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    File:Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
    so you can't say anything bad! :-(

    Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

    The fuck is this

    His selfie in 2015. Feel free to add a dick to his mouth

    boogeyboy1 is a butthurt, 16-years-old crybaby who lives in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom (Real Name: Luke William Seaton) who just happens to became another faggot of the Rayman fandom. He was born on February 1st, 2000 to a dirty shithole of a family. He claims to be friendly to others, and yet he keeps managing to start drama over the most pathetic reasons. He even wrote a pity-no-pity apology journal as how he is "sorry" to everyone and as expected, it didn't work very fucking well, since he just went back to being the dense moron he is and started drama all over again.

    His Precious gary-stu + Other rip-off OC

    It is lovely how he made a short information about his gary-stu oc even his comment were shortly made such as "ok", "hmm...", ":|" or whatever. Here, read at your own risk.

    His Main OC aka himself (located on his deviantID):
    Name: Luke William Seaton A.K.A. Boogey boy A.K.A. Mr. Dark
    Sex: male
    Date of birth: 1/2/2000
    Age: 15-16
    Species: human
    Alignment: good (boogey boy 2003) then bad (all the time)
    Crushes: Kayleigh
    Likes: evil, darkness, lego, ruling the world, coca cola, devils, his idol Mr. Dark, his love Kayleigh, ales mansay, pepper, money, marvel universe, dark teensies.
    Dislikes: good, light, rayman, crash bandicoot, spyro, foiled plans, darkray, MAD, chad, angels, being called angel, DC universe, Globox, Grand Minimus, goth teensie, Barbara, nymphs of the Glade, Polokus, All of the good guys of the glade (How fucking specific).
    His FNaFaggot OC:
    This is my FNAF nightguard OC. Marvel Kent, Who looks like they did way too much crack.
    age: 31
    favorate anamatronic: freddy fazbear, foxy the pirate fox.
    least favorate anamatronic: chica the chicken, toy bonnie, toy chica.
    love: Carmen. (Who the HELL is that)
    Bio: marvel was a cowardly security guard who got a job at freddy fazbear's pizza to get some money for his wife's home, one nightshift...he was attacked by chica and she bit off a part of his security hat, which made marvel to despise her for doing it.
    (note to _____ this is not a mike schmidt rip off!)

    His total dramawhore island score on DeviantFART

    According to his attitude, he sits at chair quietly, send threats to people who direspectful over opinion, and make a hate art. Wow this kid is much appreciated to be featured here. He also hates critism which means it gaves himself cancer. Oh and did i mention he is a racist and nazi? Anyway here is the lulz of it all he did on internet.

    His adventure on other site

    Over 10 lulzies were submitted by this humanity faggot and that's a new record.

    Ways to piss off boogeyboy1

    Trolling Luke Seaton aka boobgeycunt1 is heavily easy as fuck, considering that he screams of the handle over fuck all. Here are some basic ways of pissing his pants:

    • Critique her precious gary-stu. (any form, good or bad)
    • Make gift art of his precious Gary-stu having sex with Justin Bieber.
    • Make gift art of his precious Gary-Stu being murdered.
    • Make gift art of his precious Gary-Stu as both of the above.
    • Make hate art of his precious Gary-Stu.
    • Critique his shitty attitude.
    • Spam him.
    • Make a rant about him.
    • Edit his wiki with SHREK or whatever he hates. Link to the wiki
    • Tell him that johnny test is better than the simpsons.
    • Call him out on his hypocrisy.

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