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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
:D hi i'm a faggot with no friends IRL

bodyXpolitic (garsinsjosh on Myspace and dustbin on Minichan) is one of the few individuals standing up for his leader-and-troll, Paul Fetch on YouTube. When he is not engaging in anal sex with his fellow Fetchfag and claimed step brother TehBigToaster, he's hanging out with his over weight family.

BodyXPolitic also enjoys masturbating on Stickam. A lot. BodyX is is so full of fail he takes pride in editing his own ED article along with his boyfriend Tehbigtoaster. Although they are both under the age of 15, they consider raidchan to be their personal army. Which is hilarious considering everyone hates him.

Acts of Faggotry Commited

paul's current view on BXP
I don't even want to be associated with this little dick.


Paul Fetch

Most of BXP videos usually consist of him sucking the cock of Paul Fetch and vice versa. When he comments on videos his usual responses include "shut up" and "you're a nigger." We know this because he has responded to every fucking anti Paul Fetch video on Jewtube. But in reality, all he needed to make was three, as all of his videos mean one of three things: (1) I love you Paul, and want to suck your cock, (2) NO U, or (3) lol wut?

BodyXPolitic has absolutely no arguing or logic skills at all. During the epic Skypecast in which Paul failed epicly, someone let BodyXPolitic onto the conversation, and he started spewing a bunch of reasons why Paul is so awesome, but like his fearless leader, he was unable to come up with a reason as to why Fetch deserves to be the leader of Anonymous (if such a position were even possible) other than than the fact that "HE'S PAUL FETCH".

BodyXPolitic does not even know what Anonymous is. He is, in fact, the cancer that is killing /b/, making the first person to be cancer affecting /b/ without ever posting on it. When asked what a chan is he responded "What are you talking about?" He also, upon being Rickrolled, apparrently did not understand what a Rickroll is, which leads most to wonder just how stupid he is, as nearly anyone who uses the internet with any regularity has been Rickrolled.

Also when he does not bawl like the Fetch Fucker he is, he is making videos about how he is being Fair Gamed by Anonymous with a fake accent to make him sound like the faggot he truly is. He cannot take criticism or a joke. Proceed with many lulz.

Skype screencaps

Wincest rumor?

It's rumored that BodyXPolitic srsly fucked his ten-year-old sister and nineteen-year-old brother.

Devotion to Paul Fetch

BodyXPolitic has had violent sex with Father along with Paul Fetch. Seeing his Devotion to Paul Fetch is very strong and erotic, he is considered to be a homosexual. He has been on the internets for 4 months, and has already been raped by 5 different trolls. He occasionally anally masturbates because Paul Fetch doesn't have the correct size or touch that is suitable for BodyXPolitic's needs.

Is he gay?

brb jo ann carnes

[7:12:20 PM] bodyXpolitic says: shut

[7:12:21 PM] bodyXpolitic says: UP

[7:12:23 PM] bodyXpolitic says: !!!!!!!

[7:12:24 PM] DRAGON DAN says: ty ty ty ty

[7:12:47 PM] DRAGON DAN says: i might have to make you my new playmate

[7:12:54 PM] bodyXpolitic says: shut up

[7:12:57 PM] bodyXpolitic says: ill strip for u if u want

[7:13:36 PM] DRAGON DAN says: eeegads i aint no damn pedo

[7:13:53 PM] bodyXpolitic says: no seriously

[7:13:54 PM] bodyXpolitic says: its ok

[7:13:57 PM] DRAGON DAN says: dont u got some babes you can call up from school and you can play docotor

[7:14:41 PM] DRAGON DAN says: ummm when i sed playmate i ment ya kno messin with ya head and dude ima dude

[7:14:45 PM] bodyXpolitic says: yes but i was recently transferred to a new school

[7:14:50 PM] bodyXpolitic says: so i dont kno anyone yet

[7:14:53 PM] bodyXpolitic says: and my gf moved

[7:15:02 PM] DRAGON DAN says: but dude ima dude

[7:15:06 PM] bodyXpolitic says: its ok

[7:16:21 PM] DRAGON DAN says: ummm i aint paul i may be crazy but i is not a pedo

