space for pics, people.

His only saving grace is Disregard that, he's Australian. There is no saving grace.

Overwhelming Faggotry Sockpuppetry

GanondorfDragmire is, it would seem, a sock puppet account of Booster4444's. Previously acting as a voice of reason and maturity in the ifavtrash and consequent events, He acts as something in between mediator and yes-man to Booster4444 and the people he interacts with. One theory postulates that Booster4444 is actually trying to create an older brother figure to fill the void in his life.

In more recent events, GanondorfDragmire is acting as, what would seem, an intelligence gatherer - posing as a concerned bystander, he asks what is going on in the most recent confrontation.

Except that Booster4444 forgot to actually use the sock puppet account since the ifavtrash/Cavallina incident, revealing both the sockpuppet and his inability to correctly internet.


I Love Playing With You.

So When Are You Gonna Kiss My Ring? It's Waiting...


—— Booster4444 being totally straight.

Been Kicked By A Kangaroo In The Head One Too Many Times, Eh?


—— Booster4444 hitting an Australian where it hurts: right in the Marsupial.


It Is My Experience That Love Is The Greatest Feeling And Therefore The Most Powerful Of Emotions. It Is Incredibly Broad, There Are MANY Kinds, Including Friendly Love, Love For Cousins, Siblings, Parents, Children, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews, Nieces, Strangers, Our World, Plants, Animals And Basically Everything You Could Imagine. Not Just Romantic. True Love Means Also Absolute Loyalty, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Tolerance And Other Such Things. It Is Our Greatest Gift.

True Love Is Unconditional And Can Be In ANY Form. It Is Goodness In It's Truest Form.


—— Booster4444, True Poet Laureate and Philosopher extraordinaire.

No, You Don't Fail. You Should've Seen Me On The Morning Of June 10th. I Cried So Hard And So Pitifully I Amazed Myself. Thought I Couldn't Go On And Talk To Any Of You.

If You Really Need To Stay Off To Accomplish Some Things, Might I Suggest Putting A Limit On Daily Time, Especially If You Go On And Can't Find Anything To Do. So You Could Have A Standard Limit Which Could Flex Based On Times When There Isn't Much To When You Really Want To Strech Internet Time.


—— Booster4444 gives advice on how to spend time on the internet efficiently, and on failing like a pro.

I Made A Big, Unintelligent Mistake.


—— We can only assume that his Mother/sister/grandmother/younger brother woke up.



Deviantart-favicon.png deviantart Tartlet

Deviantart-favicon.png ifavtrash A true master of the lulz, and they're legit to boot

Deviantart-favicon.png silver-amphiptere Silver-Amphiptheatre So much facepalm. So, so much.

Deviantart-favicon.png ganondorfdragmire GanondorfDragmire A sock puppet account belonging to Booster4444.

Deviantart-favicon.png inforin-oscar-koopa Inforin-Oscar-Koopa Yet another sock puppet account belonging to Booster4444, is currently inactive. Named after his Koopa OC.

Deviantart-favicon.png farnos-the-boo Another sock puppet account, so far seems to have been created so he can make it say hello to his Inforin account.

greentwilightlord}} GreenTwilightLord The account that Booster4444 is currently active on. He is currently denying all knowledge of Booster4444, and defies all claims as to his identity. He doesn't seem to realise that the internet is not as retarded as he is.

[email protected] - After displaying some comment or witticism implying that He's not going to let anyone know his age, he goes and posts this on his DA profile. As it turns out, he's just 14 or so.

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