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Even a Disgusting Piece of shit disgusting Rapist is better than you.


— Boogie Referring to 15 year olds trolling him for being a fat fuck

Boogie is not actually going to Old Navy, he is going to Mcdonalds in reality however cannot show that as he is on a "diet"

Steven Jay Williams (Born 24th July 1974) Also known as Boogie2988, is an Fat faggot known for his youtube channel in which he either pretends to be an "alter ego" known as Francis, or bitches about Gaming and Youtube Bullshit. However in recent years, he has been in multiple shitfests after it was found out that he was a fat fucking idiot the whole time.

Early Days

Steven began his life in a shithole family that is likely the cause of his Retarded Personality in later life. He would eventually open up a Youtube Channel in 2006 and would upload a video of himself having a seizure listening to some shitty music. However his seizure didnt get any attention as he was a failure, so he decided to make up his "alter ego" known as Francis, this would lead to him becoming very big after some help from Ray William "Dipshit Copyright Abuser" Johnson with his shitty series on Videos. This would lead to Boogie becoming more popular even though he was a fat fuck. Overtime people started to Respect him for his supposedly kind personality when he wasn't pretending to be Francis, some even claiming he was the The Mr Rogers of the internet. Overtime he would eventually get into Youtube Drama which he would get his reputation for being a Fence Sitter that just spurted out whatever bullshit was going on at that time.

Weight "Loss"

Boogie lies to get people to suck his Dick

Sometime in 2017, Boogie realized he was a fat fuck and needed a diet, so he claimed to have lost 100 pounds in a couple months. This however wouldnt last as Boogie had a Blood oath with Ronald Mcdonald that stated that if he were to give up on eating 38 big macs per day, he would be damned to the pits of Hell for his sins against the Mcdonalds Company, so he instantly gained most of his weight back within a year. Not everything was bad for boogie though, as he could make a bullshit video about it later on.

Boogie gets into a hole He Cant Escape from

Overtime, Boogies viewership began to decline due to his Videos being Youtube Bullshit and the Slow Retirement of Francis, Because he was slowly turning into him. Eventually this would lead to his Reddit Personality finally being shown. It turned out Boogie had been acting like a fucking idiot outside of his videos and eventually he was trolled and mocked for it, leading to his "Rant", where he would claim that the people trolling him were worse than Rapists. This of course led to people finally realizing he was a Mentally Retarded Redditor, and he began to lose subscribers and lose views to the point viewership went down to 90k on some occasions.

Enough is Enough

Is this what we have to do ? .


— Boogie Threatening Frank Hassle with a gun

Boogie Pointing a gun because he is a pussy

Boogies biggest fuckup came when Frank Hassle began to fuck with him for being a fat fuck. Eventually Frank decided he wanted to go to Boogies house in the Shithole state of Arkansas. Boogie in a shithead call with Frank threatened he was going to Pwn Him if he dared to go to Boogies House. Frank didnt listen and went to Boogies crappy house, this would lead to Boogie pissing his Pants and pulling out a gun on him. Frank laughed at boogies faggotry and called him a "Fat fag", this lead to boogie shooting the gun up in the sky, Frank would leave after this because he did not have time for boogies pathetic faggotry. This event would lead to boogie becoming more of a laughing stock and him losing more viewers.

Boogie is a Wanted Fatty

Boogie realizes Tyrone will destroy his Ass

On May 7th 2021, The Police department issued an arrested warrant for the Fat fuck as they realized that Boogie was a fat fuck that needed to be contained. He would turn himself in however, he got bailed out as he realized he would likely get Raped by 80 people in jail. People would suck his dick once more stating that he Did nothing wrong, even though he was a fat fuck that needed to be contained.

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