[7:17:29 PM] bodyXpolitic says: no dude if u really want to i can strip for u

[7:17:47 PM] bodyXpolitic says: no one can kno

[7:17:58 PM] DRAGON DAN says: xcept me and my widdle mind

[7:18:07 PM] bodyXpolitic says: exactly

[7:18:16 PM] bodyXpolitic says: :*

[7:18:34 PM] DRAGON DAN says: why dont u go raid a stickam room like beehive and do ymca as u dance around

[7:18:59 PM] bodyXpolitic says: nah dude if u really want to i can strip for u yes or no its ok ill do it and no one will kno

[7:19:11 PM] DRAGON DAN says: no way

[7:19:37 PM] DRAGON DAN says: fuck i cant do my chris handson jokes

[7:20:25 PM] bodyXpolitic says: ok i will

[7:20:49 PM] bodyXpolitic says: do u mind if stick a napkin up my ass

[7:21:19 PM] DRAGON DAN says: ne ways some advice stop with the im the leader of anonymous crap no one can be a leader of anonymous like a club or group ie hate breeds or ugh co$

[7:21:34 PM] bodyXpolitic says: :*

[7:21:58 PM] DRAGON DAN says: not if you dont mind me stickin a m 80 up ya ass b4 my nice side kicks in and i stop

[7:24:02 PM] bodyXpolitic says: can u see

[7:24:38 PM] bodyXpolitic says: webcam is messin up...

[7:25:27 PM] bodyXpolitic says: do u see blackness??

[7:28:58 PM] bodyXpolitic says: dang

[7:29:01 PM] bodyXpolitic says: i think i heard my mom come home

Gone with the Copypasta

bodyXPolitic when mrfetch uploads a new video.

"Hot BodyXpolidicking", by Anonymous

Bodyxpolitic lay there in bed, next to his leader. His fourteenth birthday was tomorrow. He was getting older, puberty striking at his mind, voice, and body. He kissed Paul Fetch on the cheek, puling him closer and thanking him for being his friend. Then it happened. It had been happening often since he was thirteen and he had no control over it. His erection tented his boxers, pressing against his friend's rump. "Stop.." Paul Fetch mumbled with a growl, pushing him away. Bodyxpolitic turned onto his back, pulling his under shorts down and revealing his standing pillar, about five inches. Average, he figured. He shook Paul Fetch awake. He didn't wake easily and grumbled and growled, but eventually sat up. "What, Bodyxpolitic?" He asked angrily, wanting very much to go back to sleep. "I love you." "I love you too.." Paul Fetch said awkwardly. 'What is this about?' He wondered. "Do you really love me?" "Yeah, why?" Paul Fetch sat up further, sleep forgotten. "I want to have buttsecks with you.." Bodyxpolitic blushed. "Wait! What?" "I love you so much, I want to show you how much I love you, how much I appreciate how you've cared for me over the years, and been there for me. Now I want to be there for you." Paul Fetch looked perplexed, he stared at Bodyxpolitic, and then at the corner of his eye, there he saw it, Bodyxpolitic's standing erection, dead toward his face. He knew instantly. "Oh..." There was a pause, for a moment they did nothing but lay there, Bodyxpolitic staring hungerly toward Paul Fetch' beautiful faggy face as he in turn looked directly at Bodyxpolitic's smooth young cock.

