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    Boku No Pico

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    Promotional image for the series and the most SFW image you'll get out of the whole thing.

    When it comes to shotacon, it all boils down to the same: young boys in erotic situations. Boku No Pico (ぼくのぴこ - Translation: My Faggot Nigger Pico) is about as bad as it gets. Unlike your run-of-the-mill deviantART shota production by a basement dweller living in Bumblefuck, USA, Boku No Pico is a professionally made shotacon anime. Yes, people were paid in the production of this as it was mass produced by a pornography distributor (in fact, the company's name is Natural High).


    File:Pico asking for it.png
    You know you want him
    • Pico: The thirteen-year-old protagonist of the three-part series. Quite obviously a homosexual as the opening credits show him in Lycra shorts, a swimsuit and frilly panties, all with jangly happy J-pop in the background, because prepubescent transvestites are just the cutest things. His personality is childish, for the most part, except for when he is buttfucking another boy, in which case he acts like a naggy housewife who doesn't feel like she gets enough out of the relationship. He doesn't have any friends, sans two other boys and a grown man who only use him for sex.
    • Tamotsu: The physical manifestation of every fan of the series. He is a grown man who is ready to rape 24/7. He mistakes Pico for a girl upon their first encounter and even after discovering he is in fact a boy he still sucks his dick and fucks him in the ass. He disappears completely after the first episode.
    • Chico: A ten-year-old boy who watches his older sister masturbate and moves on to have many a buttsecks and play with vibrators with Pico in episode two.
    • Coco: A thirteen-year-old boy who looks even more feminine than Pico. He appears in the last episode to fuck everything up. Seriously, he's a goddamn ghost or something.
    • Chico's sister: Stupid slut who instead of looking after Chico, all she does is masturbate to him assfucking Pico. She only gets two appearances and in both of them is flicking her bean.


    It all boils down to this: girly-looking boys in erotic situations. The plot summary for the series was literally this:

    Tamotsu "Mokkun", a young adult, befriends and engages in sexual relationships with Pico, an effeminate adolescent boy with no friends.


    —Review of Boku no Pico

    Please be aware - the following is completely factual and has not been exaggerated in any way. Yes, it really is this bad.

    Episode One

    It's gay. Pico, in hopes of finding a boyfriend, gets a summer job working for his mentally challenged grandpa as a waiter in his bar. It is here that he meets Tomatsu, who mistakes him for a charming young lady. They end up in a car in broad fucking day light, at which point Tomatsu discovers that Pico is, in fact, packing a wiener. This does not stop him from pumping a good gallon of sperm into the young lad, while Pico worries about the ice cream he is holding. Afterwords, Tomatsu forbids Pico from wearing boy's clothes. Pico, for some reason, gets pissed off a little later in the episode and cuts his hair before running away. Tomatsu finds him and they make up, then continue their buttsecks on the beach. Tomatsu cums inside Pico, which is depicted as both of them jizzing into the air side by side. Tomatsu then proceeds to die of AIDS, and is never seen beyond this point.

    Episode Two

    It's still gay (although somewhat less, with the inclusion of a woman schlicking). Pico returns to be someone else's cumdumpster. He meets Chico, an even younger boy. The two become friends and Pico is invited to Chico's home. It is there that Chico takes Pico to his attic. After a disturbing minute of Pico retardidly polking a dick shaped child's toy, Chico begins to stare through a crack at his sister masturbating. Pico informs his incestuous young friend that boys can also masturbate, at which point Pico finds out Chico is hung like a goddamn horse. He jelly. They then break into the sister's stash of sex toys and experiment, not without crossdressing. Chico's sister walks in on this, and, in her surprise, drops the groceries and pleasures herself to it. Fin.

    Episode Three

    Guess what? IT GETS EVEN GAYER!! Pico and Chico are still fucking each other. They meet a nice young girl named Coco. They go around town, and Coco sucks Pico's dick in an abandoned amusement park, while Chico is off playing the crane game. However, it wouldn't quite be right if Coco didn't also turn out to have a penis. After a few rounds of furious anal poundings, Pico finds Chico banging Coco. He, once again, jelly. Shit goes down and they all get mad at each other. Remember when I said Coco's a goddamn ghost? Well he fucking disappears. Like fucking vanishes off the fucking face of the earth. Just like everyone else. These kids are in Tokyo, and the only ones who seem to occupy it. It is safe to assume everyone killed themselves. Anyway, Pico and Chico go on a gay adventure to find their boy toy friend, but dat nigga's gone. They go back to the Buttfuck cave (Coco lives in a subway tunnel under the city) and all the shit's gone. It was probably niggers, but regardless. They eventually find Coco and they all make up with each other and end the series with a bang (Get it? They fuck) as they go into public and form a mantrain in front of the whole world (not that anyone would notice since somehow FUCKING TOKYO IS EMPTY).


