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    Boob Nazis

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    File:Toddler feeding.jpg
    Strangely enough, not doing this is child abuse.
    Even the kid knows something's not right . . .

    By now, everyone knows breastfeeding is a good thing. It's better for the baby, it's better for the mother, it's better for the environment, it's better for everyone except formula companies and the husbands who have to deal with their wives' saggy fried-egg-hanging-on-a-nail titties (a situation made all the worse because that stupid prick doctor wouldn't sew it up a little tighter).

    But what about breastfeeding a toddler? Or your dying mother? What about ranting about breastfeeding as portrayed on TV? Or about people who don't want to see your tits in public?

    Luckily, File:Lj-favicon.png boob_nazis is here for you! It's the perfect place to brag about your super-crunchy pop parenting techniques and wangst about how formula should be available by prescription only and you can never feed a baby anything but breastmilk. Start a grassroots revolution to end the formula companies' evil schemes to brainwash women into formula feeding! Don't forget to post plenty of pictures of your boobs! And what child-rearing community would be complete without waffle drama? And all this in the span of two weeks!

    Don't have a baby before being thoroughly indoctrinated by the boob nazis. Your ten-year-old milk sucker will thank you!


    File:Boob Nazis LJ.gif
    Oddly this icon was deemed far more acceptable.
    What? This article needs moar pictures of breastfeeding, preferably exposing the nipple.
    You can help by adding moar pictures of breastfeeding, preferably exposing the nipple.

    Nipplegate was the bannination of breastfeeding mothers from LiveJournal for having user icons depicting breastfeeding. It sparked major outrage from boob nazis across the Internets.


    Warning: Dangerously close to CP. Tits will never seem quite as attractive again

    On the other hand...

    Nazis with boobs can be quite interesting

    Ja Wohl!


    File:Rodstewart breastfed.jpg
    Rod Stewart supports breastfeeding.

    And Enemies

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