A feeling stirred inside of Paul Fetch that he'd never felt before, not even through all of the years they had been friends. He bit his lower lip. "Bodyxpolitic, I.." "Please, just kiss me." "I-" "Please, just once. If you don't like it, I'll never bring it up again. Just once, please, for me." Paul Fetch was silent, but then slowly replied, "Okay. For you." Bodyxpolitic's hand reached up behind Paul Fetch' hairy neck, and slowly drew their faces closer to each other. His lips parted softly and a soft moaning emanated from them, anticipating the taste of his friends wet mouth to come. Paul Fetch resisted, but that only made Bodyxpolitic pull him in harder. Their lips met sideways, mouths open, their labored breaths mixing with each others. Bodyxpolitic pulled away slightly as they fully contacted with each other. "Oh, Paul, Paul..." A wave of sensation filled Paul Fetch' entire body, every muscle quaked with a shock of pure pleasure, his body melted, his lips quivered as they moved wet and hot against his friends'. With each passing of their tongues, he became more ravenous. More hungry. More like a leader. He suddenly pulled away, his finger’s clawed, accidentally scratching Bodyxpolitic across the cheek. "Oh god, Bodyxpolitic. I, fuck." "Just let it come to you, old buddy." "Fuck, I.. Fuck me." "What?" "I said fuck me. Fuck me now." "Turn over." Paul Fetch immediately and excitedly turned over onto his stomach, his ass facing toward Bodyxpolitic, the muscles of his anus causing it to puff out, exposing the bright pink, smooth innards that poked through the hair of his furry cheeks. He moaned in soft anticipation. He was afraid Bodyxpolitic's mother might hear. "FUCK ME. PLEASE. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME WAIT." Paul Fetch was nearly crying, as Bodyxpolitic's hesitation was like a thousand stabs to his heart. He felt like his world was tearing apart, lest his old childhood friend fucked him in the ass, right then and there. "Sure thing, buddy." Bodyxpolitic grasped the base of his cock, touching the top to the base of Paul Fetch' bright pink asshole. From the depths of Paul Fetch' throat came a mighty roar like that which had never been witnessed, as Bodyxpolitic's hard, 13 year old cock slid roughly into the depths of his ass. Bodyxpolitic's hips began to jerk, he felt the warmth of his friend's insides, he was fucking Paul Fetch in the ass. He knew this, but he just couldn't believe it. But he always came back to that warmth, and it shocked him back to the pleasure of his present reality. "OH GOD" Paul Fetch roared out, his English words were barely intelligible through his native alabama tongue. Bodyxpolitic pumped faster, harder, deeper into his leader's asshole, feeling the warm, wet suction as it pumped in and out. Paul Fetch' asshole began to bleed, and it only made Bodyxpolitic hornier. "Oh God, oh Jesus. I love you, Paul. I love you." "I love you too. Oh God I do." Bodyxpolitic's thrusting was so frantic, that neither had any room for words after so many minutes. They simply fell into the pleasure, into the depth of the feeling. Two friends, deeply rooted in fun and adventure, in the world of youtube, stickam, skypecasts, it all came rushing to them. Bodyxpolitic thought back on so many memories he'd had with this dear cherished friend, and came back to the moment at hand, and he realized that all of those beautiful moments finally had a focal point. He finally got what he wanted. He finally was making love to Paul Fetch. He continued to thrust, unthinking, until Paul Fetch turned, stared into his eyes. "Remember the time my house was swatted while you were away on vacation? When I was in the house? Oh god, I was so scared. I thought I would never see you again. I wanted to tell you so many things. That night, god, I wanted you to make love to me. I thought I would never have you again. Please come. Come in me like I always wanted you to that night. COME IN ME!" Bodyxpolitic's penis contracted in over 9000 spasms that shook the very depths of Paul Fetch' small, tight ass. He filled Paul Fetch to his stomach with his loving cum. He filled his ass. And he filled both of their hearts. "GOD I FUCKING LOVE YOU. OH GOD." "I LOVE YOU TOO. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH." They screamed to the heavens, these two, best friends, becoming one. But they were cut short by a sudden noise. Bodyxpolitic's mother came rushing into his room, her robe barely tied, her feet tripping up over themselves as she clumsily made her way to him in the dark. She flicked on the light. There, she saw her son, completely naked, hands gripped tightly over the waist of a blowup male doll, his penis half way inside of a hole overflowing with a mixture of sperm and lube. The goop from Paul Fetch' insides soaked the sheets and the lower part of Bodyxpolitic's body. "Are you, oh my god." The next morning, Bodyxpolitic's mother told his father what had happened, after recovering from the shock, and Bodyxpolitic's father spent the day beating the shit out of him, Bodyxpolitic was broken almost to the very edge of his life. And when it was over, and Bodyxpolitic was able to recover and see out of one eye, he made Bodyxpolitic watch him as he shoved his blow up doll, Paul Fetch, his best friend in the whole world, the love of his life, into a fire. Bodyxpolitic cried, but his dad just backhanded him and told him to go man up and finish his homework. The next day, Bodyxpolitic's parents scheduled him to permanently see a psychiatrist. 3 years later, Bodyxpolitic shot himself in the face. The world rejoiced.

How Bodyx wants to be remembered

bodyx drops his own baby pictures. why ? wait, wut!


Paul carnes dothan.jpg


The Reality Continues

See also

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