    File:Boku Review.jpg
    The original post.

    In April 2008, a nigger named "Young Buck" called out on the animu on some forum/site called "Boxden", and according to his story, a white friend of his sent him the three episodes of the animu (only labeled as "Boku" rather then it's full name) to him, telling him to make sure nobody else is with him when watching it. Buck then suspected that it was some kind of "weird porno", but when he started to watch all three episodes of "Boku", he was completely shocked and offended, saying that it was "like Satan [giving him] his porno collection". Needless to say, the original post soon became a short lived copypasta on /a/.

    Some white guy happened to stumble upon the copypasta, and decided it would be funny to record a reading of the copypasta and post it on the American Internets. By pure luck, the recording (in video form) somehow made it's way onto the Japanese Internets by Nico Nico Douga (the Japanese equivalent of YouTube), and soon became a viral hit on the site, with many Japanese users shouting out "YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in the comments section of said video - it even became a source for MAD videos (the Japanese equivalent of YouTube Poops), although not as popular as the many other overused sources on the site.

    Don't watch an anime called "Boku." Man this sh*t is so wrong in so many motherfu*king levels yo...I was talking to one of my white friends and he sent me 3 videos with the name only labeled "Boku" I said to this dude, What's this sh*t? He just giggled and said "Just watch them and MAKE SURE NOBODY IS AROUND YOU WHEN WATCHING IT!" Then I thought it was some weird porno or some strange sh*t but as I watched the first video, I was like "Yo.....what the fu*k.." THEN IT CONTINUED and I was like "Yoooooooooooooooooooooooo......." THEN THEY GOT IN THE MOTHERfu*kING CAR AND THEN I SAID "YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" I couldn't fu*king believe what I just saw, It was like Satan gave me his porno collection, sh*t was so disturbing..YET I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING IT, THEN VIDEO TWO AND IT WAS TWO OF THEM.....THOSE NIGGAS...YOOOOOOO.......THOSE NIGGAS....AND THAT GIRL SAW THEM THEN SHE...YYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... THEN THAT NIGGA TOOK THAT DOG TOY THEN YYYYYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........IT WAS LIKE YOUR bi*ch WANTED TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU BUT SHE WANTED TO SOMETHING "DIFFERENT" AND IT WAS SO fu*kED UP AND CREEPY, YOU JUST...KEPT WATCHING IT...AND THAT'S WHAT I fu*kING DID!!!!! THEN I SAW VIDEO THREE...THREE NIGGAS...THRRREEEEE!!!!!! IT...WAS...THHHHHHRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! AND COCO WAS HIS NAME NIGGA, COCO WAS HIS MOTHERfu*kING NAME!!!!!! OH MY GOD,I AIN'T GOING TO HEAVEN NIGGAS, I ALREADY SOLD MY SOUL TO LUCIFER!


    TV Tropes

    Back when the asstards at TV Tropes actually had some appreciation for lulz, they actually troped this. Below is an edited version of the original page before The Great Pedocide of April 2012:

    Boku no Pico (My Pico) is a shotacon OVA series, produced by the pornographic company Natural High. The series is infamous for being the first official[hottip:* :(the Enzai anime's classification as shotacon is debated)] animated example of its genre, as well as its copious amounts of cross-dressing. It shares creators with various other works, such as Yoshiten, the character designer for Bible Black, and Katsuyoshi Yatabe, the episode/storyboard director for series such as Gundam SEED Destiny and Gakuen Alice.

    In the first installment, we are introduced to Pico during the summer, who is working at his grandfather's bar. His grandfather asks regular Tamotsu (nicknamed "Mokkun" by Pico) to spend time with Pico because he has no friends in the area...and then Tamotsu introduces Pico to many more things.

    In the next installments, Pico meets Chico in Pico to Chico ("Pico and Chico"), who becomes his lover, and then Coco in Pico x Coco x Chico, where more similar shotacon antics carry on.

    This series is not in the Boys Love; it was produced for a male audience (of ambiguous sexual orientation) and so lacks the feel, structure and character types of yaoi.

    A Date With Rosie Palms: Coco. And Chico's older sister to Pico and her brother while they're busy in the next room.

    Bi The Way: From the way Pico & Chico acted around both Coco (when they thought he was female) and Chico's sister.

    Brother Sister Incest: None directly, but Chico would watch his sister masturbate, though innocently since he had little idea what was happening, and she watched him have sex with Pico and got off on that.

    Cast Full Of Gay: Mostly. Keep in mind that both Pico, Chico, and Tamotsu have shown interest in the opposite sex.

    Cat Boy: Pico [on the DVD cover].

    Caught With Your Pants Down: In Pico to Chico, the two watch Chico's older sister masturbate with a banana. In the third OVA, Pico catches Coco playing with himself.

    Dropped A Bridget On Him: Pico in the first OVA, Coco in the third OVA.

    Dude Looks Like A Lady: Coco, whom Pico mistakes for a girl at first.

    Elegant Gothic Lolita: Chico while playing dress up.

    Erotic Eating: Pico does this with ice cream in the first OVA.

    Expository Hairstyle Change: Pico cuts his hair to make himself more boyish-looking towards the end of the first OVA.

    Expy/Captain Ersatz: Several have pointed out the similarities between Pico and Bridget, as well as Cuilan. Also, Pico's original designer, Saigado, made doujin ero-parodies of both characters before being hired by Natural High.

    Fanservice With A Smile: In the opening for Pico and Chico. Also, Pico is dressed more than cutely while working at his grandfather's bar.

    Love Triangle: It's resolved in the end of Pico x Coco x Chico.

    Maybe Magic Maybe Mundane: Was Coco a ghost, an alien, a fairy, or just a crazy transvestite who just happened to move everything from his home to the top of Tokyo Tower? Who cares, it's just porn.

    Memetic Mutation: When asking for recommendations of anime on /a/ your first reply will be either (1) a chart detailing several anime you should watch before even considering making a recommendation thread, or (2) Boku no Pico... always. Also, when asking for source on another anime you will have someone say: Boku no (Insert other anime here). Example: Boku no Evangelion. This meme is, in fact, one of the only reasons this series isn't just another obscure hentai. Being the first cross dressing, shotacon hentai anime ever doesn't hurt its notability either.

    The Merch: Includes figures of Pico and Chico that can sit on your pen, pencil (or similar objects) in suggestive positions. Made by a company that predominantly makes the same figures with female characters. They also apparently made disembodied butt-crotch sex toys, if you are looking for an excuse to wash your eyeballs in sulfuric acid.

    Missed Moment Of Awesome: With a busty adult woman in the middle of the series, you would expect to see at least some straight-shotacon action, no? Actually, you don't. The closest she gets to "interact" with the boys is by spying on them while engaging in her favorite pastime.

    Money Shot: Every male character (except Pico's grandpa, so far) has been shown doing this, the most infamous being Pico's very first one in the first OVA.

    Out Of Character Moment: By the end of Pico & Chico, the former, normally a shy and sensitive character, dominates the latter in a provocative and unkind manner.

    Parental Abandonment: None of the kids' parents are ever shown or even mentioned; Pico has a grandfather (although we don't know if he's his guardian), Chico lives with his older sister, and Coco well...

    Panty Shot: The most memorable one is when the three boys are walking down the street in cosplay, and Chico decides to walk on his hands briefly while in a dress.

    Punny Name: According to the creators, Pico's name is based on "pinko" (Japanese slang for erection); Chico is a take on both "chinko" (dick) and "chikou" (smegma); Tamotsu sounds similar to "ichimotsu" (penis); and although Chico's sister doesn't have an official name, some fans christened her as "Mako" (manko, or pussy).

    Shotacon: Tamotsu of course, but also Chico's sister.

    Wall Banger: Pico didn't like crossdressing the time he went to Mokkun's apartment, but after that and without any explanation, doesn't mind wearing dresses around Chico and Coco. And that's just one of many incoherent things in this anime.

    Yaoi: One of the more controversial examples, even if you're a Yaoi Fangirl. The series is definitely polarizing since even though there are a lot of female shotacons, Boku no Pico is directed at [possibly pederastic] men, and perhaps not made in their preferred style of shotacon.

    You Fail Sex Ed Forever: Never mind the fact that boys at that age aren't likely to engage in all those sexual positions (even when experimenting); it's impossible not only for a minor, but for a human, to produce THAT MUCH SEMEN in a single ejaculation. Not that it's uncommon in hentai...



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